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Would you like to learn how to see angels and other spiritual energy?

The intuitive channel of CLAIRVOYANCE enables us to see spiritual beings, auras, and energy. You may see these spiritual visions in your mindseye or with your physical eyes

Everyone has access to this intuitive channel and can learn to open it to have more visual spiritual experiences. (And learn how to get better at visualizing for positive manifestation)

You don’t need to be especially gifted, but you do need patience, practice, and a level of commitment.

Of course some people are naturally clairvoyant, just as some are naturally great cooks or artists, but even naturals need help in polishing and expanding their gifts.

How Clairvoyance Works

Clairvoyance means clear-seeing or clear-vision. It’s the ability to visually pick up on the subtle vibrations and messages from spirit.

Clairvoyance allows you to perceive energy and spirit in 3 ways:

  • Minds-eye visions which appear on the screen of the mind and can occur with your eyes open or closed. Minds-eye visions enable you to  perceive a spiritual being such as an angel, bright colors, an image, word or even mini movie playing out a scenario. 
  • Physical visions appearing in front of your physical eyes. These clairvoyant visions appear layered over the physical world.  You perceive something that other people do not see. This can include spirits, angels, orbs, auras, or other visions and signs. For example when someone is unwell they appear to have a yellowish green tinge to their skin to me. Other people don’t see it.
  • Real world visual signs which other people can see, but may not notice or understand. You will recognise these physical occurrences as spiritual messages and answers to your prayers and questions. This might be that a white feather floats down and lands in front of you just after you prayed for help. Another person may see that feather but they don’t understand them as a spiritual message! Yes, physical signs are part of your clairvoyance.

It’s easy to dismiss clairvoyant messages as imaginary. I find that many people have unrealistic expectations about what it means to be clairvoyant. They think it’s about seeing angels, auras, and spiritual beings everywhere, all the time!

It’s not!

I am certainly not switched on psychically all the time, that would be overwhelming and draining.

Visions can be brief like a speeding car flying by, you may see a wing or outline of an angel, you may see flashes of light or a subtle colours. You may see a faint light around someone.

The more you practice opening the third eye and developing intuition the clearer and stronger visions can become.

Your ability to visualise is akin to clairvoyance, it uses the same mindseye- third eye to send images rather than to receive them.

Clairvoyant visions come to you, not from you.

Visualising comes from you, you radiate your vision out to the Universe and the Universe sends you it’s match

If you feel that you aren’t visual then it could be that something is blocking you. This could be a fear of seeing something scary, or a belief that you are holding that it’s wrong or bad to be psychic.

Sometimes our visual channel is weakened by being over-analytical, too focused on the material world and too focused on worry, complaints etc. With practice, cleansing and clearing this area, you can regain your ability to visualise and intuitively receive visions and auras.

Are You Already Receiving Visions?

You are likely receiving clairvoyant signs and visions without realizing it. Most people dismiss visions and signs as imagination.

You might be pushing them away because they’re different to your expectations. When you see a vision or orb, you may think your eyes are going funny, or that everyone can see what you see!

Real world visual signs like feathers and angel numbers, might seem ordinary to you, but have you considered that the fact that you’ve noticed them means your clairvoyance is at work? 

Here is a list of visual signs that show that your clairvoyance is already working!

The Visual Signs of Angels:

Angels are continually communicating with you, sending you signs, messages and guidance steps to help you navigate your life. They use every channel to connect with you-seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling, thoughts and ideas.

Their visual communications include:

  • White Feathers appearing in perfect timing after a prayer or request.
  • Angel numbers such as 444, 111, and other sequences that you see frequently.
  • The word “Angel” and other visual reminders of angels, perhaps on a truck, tee-shirt, on signs.
  • Angel shaped clouds and shadows.
  • Rainbows and light flares
  • Orbs appearing in photographs or in front of your eyes.
  • Etheric orbs, auras and figures around people (strongly or as faint outlines)
  • Flashes of light in the corners of your eye. (A definite sign your clairvoyance is opening)
  • Sparkly mists perceived with your physical eyes open perhaps as you look over the horizon.
  • Perceiving colors, orbs, flashes and sparkles with your eyes closed (especially during an angel meditation)
  • A vision or mini movie in your mind of a scenario unfolding.
  • Perceiving an angel outline, face, or wing in your mindseye.
  • Noticing angel and wing shapes in ordinary things.
  • Seeing an angel with your physical eyes open.
  • Seeing an angel in a dream.
  • Having fast images flash by your imagination like a car speeding by. (this slows down when you develop your intuition)

Are you getting any of these visual signs?

These are all examples of your psychic vision developing! You can strengthen it even more with prayers, practices and cleansing.

An Angelic Prayer to Develop Clairvoyance

Here is an angel prayer to cleanse your centre of psychic vision.

Dear Angels, It is my deep desire and intention to open and strengthen my clairvoyance to perceive your presence and signs. I ask for your intervention, guidance and protection as I go through this process.

Please clear me of any blocks to clear vision including toxic fear, negative thoughts, beliefs, and experiences which may be blocking my intuitive vision.

I am ready to see your loving presence.


Rub your hands together to create heat and then turn your hands palms up and ask the angels to fill them with Angelic light cup your hands  over your eyes and soak in the energy.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes and relax. Notice what you perceive in your mindseye.

Affirm: It is safe for me to see the angels and their guidance.

Be sure to acknowledge the signs and visions you receive!

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Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock
Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher


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