Have you Experienced a Cledon?

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Have you ever experienced Cledonomancy?

A cledon is  a clear, spiritual message delivered from another person or source. The Universe and the angels use many means to get their messages delivered.

For example:

⭐You overhear a snippet of conversation which gives you an answer you’ve been looking for.

⭐You meet someone who passes on guidance in casual conversation without realizing they’ve given you a message.

⭐You listen to a podcast or a class or even my weekly video Angel Message when the speaker says something that you know is meant for you! The message wasn’t necessarily personal to you but you just know that what was said is exactly what you needed to hear.

⭐A message comes to you through a song that you hear as you walk into a shopping centre or on your car radio

Cledons can arrive in unlimited ways, but they are always goosebump inducing. Somehow Spirit manipulates the message in perfect timing for you to receive.

Sacred Sites and other power places seem to evoke more cledons My yearly retreat is held at Uluru, a highly energized power place, where I’ve witnessed so many mystical experiences and cledonomancy there I could fill a book! I noticed a similar occurrences in the UK while visiting Stonehenge, Glastonbury and other sacred places.

Perhaps this is why ancient people would take a yearly pilgrimage to sacred places- to receive spiritual energy and guidance.

However, you don’t have to travel to receive a cledon, you can receive these miraculous messages at anytime, if you are open!


  • With all signs and guidance you will always experience Divine Timing, otherwise known as synchronicity. It shows up at exactly the right moment.
  • You have an inner knowing that the message is for you.
  • You may also experience a sense of otherworldliness, calm and focus.
  • Your senses may be heightened and amplified to focus on the message.  For example the conversation or song you happen to over-hear will suddenly seem louder.
  • Something captures your attention.
  • The background goes out of focus and the situation you’re seeing or hearing will come into sharp focus.

You may  wonder did I really see/ hear that? Did other people notice it? But it’s important to trust what you heard, saw, and felt.

Please don’t dismiss the message as imagination or “only a coincidence!”.


Your Angels and the Divine are always communicating with you through the world around you.

However, when you actually ask for help with something specific, this assistance becomes stronger and more direct.

When you make clear, specific requests you will always receive clearer, and more specific guidance!

The first step to receiving a cledon is to ask for what you want help with in your life. Say a prayer and ask for Divine help and intervention.

The second step is to get out into the world. Put down your phone and go for a walk, meet a friend, explore the world around you with an open mind.

Notice if you feel repeatedly drawn to visit a particular place and follow through on those inner nudges.

Be careful not to over analyze every encounter and song you hear. You’ll drive yourself crazy! When the guidance comes, it will be unmistakeable, and you won’t need to analyse it.

Spirit will deliver your guidance in an unusual way, you won’t be able to manufacture or anticipate the creativity of the Divine!

HOW the message comes, WHAT it is, or WHEN it comes this is all up to the angels. You need to ask and then go out into the world with trust.

Your answer may not come straight away but when it does come it is up to you to listen, accept the message and then take whatever action you’re guided to.


Take a moment today to ask the Angels for their help with something.

Please don’t focus on how you think the help should come. Just pray from the heart for what you most desire. Try not to preempt the path.

Trust that the Angels will put together a path and send you a clear sign or message in perfect timing.

Sometimes you’ll get a sign right away, but other times it will come later.

Have faith the answer will come.

I’d  encourage you to start a journal and begin recording the messages the Angels send you.

In future blogs, I’ll share more ways for you to communicate and receive guidance from the angels.

I would love you to share your cledons and other signs here in the comments or on my social media, I love to hear about the signs and guidance you are receiving!

Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock
Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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