If you love healing subjects and sense vibes then chances are you are a giver: naturally kind and loving, generous to a fault, maybe you are even an empath. Empathic givers can naturally sense when people around them are unhappy and they do whatever is in their power to fix whatever is wrong. They often unconsciously feel and draw out lower vibes from their friends, family, colleagues and even “frenemies” in an effort to heal them, often taking their burdens and pain.
Over time this kind of giving can become detrimental, especially if you give to people who do not appreciate your efforts or who become bottomless pits of need.
You can start to feel like a hot chip surrounded by hungry seagulls!

Not only can you feel zapped, empty and resentful, but you can also end up absorbing some of the lower vibes that others are carrying in your own precious energy and body..
You don’t want to change your loving nature but neither do you want to be everyone’s doormat.( Or a seething pile of resentment!)
So how exactly do givers stop giving too much? Here are some suggestions I have learned as a recovering doormat and an energy therapist!

  • Stop giving to please, placate or have someone like you. You lose your power and self worth in exchange for approval. Working hard to convince someone to like or love you opens you to being taken advantage of or even bullying. What would happen in these relationships if you stop giving? Give it a try and see what happens! Free yourself from the soul sucking pursuit of people pleasing as you learn to love and accept yourself.
  • Stop making ‘giving’ your identity. You do not need to give, do or be anything to have people (or angels) like or approve of you. Allow the people who do genuinely love you, give to you sometimes and let them be with the relaxed you. You don’t always have to be in Mother Theresa or Father Christmas mode. It can be exhausting for others too.
  • Treasure your energy and gifts– if you give them all away for nothing they become worthless.
  • Pull your energy back. When relationships become unbalanced, you feel drained, overlooked or taken for granted it is a sign that you have over given of your energy. Imagine your auric field like a brightly colored mist. Visualize those people you give too much to and spend energy on and notice how much of your color is around them? Then ask the angels to help you to draw that energy back to you. Your energy is for you! As you draw your energy back it has a subtle balancing effect on relationships and you will feel more energized. You become visible again.
  • Give from the Source not your own energy: connect to the Divine and ask for the energy and power to help others. That way you do not drain your precious life force. When you give this way you actually feel energized and peaceful. You’ll know when it’s time to rest or recharge because you’ll feel it intuitively It’s hard to feel anything when your drained and overloaded!
  • Cleanse your energy regularly, a cord cutting and white light healing cuts off and discourages those seagulls! You can repair leaks and tears in your aura and you’ll be a happier more balanced little chippie!

When you stop over giving and detach from the energy thieves you will feel more energized, balanced and positive. You will notice your intuition clarifies. You’ll start to experience the effortless arrival of those things that you previously chased.
Let me know how you are balancing the energy deficit in your life!
Have a great week!
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Love and blessings Rachel Scoltock xx


Thank you with love and Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock xx
Angel Medium
Intuitive Energy Therapist
Author and Teacher
Contact: rachel@rachelscoltock.com


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