Are You Asking the Right Questions?

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Are you asking the right questions when you want help from the Angels?

The questions you ask and how you ask them make a big difference to the guidance & support you receive.

Asking questions can seem hard, especially if you are not comfortable receiving. It can bring up guilt and you might worry you are asking too much.

You need to know what you really want.

And… it helps to wrap our head around the fact that your destiny is NOT written in stone for you.

Creating clear questions and following the guidance means that you co create your destiny with Divine help.

It’s important to leave room for Divine intervention and be open to “something better”

But by asking clearly for help and guidance you stop feeling like a helpless passenger floating down the river.

When I am working with clients I often ask them: “What are you really asking?” until we get to the core of their desired question.

Clear questions always equal clear and specific answers. Vague questions often attract confusion.

Everything you put out into the world reflects back at you as vibration and frequency.

If you are vague, half hearted or not willing to focus you are going to attract the same lack lustre vibe in your guidance and manifestations.

*One of my clients Sally asked for guidance recently for finding a house to buy.She felt abandoned by the angels.

Sally put out to the angels and the Universe that she wanted her ideal home and yet after months and months she hadn’t found anything suitable.

When I asked her what “ideal” meant to her, she replied “Oh y’know! Just a lovely place.” 

I asked for more information and she admitted she’d not really thought about it and was hoping the angels would take care of the details!

She assumed the angels would know what she wanted and bring it. 

I explained that she needed to be clearer, take responsibility for her question and her life.

To start with she needed to put some effort in to imagining her ideal place and then ask for guidance. 

This would narrow her search down and create a clearer energy for manifesting and attract clear guidance.

The angels were not about to do all the work for her and take responsibility for her next home.

Finally, after some focused brainstorming & a healing for her self worth she got clear and asked for what she really wanted. 

Then Sally surrendered her vision into Divine order, asking for the best outcome.

A few weeks later she purchased a lovely beach house which had shown up through synchronicity. 

Once we have asked clearly for what we want the angels can give us clear guidance to follow, like clues on a treasure hunt.

These directions, synchronicities and signs show us the way.

Asking the right questions in the right way is powerful because as we follow the guidance steps, we co create our own destiny and we take responsibility for our lives.

When you are deciding what to ask, use this simple visual analogy:

Imagine climbing to the peak of the highest mountain to meet a gathering of Divine spiritual guides and archangels who have travelled a great distance to share their guidance and wisdom with you.

You know you only have a limited time with these incredible beings who have traveled a great distance just to help you.

You can ask for guidance about 1 situation before they leave again for the celestial realms.

What will you ask?

Will you grab something general and vague off the top of your head hoping they know what you mean?

Would you be cryptic or ask a question you already know the answer to?

How will you word your question carefully and clearly to make sure you get the guidance you really want and need?

Your angels are are right there ready to give you wise guidance so you can make the best decisions and co-create the outcome you truly desire!

* I have permission to share this client story.

As you will see from this week’s angel reading, there are new beginnings coming in. This is a great moment to manifest and ASK for what you want and need.

What are you asking for?

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium


Go to this week’s video reading.


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  1. Pascale Eykens

    it’s something simple I asked for, I asked the former week that, if they’re by my side they would let the song : Let it be (the Beatles) hear on the radio the next day. I heart the song 2 days after asking.


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