How to Receive More Messages & Signs From the Angels

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Today I’d like to share with you 3 ways that you can take straight away to start receiving more messages and signs from your angels.

Of course, the most important and obvious step you can take to attract more signs and guidance is to ask your angels for help.

You can specifically request that they give you signs that they are with you.

Your Angels are always with you and they love to answer your requests for help. But they can’t help you unless you do actually ask!

I like to think of signs and guidance as a set of directions or a map that shows you how to get from where you are, to where you want to be.

This guidance is incredibly practical, personal, and perfect for you and your life. It comes to you repeatedly, 1 step at a time.

However, if you don’t know what to look for you might miss or push away these important instructions thinking that they’re unrelated to your prayers.

Your angels will help you, but it is up to you to be more receptive to the signs and guidance that they are sending you.

There are many reasons why you might feel that your prayers are going unanswered. You might be missing or over-riding those messages due to blocks in your intuition or a streak of scepticism!  You might be dismissing their guidance because it doesn’t match your expectations.

Today I’ve put together these 3 easy ways you can open to more messages and signs from your angels starting today!

#1 Work on Opening Your Intuitive Channels

Angelic messages and signs can be very subtle and sometimes our negative mind chatter, busy lives, and internal fears can drown out the subtler vibrations of intuition and angels.

You don’t have to be a full blown psychic or a medium to become more aware of the signs and guidance that angels are sending you! You only need to do some gentle clearing of your energy and slow down your mind at least once a day. This will give your intuition space to allow those spiritual messages to drop in.

Your clear aura and chakras will allow you to connect to the higher angelic frequencies.

Everyone can do this, I promise.

What you can do today? My easy suggestion is that you Use a high vibe guided meditation such as my clear ground protect your energy or my sacred chakra cleanse at least 3 times a week for the next 21 days. You’ll start to notice a difference in your intuitive abilities.

If you are interested in developing a strong psychic connection to the angels and the spiritual realm then consider joining my formal training program the Angel Communication program to safely and open your channels. (doors open soon go here for more information and to go on the waitlist)

#2 Release your Blocks.

There are 3 kinds of blocks which create a wall around your intuition and stop you from receiving clear messages. Removing these blocks, will open the doors to your angels.

The first is toxic emotional energy, these unhealed emotions get stuck in your auric field and your chakras. Emotional blocks can disconnect you from yourself and your angels & hold you in a low vibration. They can come from within you or you can soak them up from your interactions. You need to release these energies to free up your intuition.

2-Beliefs and Fears are subconscious saboteurs which try to keep you safe by shutting you down psychically. What fears do you have? Are you worried about being mocked or punished for being intuitive and into angels,  or do you deep down feel you aren’t worthy of guidance?  When you identify and release these fears your lines of angel communication open and you stop holding yourself back.

What you can do today? Write a list of negative thoughts and fears you have about being intuitive or connecting with angels. Then safely burn it or drown it in hot water to dissolve the paper and ink.

3-Lifestyle toxins:  these include anything you ingest or that is in your environment or relationships which keep your energy vibration low and your third eye blocked.

When you let go of these toxins you’ll experience a significant shift in your psychic perception (and your life).

What you can do today?-I bet you can think of 1 toxic situation right now that deep down you know isn’t good for you. Remove or cut back on those toxins & note the difference in your intuition and mood after 21 days.

#3 Use Angel Oracle Cards

Angel Oracle Cards are one of my favorite ways to communicate with the angels. By taking time to invite the angels and draw cards for yourself daily, you provide a space for the angels to talk to you!

Angel oracle cards allow us to ask questions and receive spiritual answers. I see them as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

When you learn to use any kind of divination tool, like oracle cards, a pendulum or automatic writing you become a channel for the angels.  You can receive the most amazing detailed guidance for yourself and others.

There is nothing more inspiring and exciting than getting a healing message from the angels or receiving an answer that resolves a challenge!

What you can do today: Set aside ten minutes a day to call on your angels and ask for guidance on one specific subject. If you have angel oracle cards, pull a single angel card for yourself. If not request a sign and guidance and wait to see how it shows up!

I hope that these simple suggestions help you to receive more signs and guidance from your angels by becoming more receptive. Remember angls live at a much higher frequency, so it’s important to take these steps to raise your vibration so you can connect with their guidance!

Would you like more ways to connect with your angels?

1. Download and Watch my new Free How to Hear Your Angels Masterclass.

2. If you’d love to work with the angels to bring through messages for yourself and others, you’d like to open your clairvoyance, and release your blocks enrol for my Angel Communication Certification Program opening soon Go here to join the waitlist

3- Join my next Archangel Attunement to receive a deep clearing of your energy channels and connect more deeply to the angels.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher



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