Are your Angels Nudging You?

Angel messages

Are your angels nudging you?

An angel nudge is micro- guidance which urges you to make small but significant changes to your life.

These messages arrive as repeated, niggling thoughts, ideas and feelings which won’t go away.

In fact they can get stronger the more you ignore them.

You can dismiss these signs, assuming they’re not really guidance.

But they ARE!

They may seem disconnected from your prayers and intentions because they’re so ordinary.

You’ll likely  think “I’ll wait for a bigger, more obvious sign”

BUT angel guidance is dripped to you one step at a time.

You won’t get the next step until you’ve completed step 1.

I promise you, micro-guidance is often pivotal to making your dream come true.

The faster you respond the sooner you’ll see a major change in your life!

These small shifts lay the foundation for the bigger life change that you’ve prayed for.

I learnt to pay attention to angel nudges when I started my business as an angel medium in 2003.

I knew it was my life’s purpose to be a healer, psychic and teacher but I still carried doubts and worries about how exactly it would all come together.

Was I really a good enough ? Would I make enough money to survive? Would people think I was crazy. What if I failed?

It was torture.

All I wanted to do was help people but my fears were so strong they immobilised me.

At the time I was praying for stronger clairvoyance.

I wanted a major sign to validate me, something sensational, like an angel appearing in full technicolour telling me what to do.

However the Divine Universe rarely plays to our expectations.

In the meantime, I was having repeated thoughts and feelings to make small life changes, such as eating more healthily, cutting back on *caffeine & alcohol, and staying away from negative news and people.

My heart would race after a coffee, I’d feel ill and get a weird rash after a glass of wine.

I craved fresh fruit, vegies and time alone in nature.

My ego argued that I needed my morning coffee to wake up. My partner would never go vegetarian. It seemed too hard to change.

Yup, I ignored the signs, thinking they were too mundane to be actual guidance.

Then one afternoon I randomly won 2 books from a radio show about angels. I had no idea of the titles until they showed up.

One was called Eating in the Light about the influence of certain foods on the psychic channels ( caffeine, meat, alcohol included).

Then it finally hit me…ALL those signs about changing my diet were angelic guidance.

And guess what?

When I changed my diet accordingly my clairvoyance fully opened up.

My prayers came to fruition.

I had much more vital energy and confidence. My ever present anxiety about my purpose melted away.

I am so grateful to my angels for helping me to connect the dots.

Those angel nudges have never failed me or any of my students!

So this brings me to you.

What persistent messages have you been receiving and ignoring? Tell me in the comments!

When you ask your angels for help with a big dream or goal, chances are they’re nudging you to make small healthy changes which will open the doors to your dreams.

It’s time to stop ignoring these micro messages and follow through

Those niggling angelic nudges are the key that will unlock the answer to your prayers!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

*PS the guidance to give up coffee, alcohol and red meat was my personal guidance at the time and this doesn’t necessarily mean this is true for you. Trust what your angels and your body tell you.

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