Awaken Your Inner Sorcerer and Use This Method to Heal or Manifest Anything

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This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.”  Rumi

You have a Divine Sorcerer or Sorceress within which means that you are capable of connecting to the Divine SOURCE to command and channel Divine energy through your body and mind.

Given the right conditions and knowledge, you can activate and fully awaken to your spiritual Source power and use it for self-healing, manifesting your material needs and to seek clear guidance and direction on any subject.

If you feel drawn you can even learn to call on the Divine energies to heal and guide others.

This is what true power is: to feel connected and guided by Source and to trust in that power within you. You can create miracles and truly transform your life when you act from this spiritual energy.

A strong awareness of Source energy and how to connect with it and channel it makes life easier and incredibly fulfilling. Not everyone is open to this power, some are even afraid of it. However, there is nothing worse than feeling stuck or powerless, and I know through my own experiences and those of my clients that you can transform difficult and painful situations by accessing Divine energy properly.

Every person on earth has Divine Guides and Angels to accompany them on their journey, though not everyone listens to them.  Everyone knows that a heart pumps blood around the body, but do you realize that your energy system has organs called chakras which process the spiritual energy throughout your energy body? Opening and aligning your chakras can activate healing and connect you to the higher source, clearing blocks and acting as an antenna to receive your intuitive messages.

The first step in your inner spiritual power is acknowledging that it is there and then making a conscious connection to it. This can be as simple as asking for angelic help for your life, meditation,  saying affirmations to create new circumstances and praying for divine healing where it is needed.

Anytime that you feel stuck, depressed, lost or anxious all you need to do is imagine yourself as connected to the Great Light of Source.
The moment you reach out for Divine help, any sense of powerlessness and insignificance will immediately begin to fade away because you have called on your ancient, God-given, Divine Truth.

When you draw on Divine Spiritual energy, you are remembering your power; you have swung your boat around and asked to be guided and go with the flow of life rather than struggling against it.

Connecting with Divine energy creates huge transformation for a person who opens to it. I witness shifts in my healing, reading clients and my students. They not only feel a stronger deeper connection with their angels, but they suddenly find themselves breaking free of the bonds and struggles which have held them back for so long.

I wanted to share this simple invocation of Divine Source Energy which can create miraculous results very quickly, I use this personally and often teach it in my classes and in private sessions.

Use this to heal a physical issue, an emotional upset, to calm you, ask for guidance about something, or even to open your intuition, connect with angels, ask anything you need or desire ( always according to Divine will).

Take a long deep breath, fill your lungs and exhale slowly

Place a hand on your collarbone 
Repeat “I call on my Angels and My Soul to focus Divine LOVE energy throughout my system”
Then say what you need
(Example I intend to heal ……..) Thank you

Inhale again and then exhale by pumping the breath through your nose,

Say: I ask for signs and guidance about this situation according to Divine Will and aligned only with Divine Love.

Then close your eyes and accept this healing for a few seconds

 If you can, sit still for a few moments, close your eyes and wait, feel the energy flowing into your body, you will feel the presence of angels.  Notice any thoughts, ideas, and visions coming into you at this moment.
carriers of Divine Love, our bridge between the Source and Earth; angels are God’s gift sent to serve our spiritual higher selves. They are often the channel through which the healing miracle occurs.
You can repeat this as often as you like.

PS. I like to Say I AM that I AM at the end of this process, an affirmation that states your oneness with the Divine.

You are a powerful “sourcerer” in the true sense of the word when you connect with Divine Source and Angels to transform your life!
*I learned part of this Divine Love method from Robert Fritchie of the world service institute which offers free healing through Divine Love.

Have a great week! Angel Blessings Rachel x

PS The video reading is super enlightening this week, the angel energy is strong Go here

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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