How to Receive More Messages & Signs From the Angels

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Today I’d like to share with you 3 steps you can take straight away to receive more messages and signs from the angels.

Your Angels are always communicating with you. They never leave your side, but it is up to you to be more receptive to the signs and guidance they are sending you.

I have broken this process down to 3 easy steps:

#1 Open Your Intuitive Channels

When you safely and gently open your psychic channels, you’ll naturally see, sense, and hear your angels  & their messages more vividly than you can even imagine!

The angels communicate with you in beautiful and creative ways, and when you’re clear and receptive you’ll be surprised. Everyone can do this I promise. One thing I love about teaching Angel communication is seeing the excitement and surprise in my students when they receive a message!

What you can do today? Use my Chakra Clearing Meditation   at least 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks and you will notice a difference in your intuitive abilities.

Of course a formal training program will rapidly open your channels. 

#2 Release your Blocks.

There are 3 kinds of blocks which create a wall around your intuition and stop you from receiving clear messages and signs. Removing these blocks, will open the doors to your soul. Intuition, angel communication and manifesting!

The first is toxic emotional energy, these unhealed emotions get stuck in your auric field & energy centres becoming increasingly more toxic overtime. Emotional blocks can disconnect you from yourself and your angels & hold you in a low vibration. You need to release these to free up your intuitive energy.

Beliefs and Fears are subconscious saboteurs which try to keep you safe by shutting you down psychically. What fears do you have? Are you worried about being mocked or punished for being intuitive, or do you deep down feel you aren’t worthy of guidance.  As you identify and release these fears your lines of angel communication open and you stop holding yourself in a pattern of fear! #lifechanging.

What you can do today– write down a list of negative thoughts and fears you have about being intuitive or connecting with angels. Then burn it or drown it in water.

Lifestyle toxins:  these include anything you ingest or that is in your environment or relationships which keeps your energy vibration low and your third eye blocked, slamming the door on your ability to receive signs and messages.

When you let go of these toxins you’ll experience a significant shift in your psychic perception (and your life). When I changed my diet and reduced toxins my clairvoyance kicked in!

What you can do today-I bet you can think of 1 toxin right now that deep down you know isn’t good for you. Cut back on those toxins & note the difference after just 7 days.

#3 Intuitively use Divination tools such as Angel Oracle Cards, A pendulum, and Channeled Writing

Divination tools create a language and platform to receive your angel’s messages.

Angel Oracle Cards are my favorite way to communicate with the angels. By taking time to invite the angels and draw cards for yourself daily, you provide a space for the angels to talk to you!

When you attune them with the angels and open your channels, & learn how to use them professionally, you’ll receive deeper messages than you ever believed.

When you learn to use any kind of Divination tool, like Angel Cards, A pendulum or Automatic Writing you become a channel for the angels.  You can receive the most amazing detailed guidance for yourself and others.

There is nothing more inspiring and exciting than getting a spine tingling  healing message from the angels or receiving an answer that resolves a deep challenge!

What you can do today: 1-Set aside ten minutes a day to ask for guidance & pull an angel card for yourself.

2. Sign up for my Free Angel Guidance Masterclass.

3. If you are serious about opening your channels, releasing your blocks and taking your angel communication to the next level seek formal training.  ( join my Angel Communication Certification  Starting Jan 25th 2022 Angel Communication Program)

There is no need to feel stuck or frustrated any longer!

These are all simple solutions you can use today which will make a big difference.

Which ones resonate with you?

Let me know in the comments!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

P.S. This week ,Tuesday 11-1-22, I am hosting a very special Free Angel Guidance Masterclass . I’ll take you through some powerful ways to open your intuition and receive more messages. .Register now 



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