Is Your Sensitivity Increasing?

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Have you noticed that you’re becoming more sensitive lately?

You are not alone!

When I asked this at this week’s masterclass the chat box lit up like Christmas!

Almost everyone agreed that they noticed a recent hike in their sensitivity and empathy!

So why is this happening?

My angels tell me that those who are energetically and emotionally aware are becoming even more sensitive because it’s part of their purpose.

Your deep empathy is in fact a psychic gift called Clair-Sentience.

Your angels speak to you through your- feelings, steering you away from unhealthy situations and guiding you to make positive changes and fulfil your purpose.

Ignoring these messages only makes them stronger!

Unprotected empaths tend to soak up the pain in the world and be too wide open, depleting themselves and attacting energy thieves. This blocks your clair-sentience.

Properly protecting my energy enables me to tune into my angels and my clients without soaking up negativity and pain.

When you are free of other peoples energy your  other “Clair- Senses” open up too(Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance).

Are you ready to start protecting your energy and turn your sensitivity into the psychic gift it was meant to be?

I teach you how in my Angel Communication Program

Protecting your energy and opening your gifts means you’ll stop being a vessel for everyone’s pain and negativity and you’ll no longer be depleted by your interactions with others..

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Energy Therapy Expert, Spiritual Teacher and Author of 2 Books. She works with spiritual seekers, empaths, healers and intuitives to connect them to their angels and open their psychic gifts. So they can discover their guidance and fulfil their purpose.


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