How Archangel Michael Saved Me From A Naked Lunatic

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Feeling safe is a part of living a peaceful and happy life. However, you can’t always control outside circumstances as you will read below. Your angels always do all they can to protect you and remove the unhealthy effects of fear from your life. However, when you actually ASK them to help you they take their assistance to the next level! I have had so much miraculous and life saving assistance from my angels and I have heard many more stories from my clients and friends. I wanted to share a couple of example here to remind you to call on this powerful archangel for help with everything!
Here are just two stories of many from my new book about the ingenious and protective guidance of Archangel Michael:
Joyce from England contacted me once after a terrible night alone when her husband was away. She awoke and saw a heavy black shape in her room late at night. She felt panicky and completely paralyzed with fear. ( a common response to dark entities) She recalled a prayer I had posted on Facebook about Archangel Michael earlier and she called on him for the first time ever. She told me that the effect was instantaneous. The dark presence left and was replaced with bright light and peace.  Her fear and paralysis immediately disappeared and she slept peacefully.
Archangel Michael is the ultimate spiritual protector. If you have a nightmare or feel an unpleasant presence, call on him immediately. His intense bright light immediately removes all fear energies. No darkness can remain when he is called.
Archangel Michael also helps us with physical threats. He came to my rescue one day when I was on an empty beach with my two older dogs, Bear and Lucky. We’d relaxed beneath the shade of some trees about a kilometer from the car park.
A man arrived and sat down about 20 meters away from us. My intuition prickled. I thought this was strange given that the beach was empty for miles in either direction. I ignored him and opened my book. After a while, I noticed the man had decided to go nude. I subtly turned the other way and continued reading feeling a little uneasy. After  while I noticed out of the corner of my eye, he was waving at me and leaping about; he was trying to get my attention by acting crudely!
I felt unsafe. There was no one else around, and the car park was so far away and I would have to pass this naked lunatic to get to it. Also, my two lovely dogs were neither fast walkers or very fierce. I packed up anyway kept my head down and headed for the ocean’s edge to give the man as wide a berth as possible before walking to my car.
When I got to the water’s edge I realized that the man had preempted my plan and was walking ahead of me but parallel on the softer sand so he could block my access to the car park. He waved again. I knew then for sure that he had negative intentions.  The track to the car park was narrow surrounded by thick bushland, and I was worried about what this man was planning to do.
I began to feel panicky. I looked around for help. Not a soul for miles. Then I remembered to call on Archangel Michael. I immediately heard the words, “Sit down”. I was confused but I had no idea what else to do; I felt trapped. So, I sat down facing the ocean keeping my dogs close. I felt calmer as often is the case with angel interventions. A few minutes later I saw some people walking in the distance approaching from the other end of the beach.  I knew I was safe. I would wait and walk with them. In the meantime, the man disappeared into the bush. I eventually made it safely to my car.
After this strange event I realized how important it was to call on Archangel Michael at that moment. It seemed counter-intuitive to sit down; however, Archangel Michael knew that help would come along. Sitting still was the perfect plan to defy the man who clearly had negative intentions. I thanked Archangel Michael profusely!
The angels have told me that they do everything they can to protect us. They are constantly working to guide us away from potential accidents and problems, cushioning us from harsh energy, discouraging those with negative intentions from our paths and discouraging us from making the choices that harm us. However, everyone has free will, and a lack of awareness of this guidance often obstructs the angels’ help.
Angels want you to call on them often, and learn to listen to and follow their guidance. Their direction is often very subtle, repetitive and straightforward, yet brilliant. Of course, you have to follow the guidance for the protection to be effective.

An Emergency Prayer of Protection:
Archangel Michael, please help!”
A Longer Prayer for Protection:
Archangel Michael, please be with me all day long. Surround me in your bright impenetrable light of protection and keep me safe. Release me from fear. Protect me and my loved ones, our home and our possessions. Please guide me away from situations that would harm me. Thank you, Archangel Michael, for always being with me. Amen.”

taken from My Life with Angels: How to Access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
Please remember to call on Archangel Michael for help each time you feel lost, stuck or fearful. He will be there!

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