I Captured the Archangels on Camera

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A few days ago I went for a walk after a long day of healing and teaching.  I let my intuition guide me into the nearby national park.

I was having a conversation with Archangel Ariel, the angel of abundance whose presence is particularly strongly recently. She’s part of the reason I’ve been so attracted to pink lately and happens to be the Angel of the Month for the Abundance Creation Webinar  

As I prayed the view over the ocean suddenly became otherworldly.  I instinctively grabbed my phone to take a photo asking the Archangels around me to make their presence known. You can see the image at the top of this article.

This incredibly clear angel orb photo shows Archangel Ariel (whose energy is golden and bright pink) and Archangel Metatron (purple, green and gold) who was also part of my prayers that day.

The angel vibration is so strong from these images I had to share them with you.

Angels are continuously trying to get your attention through signs, symbols, animal messengers, other people, synchronicity and your intuitive senses.

It’s not whether they are communicating with & guiding you, it’s really about whether you are paying attention to what is showing up!

The angels are letting us know that it is time for us all to lean more on our connection to the angels & our intuition and less on the opinions, thoughts and expectations of others.

They say it is so important to avoid or limit your exposure to anything that puts you into fear.

Avoid canvassing others (including going down YouTube rabbit-holes) for answers & validation.

Instead, consult your natural intuitive gifts and your angels for guidance.

If you need to research facts, look for proven reputable and positive sources that you can trust.

You can even ask your angels to guide you to the right information, rather than going searching for it and ending up in a drained, anxious heap & none the wiser!

Fear puts layers of toxic energy over your intuitive centers making it harder to tune into your own wisdom or receive the guidance of the angels.

Then your ego fear voice becomes louder and more dominant, drowning out your intuitive voice.

Fear energy adds to your toxic load creating anxiety, chronic worry and depression.

This blocks your ability to create and receive abundance. Life starts to feel limited and scary.

Is it any wonder that so many people are confused and struggling at the moment?

Your angels love you unconditionally and are ready and willing to remove these fear energies and help you to feel safe and calm.

They say : Tune into us and ask us to reveal our presence and we will! 

You can watch the Archangel Ariel Video class by going here;

Archangels Ariel, Raphael, Michael and Metatron to clear ALL fear from your body, mind and energy systems so you can tune back into your own wise guidance system & your angels.

This will allow you to open to abundance & the support you need right now.

You can attend this special online class or sign up for the replay here.

I Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium

Photos taken by Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium.©


  1. Michelle

    Absolutely beautiful, Rachel. Magical moment

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Thanks Michelle, These kind of moments of Grace make all the difference. Blessings x

  2. Tracy Powell

    Just “wow”! I’m signing up now!

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Awesome Tracy, Thanks so much for being part of the class.

  3. Bolfing Daniela

    Incredible pictures – thank you for sharing!

    • Rachel Scoltock

      You are welcome. The angels really wanted everyone’s attention!

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