“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost- The Road not Taken.

Each decision we make determines our life path… scary huh?
So how are  you when it comes to making decisions? At times I have been an anxious mess whilst other decisions were no brainers, so easy. I have noticed that when one of my clients is struggling with a decision , that usually they know DEEP in their soul what to do, but they do not want to do it… because it’s gonna be hard! That creates fear the major block to good decision making.

Once fear comes up, guilt, grief… a wall of confusion it becomes almost impossible to think clearly or hear their guidance.

It is normal and healthy to reach out, to seek counsel, release and have a reading at times when a fork in the road appears!
Sometimes it’s for validation and other times we are completely stuck and need clear guidance, something that makes sense and shushes the noisy ego!

You can only ever make great decisions by following the wise voice of your soul that knows with out a doubt what is for your highest good and what holds you back.

The mind is where we usually go to figure things out but it is easily tangled and cluttered with indecision, anxiety & other people’s stuff… So how do you actually know which is your wise self and which is your ego- fear ? And how do you pick apart the guilt, fear, illusion, and outer opinions that make up the tangled ball of wool that is strangling you mind?

After years of guiding people through big and small decisions…. and making my own choices, here are my  6 steps to good decision making-

  1. Meditate! when you meditate you get out of your left brain pro/con thinking and into  your creative/ intuitive right brain, the only way to get there is to relax and get some theta brainwaves happening- regularly! You are more than your mind, and your True Self knows it. Intuition cannot speak if you are analyzing, over thinking and congested!
  2. Get rid of the shoulds! I Should... implies rules, guilt, obligation, and other people’s expectations, and has nothing to do with happiness and authenticity. Choose from I want rather than I should...
  3. Look at past similar decisions- do you wish you had chosen differently before, can you break old patterns by choosing differently this time? Remember: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results!”
  4. What do you want? I love the intuitive game of imagining the outcome…You sit quietly in private and imagine you have chosen option A, you are in no doubt.. this is it.. Sit and note all the feelings, thoughts and images that come to mind. then have a break and go back and imagine you have chosen B…When i do this in session with people they know their answer instantly.
  5. Heal- sometimes negative energy is in the way, a past trauma, old conditioning or someone elses energy can block you from connecting to your inner self. Cutting a cord or clearing the past can fast track you to clarity!
  6. Surrender. Letting go is an awesome way to make decisions, let go with intention, hand over the choices to the Divine as if you are placing a gift on a shrine, say “Divine spirit, I know you have all the answers, all the angles and you know my highest path, SHOW me what is best, give me signs, I will trust you and trust my path. Bring forth the Divine decision Amen” Signs will come, trust yourself!

By the way: Your road is always the road less traveled, because it is for you and you alone. You my friend, are a unique little snowflake and your life path is carved out by following your Inner Truth, (aka not what everyone else thinks you should do) Make choices based on the life you want to live, the highest version of you and trust, trust , trust that that spiritual force that you know exists will guide you as it always has and you can achieve and deal with anything because you are not alone!

Angel blessings  Rachel Scoltock x
Need clarity? Do you want to make great decisions and lift your life to a new level? Call me for a Reading or a Guidance/ Healing Session:  Readings and Energy Therapy by phone or Skype or a recorded Mp3. In person sessions are also available.

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