How to Hear Your Soul’s Voice

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Your Soul is the real you, your essence.

It’s the eternal part of you which doesn’t die when it is your time to leave the earth.

Your soul can never be harmed, removed or broken. It doesn’t age and isn’t wearied or damaged by the ups and downs of life.

Which is why you feel the same inside as you age.

People who are guided by their soul can appear ageless & achieve things that other people think are impossible.

This is because they’re unlimited by the fear of the ego mind.

Your soul is connected with the Divine enabling you to connect with wisdom and guidance whenever you need to.

Your Soul’s voice AKA Your Intuition:

Soul guidance is clear, in-the-moment, intuitive wisdom.

It bypasses your analytical mind completely

When you understand how your soul uniquely speaks to you, your intuitive connection will become louder and more vivid. It is through these channels that you can even see, sense and hear the angels who surround you.

How to Hear Your Soul’s Voice

Most of us were not raised to listen to or trust our intuition so we block it, second guess it and argue with it.

We get confused about what’s really intuition and what might be ego, or imagination.

We override it with desire (ever really wanted something you KNEW wasn’t good for you?)

And let other people hijack it (which is how con artists work)

Most people doubt their intuition so much it gets reduced to a faint whisper!

No matter how many times you ignore it, your soul will never stop trying to get your attention.

It will even use pain as a last ditch effort to get through.

When you understand with your soul’s voice and turn up it’s volume you won’t have to go through pain to get it’s messages:

🔊You’ll understand your purpose
🔊Your path will make sense

🔊Your angel connection will be super clear

🔊Decision making will be easy and lead you to fulfillment rather than to dead ends.
🔊You’ll be connected to a stream of guidance, opportuity and wisdom.

Tuning into your soul is a simple 4 step process:

  1. Connect with and identify your unique soul voice
  2. Turn down the ego and other voices
  3. Clear your fear & blocks to intuition
  4. Practice simple techniques to turn up the volume on your intuition and receive clear messages.

When you are fully tuned in, you will walk your true path guided by your soul rather than fear and external pressures.

I will be taking you through some of these steps tomorrow at my free Soul Secrets Masterclass- Tuesday 7th September at 7 pm AEST 10 am UK/ 5am NY/ 2 am LA

In this class you will learn how to connection with your soul’s voice and start to live from a soul perspective.
Yes there is a recording! You do need to sign up though…it’s toally free!
Angel Blessings Rachel x


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