An Angelic Dimensional Shift

Angel messages

I am writing this blog from a picnic bench overlooking the ocean.🌊🌞

This is a welcome vibe shift for me out of my office into the fresh ocean air.

It’s always easier to hear the angels messages outside, don’t you think?

Today I was given a brilliant message for you from the angels to help you if you feel stuck or weighed down with problems.

Allow us to lift you to our dimension.
You do not need to astral travel or climb aboard a spaceship, only to clearly & sincerly request a change in vibration!

We see you struggling with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

A mind clouded by stress can pull you down, making it difficult for you to access our healing assistance.

As you request a change in dimension, we will quickly shift you out of the frequency of problems, scarcity and limitation to the level of Divine love where you can easily access solutions,abundance and opportunity.

Allow us to bring you Divine inspiration to make changes which will resolve your challenges.

I love how the angels refer to a vibrational change from fear to love as a dimensional shift. 

When you move your attention away from those situations that upset and stress you, then you make room for Divine solutions AKA miracles to appear.

Here is a prayer to request a change in dimension:

I call upon the Divine presence & the Angels,

Please lift my mind, body and energy to your frequency. 

Help me to let go of fear and negative energy & align me  with the Divine Mind so I can clearly know your guidance.

I am ready to step into a happy,  love-filled, prosperous, soul-guided experience.

I know to do this I need to make Divinely guided changes.

Please help me with….

Thank you for helping me to stay in your dimensional frequency of Love.


Angel Blessings

Rachel x

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  1. Marcia Moonstar

    Thanks for your healing messages and card reading for May. Looking forward to learning more about clearing my energies to better hear the guidance of the Angeles

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Thank you so much. There a few free meditations to clear your energy on my website or join my monthly Angel Light Webinars. x

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