How the Bleep Did I Attract That!?

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Have you ever got to the other side of a problem and wondered How the bleeeep did I attract that?

Perhaps, at first, the situation seemed to be leading you to your dreams but ended up turning your life upside down.

Then you start thinking that YOU attracted the whole situation, it’s your fault and maybe you deserved the drama.

Newsflash: This simply isn’t true!

This kind of thinking only makes you feel terrible about yourself, and paralyses you from manifesting your dreams in the future.

The idea that you deserved something negative is B.S. pseudo spirituality that harms you rather than empowers you.

When something negative happens, trace it back- did you forget to tune into your intuition? Did you rush in blindly, or is this something completely beyond your control?

Why do bad things happen?Loads of reasons: Your ego can lead you down some false roads, you can be drawn into someone else’s agenda, you can suffer the consequence of unhealthy choices.

BUT the Universe isn’t delivering negativity to you, and you’re manifesting power isn’t broken.

Let go of the guilt and the fear that you created the problem because it’s disempowering and sabotaging you.

What you really need to do is to start manifesting what you DO want rather than focusing on what has gone wrong.

Creating BIG dreams & a fulfilling life is all about tapping into your power and fully owning your energy.

To do this you need to clear the energy blocks that keep you feeling limited, guilty and stuck.

Identifying and clearing these barriers to success happens to be one of my super powers.

I know that you can overcome your blocks and completely clear your energy of situations that are out of alignment for you.

Now is the perfect time start over- especially as we are now in the week of the eccentric, rebellious and “I can do anything” Aquarius full moon. (My sign BTW)

Start by rejecting the belief that you can’t have the life you want!

Vow to spend not one more second going over the past horror stories & beating yourself up!

You have the power within you right now to attract something big, wonderful and magical.

What do you want? …

Here is the truth that most people do not understand:

The entire Universe is on your side 100%, you are LOVED, you have angels assigned to you giving you spiritual support

You already have everything within you to start living your dreams.

All you need is to clear the low blocking energies,  thoughts and fears which stop you from accessing your true Divine Power.

When you understand what is blocking you and how to release it- You will soar!

Your guidance is already there- but you can’t hear it because you are listening to negative and self punishing throughts.

The path is already laid out, but you can’t walk it because your beliefs and doubts are holding you back.

Your intentions are not clearly radiating into the Universe because you are corded to pain, guilt and disappointment in your past.

Your ego voice is more impatient and louder than your intuition so you ignore the red flags and jump onto the wrong path.

When you took a wrong path, it was simply a situation that was not aligned with the true you. You didn’t attract it as some kind of punishment.

You definitely did not deserve the pain that came as a result.

However this is a compassionate Universe and everything- good and bad, is spiritual fodder for the soul.

So, take the wisdom (you undoubtably learned), bless the situation and let everything else go.

You’ve got big dreams to create!

Angel Blessings Rachel x


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