I can choose peace, rather than this

Wayne Dyer

Gosh this quote has helped me so much! It has changed my relationships and the way I work and treat myself. The idea is so simple and cuts through confusion, drama and pain.

I have spent a lot of time studying and practicing metaphysics. The idea that we can change our thoughts and change our life made complete sense. I always knew deep down that I had a say in what my life was like.  I never ever saw myself as floating down life’s river on a paddle- less raft, hitting rocks and waves. Though it often felt that way.

Becoming the author of your own mental , emotional and vibrational atmosphere gives you back your power and the paddles.

Life is the river carrying us forward it throws out all sorts of obstacles and challenges, people die, get ill, leave, take offense, we have no control over most of it. We can choose our response each time and this alone decides what kind of ride we have on our river.

Peace is the ultimate creator, it becomes healing, wealth, happiness because peace is what we are, want and need all in one.

It is both true that the Divine is in charge and that we are paddling our own boat- peace is about seeking the balance and giving up trying to control everything except our own thoughts.

You can always choose peace, always, no matter what happens outside of you. When this becomes a habit, you get to steer your boat where ever you like, knowing that you will always find peace!

How to get into a strong peaceful frequency and transform your life:

  1.  Make peace with the past– Letting go of  negativity is step one and most of it is born in the past, after that it becomes a habit of thought and expectation. Make the effort to come to terms with the “unfair” and unpleasant parts of life and learn to stop thinking and acting like a victim.
  2. Give up Useless Thinking- the pointless but harmful negative thoughts and worries that erode daily happiness- the judgements, the self criticism and scenarios. Change it, choose to be different and exchange each one for a positive uplifting idea.
  3. Look for the good stuff. There is a Troy Cassar Daley song called The Good things in Life He sings about how appreciating the little and big things in life makes for a happy existence. He is right! Gratitude is where it is at, simply change the habit of looking for bad and complaining to seeking the blessings. Even in hard times, you can still find something to be grateful for. Take up the challenge in this weeks reading video clip!
  4. Choose peace- you can always choose the most peaceful thought, instead of the worse case scenario one, you can choose to believe in yourself or be defeated. You can choose to get angry or let it go. It is always a choice! A wonderful affirmation is “I can choose peace no matter what else is going on”

These steps can transform your life, you may not have all the answers or the smooth river yet but these 4 steps will guide you until you do.
Are you having trouble accepting what is, or letting go of what happened? Do you need help understanding and finding peace with your life?  I can help you to transform your life with energy work and intuitive counseling and coaching.
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Angel blessings for a peaceful week ahead!

Rachel x


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