Do this Fast Energy Clearing When Your Intuition Feels Blocked

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Does your intuition sometimes feel foggy or uncertain; do you ask for guidance and feel as if it does not come? Have you ever had days where you felt as if you are wading through muddy energy, dragging yourself around?

These are all indications that your energy is blocked and clogged with low frequency vibes. This is perfectly normal, your aura is absorbant and lower energies can get caught in it like dust in the filter of your vacuum cleaner.

To honour your sensitivity, clearly hear your intuition (and your angels) and healthily cope with life your energy needs to be regularly cleared and protected.

Energy clearing means that your energy and body are swept clean of all negative energy and attachments which clog up your system and effect your ability to tune in, manifest and to think clearly.

Once your energy is cleared and then protected you will more clearly hear your intuitive guidance and connect with your angels because you will no longer be confused by all the other incoming energy of the world
around you.You will also have more vital life force energy for yourself because it won’t drain out to everyone you encounter.

Here are some signs that your energy requires clearing
Feeling drained of all energy;*
Feeling stuck and blocked in all life areas
Feeling unwell in particular places or situations;
Craving caffeine, sugar and other pick me ups;
Over eating or forgetting to eat;
Feeling weepy or emotional for no apparent reason;
Highs and lows in emotion;
Attracting draining persons;
Regular contact with depressed or dysfunctional people;
Thinking about problems late at night;
Having difficulty concentrating on one task at a time;
A cluttered mind
Physical aches and pains;*
Headaches;*Dazed eyes;*
Spending too much time thinking, analysing and worrying;
Feeling as if you have been punched in the stomach, or you have a neckorback ache
after being with a particular person;
Regular physical symptoms with no other cause e.g. nausea or fatigue;*
Difficulty making decisions.
Feeling blocked intuitively
* Note: Always consult a medical professional about reoccurring physical symptoms.

Your physical and emotional feelings are a signal from your internal guidance
system showing you what is and is not good for you, so to truly honour your self you need to listen to what your feelings are telling you.

You will feel so much more vital, free and confident when you clear your energy regularly. You will begin to understand how much energy you actually take on and how this affects you.

After a long day or when you are feeling drained or overwhelmed it is important to get rid of the negative energy that you may have accumulated, particularly if you are in contact with a lot of people, working under false lighting or near computers.

Some professions will take on energy into their physical body more easily, especialy if the worker touches the client such as in massage thrapy, nursing, hairdressing and beauty. Other professions such as counsellors and welfare workers who hear about people’s problems all day long definitely need to clear their emotional and physical energy frequently to prevent ill health and burnout. In fact, anyone who who interacts with people would benefit from a daily energy cleanse.

This is just one method to clear and release energy. IF you are suffering the effects of stress, trauma, or illness then you may need some direct healing to remove toxic energy.

Angelic Light clearing method:
Sit in a quiet spot and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes if you wish.
Call upon your angels, particularly Archangel Michael (the protector angel) and ask them to help you to clear your body and energy of all negative and dark energy, which might be draining you.

Imagine a bright white bubble of light around your whole body. Allow this light to pass through the top of your head, filling your entire body and dissolving all negative energy. Allow this light to fill your aura. Breathe deeply, feel a ball of this light in the palm of each hand and flushing up through your wrists and arms.

When you feel that this light has filled your entire body, silently ask Archangel
Michael to clear you of any dark energy or attachments. Breathe deeply while he works on you, clearing away all the toxins that he finds, release the negativity through your breath.
If there is a particular issue or person that you know is affecting your energy then tell the angel that you wish to release all negative ties related to (name). Be willing to let go
of all of your uncomfortable feelings about this person including resentment and
irritation. Breathe out these feelings and if you want, imagine sending love in the form of pink light.
You may feel a slight breeze orgoose bumps as Archangel Michael moves over your body. Stay in position with your loving intentions until you sense that the healing is over.
You will feel lighter and clearer afterwards.
Thank Archangel Michael and your guardian angels for the clearing and take a moment to visualize purple light around your aura to protect your sparkly energy field!

This excerpt was taken from chapter 5 “Loving Your Sensitive Self: A Guide to Managing and Protecting Your Energy” by Rachel Scoltock check it out HERE!

Wishing you a very happy Ostara!
Angel Blessings Rachel x

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Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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