In this article you will discover the difference between true and false guidance.

Do you ever wonder if the messages you receive are really intuition and angels? or if they’re coming from your imagination or negative entities?

Your intuition is always speaking to you. It uses your senses including your mind, emotional and physical feelings, visions, dreams, and your inner voice to relay it’s messages.

These intuitive nudges are accompanied by an inner knowing. A sense that deep down you KNOW what they mean.

Your angels use your intuitive senses to speak to you and send you messages. They amplify your senses to let you know they are with you!


Your intuition and your angels only send you messages that are helpful to you. They are never going to scare you unnecessarily or send you random “junk” that is meaningless or unhelpful.

But what happens if you get a thought or feeling that is alarming, confusing, weird, uncomfortable, or scary. Is this actual guidance?

NO-These kinds of messages are ego messages. They come from the (fear) mind, and while they can be convincing, they’re not real.

In this article I am going to share with you some simple ways to clearly decipher real intuition from false ego messages, so you trust in the guidance you’re receiving.

There are very specific flags that can help you to decipher true intuition from ego messages When you are aware of them you can tune out the ego and turn up the volume on your real intuitive guidance.

Here are 6 traits of false guidance versus true intuition.

False Guidance-

False guidance mainly comes from the ego. Ego is your negative self that lives in your mind.  It’s always scanning your world for problems and danger. It’s the negative inner voice, the inner critic and worry wart. Ego causes you to doubt yourself by questioning your true intuitive thoughts and feelings.

You know it’s false guidance when:

  1. It’s inconsistent and ever-changing. It doesn’t match your inner knowing. It may give you advice that quickly changes. Perhaps you’re trying to decide to move to a new location. When ego is in charge you will feel yourself constantly changing your mind-One minute you’re moving to the beach, then the mountains, then the city.
  2. The messages are random and don’t match anything you’ve asked about or need help with. Ego can drop negative, upsetting, and even scary ideas and pictures into your mind.
  3. It causes anxiety, worry, pain, or drama. Ego will make up worst case scenarios with no solution to help you to move past the challenge.
  4. Ego always looks for a quick fix such as a get rich quick scheme because it doesn’t want to do the work or trust the Universe.
  5. Ego causes you to doubt your intuition. It will second guess every little sign, message and idea. It’s your inner skeptic.
  6. It disempowers you by telling you that you are stuck and limited and you can’t have what you want. 

⚠️If you notice you’re getting depressing, painful or fearful messages and ideas then take some time to cleanse your energy of any negative thoughts and emotions. Clearing and protecting your energy will rid you of the fear energy, helping you to have louder clearer intuitive messages and more TRUST!

Ask the angels to switch you back to your Higherself before asking for guidance again.

True Intuition:

True intuitive guidance comes from the highest Divine wisdom. This includes your angels and your soul!

True guidance is quietly persistent and loving. It is always leading you to your highest good, on the path of peace. It empowers you to make changes, to face and overcome problems, and believe in your dreams.

Intuitive guidance asks you to trust your strong intuitive feelings and thoughts.

You can recognise true intuition because:

  1. It’s always consistent, it will repeat until you listen to and follow the guidance, those messages will get stronger over time.
  2. It comes in response to your intentions, needs, and questions. It doesn’t address things that are nothing to do with you or aren’t what you’re asking for.
  3. You will feel calm even if the message is a warning or a “no.”
  4. If you receive a warning true guidance will guide you HOW to address or avoid the problem.
  5. Real guidance guides you to what you want, one step at a time, in a way that empowers and blesses you.
  6. True guidance is prescriptive, not predictive. Because your future is not written in stone. You might get an inner knowing about taking a step to bring about the outcome you want.

When you are tuned into intuition, you’ll feel it. There is clarity, an inner knowing, and a sense of connection.

You only need to TRUST these feelings and take the steps you feel guided to take.

True intuitive and angelic guidance often nudges you to take leaps of faith and to let go of fearful thoughts and other negative influences in your life.

It’s not egoic to discern that something or someone is not good for you and to feel guided to step away.

Doubts and fears happen to everyone. The important part is that you can choose to listen to and believe in the loving guidance of your angels and intuition rather than the fearful guidance of your ego.

Don’t let  doubt and fear hold you back!

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