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All that is mine by Divine right now reaches me in great avalanches of abundance under grace and in miraculous ways  Florence Scovel Shinn

I am one of those people who regularly has “where are my keys?” moments. In days gone by I would turn my house upside down in a frantic search usually discovering they were in my handbag all along.

Nowadays I spend less time hunting for keys, earrings and other lost possessions because I have an archangel to help me find whatever I am looking for.

Archangel Chamuel, whose name translates to seeker of God, is the angel to call upon when you need to locate what is lost or missing.

Chamuel is aligned with your heart chakra and radiates a gorgeous rose pink color. As the angel of the heart, Chamuel is ideal to call on for help with love relationships. Pink crystals such as pink tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodonite help you to align more closely with his energy

Chamuel ( pronounced Sham -yew- elle) is a Divine Archangel who can guide you directly to whatever you seek, whether it’s a lost possession, a long lost relative, your soulmate, your life purpose, a wonderful new home or greater abundance in your life.

If something is lost  the first thing I do is call upon Archangel Chamuel and then I repeat “nothing is lost in the Divine Mind” like a mantra.

“Archangel Chamuel, I call upon you to guide and protect me. I am ready to find……(describe what you need to find or locate) I know that nothing is lost in the Divine Mind and that you see it, even though I cannot yet.
I am open to your guidance, I let go and release my fears, I welcome your protection in this situation and I am grateful for your intervention. Amen”

I repeat: I am one with what I seek while visualizing the item back in my care.

I’ve used this process and the mantras to successfully locate a lost cat, bring home my wandering pup, and find my favorite beanie weeks after dropping it on a road. It even helped my mum to find a lost key which appeared in her car despite the fact that she had already searched there.

Read more below to learn the magical mantra I  use for lost money and unpaid debts!!


Here is a magical mantra which I use anytime I have lost money  or overspent or had last minute cancellations in my business:

“There is no loss in the Divine mind, what is mine is always returned to me under Grace in perfect timing and in perfect ways, according to Divine Will.”

Sometimes this powerful affirmation can work instantly other times it takes longer but it has never failed me and  is the perfect treatment for times when you need a little spiritual help in reclaiming what is yours.

Last year I had a strange drama with a power company  who had been charging me for my neighbors electricity supply for a whole year. Using this affirmation sped the process up considerably and within a few weeks the money was back in my account.

The secret to activating the Divine Law of replenishment is to remember that the Universe is a Source of infinite abundance and will always replenish what is genuinely owed. 

Faith is essential, try not to be attached as to HOW or WHEN  the funds will return to you.  Your non attachment allows for the natural flow to bring you into perfect balance. If you can see the Divine Universe as being a place of multiple possibilities and unlimited abundance, this will become the truth for you and you will receive exactly what has been lost.

If a low integrity person makes off with your money then you may or may not get it back directly, but the Divine will make sure it finds you in another way.

The Divine is the all creative Source of all that is, it only knows how to create, heal and replenish, so you know that when something is lost, lacking or negative then you’ve temporarily disconnected from the Divine and it is time to reconnect.

These mantras and your angels realign you with the Divine and switch you out of  your fearful, judgmental ego and back into right thinking and inner peace.

When you  remember Divine Truth, you always heal whatever seems lacking or wrong and come back to spiritual harmony.

Divine Truth is wholeness, abundance, peace, infinite abundance, perfect health, unconditional true Love.

Other than shifting your mind , mantras also activate the field of Divine Abundance, drawing to you what you affirm.

In other words, if what you think, feel and say, aligns with the Divine Truth and integrity then you will experience a correction in any condition which is less than whole.

Your beliefs, thoughts and words directly effect what you attract into your life at any moment. You can change the outer experiences simply by changing the way you think and speak about them. 

I would love to help you to align your mind and energy with Divine Truth  and Angelic Guidance to bring you all that is yours by Divine Right! I will help you to remove the blocks which are sabotaging your success and prosperity.

Increase your intuition draw Divine abundance and remove your barriers to manifesting prosperity, success, and love. Apply for my intensive Radiant Rich Angel healing immersion created to clear the energy barriers that are holding you back and bring you into alignment with your vision! 
Have a wonderful week

Angel blessings!

Rachel xx

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Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels. Contact Rachel at



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