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Would you like to know how to see the angels who surround you?

A few years ago after an upsetting argument a whole realm of angels appeared above my bed.  I was crying my heart out, devastated and feeling completely at rock bottom. The room was thick with darkness.

 Suddenly my room lit up like a stadium. When I opened my eyes, my ceiling had disappeared and above me 2 rows of angels stood, creating a “V” shape, reaching back as far as my eyes could see.  These beings were as solid as you or I, stunningly beautiful, radiant, with huge arched feathered wings which swept the floor.

All I could hear was the soft rustle of thousands of wings and whispering.

They stayed for what felt like hours.

This miracle happened well into my career as an angel medium, I believe they visited because I was perilously close to losing hope and perhaps I was in greater danger than I thought from the events earlier that evening.

The appearance of these angels gave me peace, all my fears, sadness and worries dissolved in their radiant light.

I was touched by Heaven.

I’d seen angels many times around my clients. I’d seen their faces, felt their wings, met them in dreams. Early in my career I’d worked hard to develop my clairvoyant channel as an angel medium.

Seeing angels with your own eyes certainly eliminates doubt and takes your faith to the next level!

When we see spiritual beings, auras and visions they come through the intuitive channel of clairvoyance.

Everyone can open this channel.

You don’t need to be especially gifted, but you do need patience, practice and a level of commitment.

Of course some people are naturally clairvoyant, just as some are naturally great cooks or artists. But even naturals need help in polishing and expanding their gifts.

How Clairvoyance Works

Clairvoyants perceive energy and spirit in 3 ways:

  • Mindseye visions which appear on the screen of the mind and can happen with your eyes open or closed. You perceive a spiritual being, colors, an image, word or mini movie, even a visual dream.
  • Physical visions appear in front of your physical eyes, you perceive something that other people do not. This can include spirits, angels, orbs, auras, or other visions and signs.
  • Real world visual signs which you recognise as messages and spiritual answers to your prayers and questions (such as feathers)

 Many people receive clairvoyant signs without realizing.

Psychic visions are dismissed and mistaken for imagination, or you might blink them away because they’re different to what you imagined. 

You might think your eyes are going funny, or everyone can see what you see!

When you start to develop your gifts, visions can appear for a split second before disappearing.

Real world visual signs like feathers and angel numbers, might seem basic.  However, have you considered that the fact that you’ve noticed them means your clairvoyance is at work? 

It’s true.

Deepening your awareness and willingness to ask for and acknowledge ALL signs is a great first step in developing stronger clairvoyance.

Visual Signs of Angels

Angels are continually communicating with you, sending you signs, messages and guidance steps to help you navigate your life.

Their clairvoyant communications include:

  • White Feathers appearing in perfect timing
  • Angel numbers such as 444, 111, and other sequences
  • The word “Angel” and other visual reminders of angels 
  • Angel shaped clouds and shadows
  • Orbs appearing in photographs
  • Etheric orbs, auras and figures around people
  • Flashes of light in the corners of your eye.
  • Sparkly mists perceived with your physical eyes
  • Perceiving colors, orbs, flashes and sparkles with your eyes closed (especially during an angel meditation)
  • A vision or mini movie in your third eye.
  • Perceiving an angel, face or wing in your mindseye
  • Seeing an angel with your physical eyes open

An Angelic Practice to Develop Clairvoyance

Here is one of my favorite exercises to cleanse your third eye and develop your psychic vision with the angels.

Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed.

Invoke your angels

Tell them that you’d like to open and strengthen your clairvoyance to perceive the angels and their guidance. Ask for their intervention, guidance and protection as you go through this process.

Put on one of my angelic guided meditations or meditate quietly for 10-20 minutes to prepare your energy.

Rub your hands together to create heat and then turn your hands palms up and ask the angels to fill them with Angelic light

Place one hand over your forehead and the other opposite at the back of your head.

Visualize your angel holding their hands over yours.

Imagine/ sense  a beam of healing golden light streaming between your hands.

Breathe slowly and steadily during this process.

Feel and see this light cleansing this channel between your eyebrows and filling it with angel energy.

Imagine the light pooling at the front of your forehead. Visualize an orb inside your forehead filling up with the light. Energizing and healing your third eye.

Relax your arms and rest your hands on your lap or beside you.

Make an intention to release any toxic fear, including negative thoughts, beliefs, intentions and experiences which may be blocking your psychic vision.

Breathe deeply

Notice, with your eyes closed  what you perceive in your mindseye.

Wrap yourself in a protective bubble of blue and finish the meditation with the Affirmation: It is safe for me to see the angels and their guidance.

Journal anything that you felt/saw/heard in this meditation.

I suggest that you repeat this every other day or once a week.

Afterwards,  you will be more sensitive and aware of visions and messages. Be sure to notice, acknowledge  and take action on those signs.

If you’d like to go deeper on this subject to open your intuitive channels to see, hear and sense angels and their guidance I can help. I teach clairvoyance in my Angel Communication Programs and Workshops:

I have 2 special programs coming up this year:

The Angels at Uluru Retreat program 20-24th October 2022 

The Angel Communication Certification Program starting November 2022

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Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock
Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

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