Has Your Spiritual Practice Slipped Lately?

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Be honest, has your spiritual practice slipped lately?

It happens!

On a call to a client last week. She guiltily admitted that she’d fallen off the “spiritual wagon” lately and was really missing that connection!

She’d stopped meditating, asking for angelic help, and even cleansing her energy.

Her work-life became extra demanding and she’d split up with her partner and moved to a new home.

During all this she simply stopped taking care of her spiritual needs and it was showing!

This sensitive soul was swamped with fear and doubts. She was spending long sleepless nights worrying about money and her future,  there was so much extra drama in her life, and she felt utterly lost about her purpose.

She admitted not being able to tune in intuitively or manifest like she used to!

If this sounds familiar then let me share what I told her!

There is zero need to feel guilty- this can happen to anyone and it’s easily remedied.

Even though you may feel as if you’ve lost ground, you haven’t.

When you start your practice again, it’s like riding a bike, you may wobble for a minute, but soon you’re up to speed!

Spiritual disconnect happens because you are a spiritual and a physical being living in a duality of high and low vibrations (love and fear).

The lower frequencies of fear, doubt, drama, stress, and scarcity are incredibly strong and compelling. They can pull you away from your spiritual support like a strong ocean current.

When you drop your spiritual practices and put all your attention on the material world this current of fear steadily draws you further away from the angels, God, and your soul self.

During this time, your ego can take over and life can feel flat, desolate, and as if you’re failing.

You can’t tune back in because you’re in the wrong frequency!

Reconnecting to a regular spiritual practice is the only remedy for all of this.

Your spiritual practice is like an anchor, wedged deep in the ocean floor. The ups and downs of physical life can come and go, but you remain steady because your connection to the Divine, your soul and the angels holds you in strong in the higher vibrations.

A simple spiritual practice, no matter how small, is a powerful shield against the dramas and negativity in the world!!

You have more power over your thoughts. You stop feeling so alone. You’re guided and you tap into the Divine magic of life again.

You manifest all the green lights, synchronicities, abundance and new opportunities that you need, and you stop being a magnet for negativity, scarcity and drama!

Is it time to drop your anchor and tune back into those higher vibes again?

During the Angel Communication Practitioner Certification I will guide you to build an uncomplicated spiritual practice that will act as an anchor, holding you steady and keeping you deeply connected to the angels and your soul-self. We will do a lot of energy clearing so your vibration is clear and free of lower vibrations.

As you learn the skills as an angel communication practitioner, opening your spiritual gifts, protecting your energy and connecting with the angels and reading oracle cards your purpose and path will unfold. I support you each step of the way with live training, weekly check-ins, and healing sessions. You can start today with the course guided meditations. Contact me for more information or to chat about if this is right for you.

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