Are You Going Through A Spiritual Detox?

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Are you going through a spiritual detox right now?

Here are some of the symptoms:

You have a sudden and overwhelming urge to simplify, tidy, and declutter??‍♀️?‍♀️
You’re feeling guided to shift frequencies to a healthier diet, stop watching true crime tv, change jobs, upgrade your friend circle. cleanse your aura?✨??
Your body is aching, you have a cold, or you’re purging in some physical ??‍?way??‍♀️
You want to throw EVERYTHING out of the window and start again???️?
You ARE starting again? (despite being ever so slightly terrified about how it will all work out???

Is this you?

then YOU ,my friend, are on a fast track angel-guided spiritual detox!

This means that your angels are shifting you to a new, more positive time-line.

You’re being guided to let go of what no longer serves you, including fear based energy, so you can make room for what does!

This can feel scary, exhausting, and intense, because you often cannot see WHAT is waiting on the other side of this big change.

But don’t worry. You are safe.

Angel guidance comes one step at a time, so your angels don’t show you the next steps until you’ve completed the current ones.

Just know you’re being guided to a positive new path which is much more aligned with your true self and your Divine Life purpose.

You have sparked this change through your own inner desire for change and spiritual growth. You’ve learned spiritual lessons, you’ve worked hard on your energy.

The angels can see how fear and toxic energy blocks you.

Your Divine guidance can’t get through the “noise” created by excessive clutter, fear energy and emotional and physical toxins.

You will start to feel more attracted to positive experiences, relationships and, substances, foods, energies that support you and your path with high vibrational energy

But your angels can only help you as much as you allow them!

Here are 5 ways you can make the spiritual detox easier:

1- Use Angel Guided Meditations to let go: I suggest  the Deep Angelic Detox clearing meditation, or the sacred Chakra Cleanse from  my store or access my Free Angel Library of amazing clearing meditations designed to help you to let go and detox your energy.

2- Let go– This is a great time to consciously let go of emotional toxins, past experiences, and anything that causes stress, anxiety, and negativity in your life. You can do some journaling, even book in with your therapist, or energy healer. (Book an Guidance and Healing Session with me via email)

3- Rest, hydrate, and slow down. A deep spiritual detox is can be exhausting. You may tire easily, your demand for sleep and hydration multiplies when your spiritual and physical bodies are clearing out old energy. Take what you can off your plate and get to bed earlier. Your body will thank you and you’ll likely have some powerful dreams.

4-Trust! Impatience and anxiety can arise when you are in the messy middle and wondering where all this is leading. Don’t push, skip, or rush this because you will block yourself, your angels won’t push you beyond your limits. The next steps will be shown to you when you are ready!

4- Tune into your Angels for Guidance. Archangel Raphael can help with letting go of unhealthy behaviours. Your angels can make the process easier if you ask. Tell them your needs and desires, and ask for their help curbing cravings or letting go of negative thoughts. Use your angel oracle cards for some specific guidance. Or book a reading with me

5- Pay attention to any strong repeating guidance that occurs. Notice what you’re attracted to and what you are repelled from. Even if it doesn’t make perfect sense. This is guidance. Trust your strong feelings, thoughts and desires to make changes that feel good to you.

Remember that you are letting go of fear and harmful situations so you can open to move love, abundance, and joy!

Are you ready for a big cleanse, to let go and experience a deep energetic detox with the Archangels? Join me for the Sacred Attunement for the Violet Flame with the Archangel Zadkiel and Quan Yin- book Upcoming Violet Flame Sacred Angelic Attunement Here

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Author


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