Lightworker Activation for your Purpose

with Archangel Michael & Archangel Gabriel

Workshop Guided Meditation Audio and Video Recording with Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium

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Lightworker Activation with Archangel Michael & Archangel Gabriel
I am so looking forward to sharing this empowering online angelic workshop for Lightworkers.

This class will be both deeply healing and give you wisdom, insight and direction with your purpose.

So many Lightworkers are ready to find their true path, perhaps to find a fulfilling lifestyle , make big changes personally or to build or grow their spiritually based career, but are plagued with doubts, scarcity, and limiting beliefs, expectations and unconscious blocks that hold them back from really shining their light and creating a life that fulfills and supports THEM in the way that they support, inspire and heal others.

In this class the angels will empower and support you in your Lightwork while letting go of the forces that keep you small, stuck and struggling.

This class is for you if you are:

  • Ready for guidance about how to enact your purpose as a lightworker in a way that fulfils you while being of service.
  • You are ready to let go of the self sabotaging, energetic bonds and beliefs which keep you in lack , doubt and limitation blocking your true path and the material and spiritual support.
  • You are ready for a meaningful way to serve at a deeper and more fulfilling level to reach more people to be a light to the world.
  • You have or want a spiritually centred business and you’re ready for clear direction and guidance steps to attract clients who you can bless and who will bless you in return.
  • You are ready to release the common lightworkers blocks to abundance , inner peace and visibility so you can let go of scarcity, judgment, fear and overwhelm

During this class you will:

  • Create a potent link to Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel to Activate your Lightworker purpose.
  • Release the blocks to abundance, visibility, and receptivity which keep you stuck in limitation and fear.
  • Let go of past and present life persecution, judgment, overwhelm and vows of poverty.
  • Meet your Soul Guides and the Archangels and attract a deeper level of support and guidance to allow them to create opportunities and magnetize prosperity and support to you.
  • Receive a clear vision for your Lightwork with clear steps for your Soul’s purpose this lifetime.
  • Go through a profound healing process to release vows, contracts, cords, and fears which hold you in scarcity and limitation, imposter syndrome, self doubt and procrastination.
  • Upgrade your energetic field and detox your emotional energies lso you can serve at a higher frequency- understand who you really are.
  • Understand the Lightworker Code and why you feel called to help change the world.

I will guide you through a soul journey with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel This will be a profoundly energizing, uplifting and spiritual event.

You will have lifetime access to the replay. Bring a note pad and pen, and a crystal to this event.

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Reviews for Archangel Attunements

Thank you so much Rachel!

The Archangel Metatron Attunement was truly incredible! The energy was incredibly high, and I am so glad to have experienced that!

Such an incredible feeling when Metatron showed up… I literally thought I was on a spinning ride!

And the feeling of the cube when it hit my aura, was just unexplainable.

Thank you again! What an amazing experience!

– Amelia

I’ve never felt anything like today’s session. (The guardian angel solstice attunement) I saw colours, I felt incredibly light and free during and after.

Thank you!

– Melissa

Your Archangel Attunement today was just brilliant. I got goosebumps as I could see what was happening before you said it! My hands and feet and scalp were seriously tingling ..your energy was just so strong and genuine. I am so grateful I feel I went through a big healing and a serious past life journey …It really makes sense to me..what I was shown and felt so protected by Archangel Micheal ..!!
– Jacqui B

Archangel Raphael Webinar, was amazing. I really appreciate it as I have recently felt drawn to Archangel Raphael and his healing power. This was a special webinar for me, I can’t thank you enough.
– Trevor

I can’t thank you enough for this Attunement Rachel!

I love that I can have the replay for myself to do it privately in my own vibration with the spirit realm, it works better for me if I’m honest with you than live.

This is helping me so much! All my gratitude

– Patricia

Thank you, Rachel. I watched the Attunement replay over the weekend, and it was a beautiful session as always.

Your monthly Attunement classes always brighten up my day! I really enjoyed the visualisation and manifestation part and have incorporated it into this morning’s meditation. Thank you.

– Shonagh

I participated in the Archangel Uriel Golden Light Attunement event and I wanted to say thank you!! It was amazingly therapeutic, intense and transformative. Thank You!!!
– Jennifer Z

I just wanted to say thankyou for today’s Archangel Attunement. I cried & felt really light & bright afterwards. I felt transformation and the transcendence of negativity during the Attunement Session.

Wow! Thanks for helping to clear & release the stuck energy within me,

– Sasha H