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I am finally back in Australia!

It was a busy trip, so being home has given me a chance to process and review the wonderful time I had in the UK.

The sacred sites I visited in England gave me so much inspiration, clarity and the peace I needed to make decisions and changes to my life.

The echoes of it all are still rippling through my life and will for a long time to come.

Visiting powerful places from a soul perspective gives you so much more than the photographs and souvenirs you get from being a tourist.

I love being a tourist too, but it’s a completely different experience.

Consciously visiting ancient sacred sites & seeking guidance is a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey that you go on to transform yourself at a soul level.

These places have strong energy vortexes which connect vistors with the Earth and the Spiritual realm .

This way you balance the spiritual and physical parts of yourself AND you become a conduit for the energies that pour through these sites, recharging your life force and renewing your sense of purpose.

Going to sacred sites reminds us to connect with the sacred within ourselves and this in turn attracts clear guidance and a higher vibration.

We can lose touch with that spiritual and sacred aspect of ourselves by being overwhelmed with stress, routine and the demands of  daily life.

When you lose a spiritual connection you can feel lost, lonely and drained of life force. Your soul cries out for the higher energy  it needs.

Which is why these journeys to power sites are so important. They literally replenish you body, mind and soul.

All this has encouraged me to create an opportunity for YOU to connect with one of world’s most sacred power sites: Uluru.

My 7th annual Angels at Uluru retreat is planned for October 2022 offering you 3 days in the magical and magnetic energy of Uluru, connecting with your guidance and opening your energy channels. It’s a chance to recharge, reconnect and find out what Divine Wisdom is waiting for YOU.

If you’d like to join me, please let me know by email I will send you more information. This is a limited space event.

In the meantime I invite you to find ways to connect with the sacred within:

Create an altar and light a candle each day, invoke the angels and ask for guidance for your day

Go to a place in nature and walk, sit or lie on the earth and invoke the angels and the guardians of the land.

Make a list of 5 things that fuel your soul and commit to giving yourself time to enjoy those activities. Ask for guidance and support in finding the resources to do what you need to do to fulfill your soul.

Meditate for 5 – 10 minutes a day and ask your soul what it most wants and needs. Pay attention to the answers you receive!

Remember that you are sacred. A spiritual being having a physical experience.

Your soul is the driving force of this life and when you neglect your soul you will feel out of balance!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium


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