Self Care, Affirmations and Angels Podcast with Rachel Scoltock & Peta Watson

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Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium and energy therapist and Peta Watson founder of Rustic Hyde Skincare discuss the importance of paying attention to self-care in particular ways, including the use of affirmations and connecting with your angels for guidance and healing.

Peta is a mum, a wife and a business owner and not long ago she was suffering from so much chronic stress and chronic anxiety she was  literally unable to take a deep breath. With zero self-care, breaking point almost came when a family member fell ill. Peta had not dusted off her angel cards in a while, but desperate, she sought angelic help.

Her angels intervened and she was guided to healing via Rachel, she began to use affirmations to help her to calm down. As she healed she not only changed the way she worked and did business, but her angelic guidance led her to change her life completely.

In this fascinating discussion, you will learn how Peta healed and how you too could heal and change your life with the help of the angels and the other small steps you can take.

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Channel and Transformational teacher and Author of two books, you can book a transformational healing or guidance session with Rachel at Services

Peta Watson is the founder of Rustic Hyde Skincare and creator of a wonderful new set of affirmation cards you can find on her website

You can find out about Peta’s new affirmation deck here

A big thank you to Anthony Tenace from Kickback studio’s for editing this recording.

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