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I love presenting live spiritual events because of the magical things that happen when spiritually centred people gather together for the intention of receiving guidance!

Something I have noticed that happens as a result of these gatherings is the phenonemon of cledonomancy or cledonism.

You experience cledonomancy when you receive a clear, spiritual message or guidance(A cledon) in answer to your prayers which comes in perfect Divine timing delivered  innocently and unwittingly from another person or source. It comes as a chance encounter or spoken words.

⭐You might overhear a conversation giving you the answer you’ve been looking for.

⭐You might meet someone who unknowingly passes on guidance in casual conversation without realizing they’ve given you a spiritual message.

⭐You may get a spiritual guidance through an unusual encounter where it seems that spirit is using another person, an animal, child or bird to get a message to you.

You may even be listening to my Angel Monday reading  or hear me answer a question at one of my events and just know that what I told them is also a message for you. Common cledons can come from songs, or via well time social media posts or seeing words on the side of a truck.

I’ve experienced cledomism many times myself and I’ve seen it happen for my clients too, particularly at my retreats.

My yearly retreat is held at Uluru, a highly energized power place where the incidence of cledons is higher. I’ve witnessed so many mystical experiences and cledonomancy there I could fill a book!

I noticed a similar occurances in the UK during the tour of sacred sites.

But you can receive Cledons at anytime, if you are open!

Here is an example of an amazing cledon I received a few years ago:

I was sitting at a cafe with a friend near the sacred site of Uluru discussing our plans. We were there to hear the Dalai Lama speak later that afternoon. We’d  both prayed to meet His Holiness, hoping there would be an audience meet and greet. However, there were  hundover 6 hours to fill before his event.

As we pondered our options a small child of about 3 walked repeatedly around our table, chanting “Go with the Flow”  It was so strange that I knew this was a cledon.

Immediately I remembered a special place with a flowing waterfall nearby so I suggested we go there for a while.

On arrival the usually quiet carpark was full of official cars. Several security guards and a camera crew were gathered around a small figure in orange robes!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was making an unpublicised, unscheduled visit to see the traditional owners at that particular waterhole!

As we climbed out fo the car a kindly security guard came over and invited us to stand nearby and watch the special moment unfold.

Then his Holiness spotted the small gathered crowd and insisted he come and meet each person individually, our prayer was answered!

How do  you know you’re receiving a real cledon? 

Well, with all guidance you will always experience Divine Timing, AKA Synchronicity. What you’ve asked for is being answered and you have an inner knowing what it is about.

You will also have a sense of otherworldlyness, calm and focus. Your senses will be heightened and amplified so that you focus on the message.  For example the word or song you hear will suddenly seem louder.  The background goes out of focus and the situation you’re seeing or hearing will come into sharp focus.

You may blink or wonder did I really see/ hear that? Did other people notice it?

What is important is that you don’t allow your EGO to dismiss the message as “only a coincidence!”


Your Angels and the Divine are always communicating with you through the world around you. However, when you ask about something specific , your guidance will be more focused and clear.

The first step to receiving guidance is to ask, to pray, to set clear intentions about the guidance you want to receive.

The second step is to get out into the world. Put down your phone, laptop and tablet and go for a walk, have tea with a friend, explore the world around you with an open mind.

Be careful not to overanalyse every encounter and song. Be open because Spirit will deliver it in an unusual way, you won’t be able to manufacture or anticipate the creativity of the Divine!

The wonderful part is that you don’t get to control any of this: how the message comes, what it is, or when it comes this is all up to the Spiritual Powers that be. You need to ask and then go out into the world with trust.

Your answer may not come straight away but when it does come it is up to you to listen, accept the message and then take whatever action you’re guided to.


Take a moment today to ask the Angels for a message about something you’d like guidance on. (For example, your career, love life, finances, a decision you need to make, etc.)

Trust that the Divine will send you a message in Divine timing. Sometimes you’ll get a cledon right away, but other times it will come later. Have faith and trust that the Divine WILL  answer you.

I’d  encourage you to start a journal and begin recording the messages the Angels send you. In future blogs, I’ll share more ways for you to communicate and receive guidance from the angels.

I would love you to share your cledons here in the comments or on my social media, I love to hear abour the signs and guidance you are receiving!


Would you like to join me at one of the worlds most powerful sacred sites for some Cledonomancy and Spiritual Recharge?

Join my small group retreat at the Sacred Site of Uluru on October 20th- 24th 2022/
Uluru  is the most amazing place to do spiritual and healing practices, it radiates a palpable spiritual energy like nothing I have ever experienced.

Over the 3 days you will have multiple opportunities to receive magical guidance as we open up intuitively, connect with the energy of the land and your guides. You do not need to be experienced to join us.

You will have a private tour with the Indigenous Traditional owners of  Uluru whose living culture and spiritual connection spans back tens of thousands of years. We are also having dinner under the stars overlooking Uluru!

This is a unique, safe and rich way to experience this 600 million year old power place.

Doors for this event are CLOSING in 2 weeks. If you feel drawn to this event contact me or go here for more information.

Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock
Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

PS  This week I am presenting a special online workshop to connect with Archangel Azrael to heal and clear grief and other heavy emotions. I will show you how to work with this beautiful Archangel so you can find a connection with your deceased loved ones and recceive more signs. Tickets are available for $57AUD


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