The Ancient Art of Smudging & Cleansing your Home and Aura

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Did you know that smudging with sage can heal, protect and cleanse you and the spaces you live and work in? The native words for sage actually mean to spiritually heal which explains its power.

Smoking or smudging is an ancient Indigenous tradition which has been used for centuries as an effective spiritual tool to connect to the spirit world and to protect and clear individuals for healing and when entering sacred sites or in preparation for ceremony.

In modern life it is a powerful and effective tool for cleansing negative energies from spaces and bodies.Used in conjunction with prayer it is immensely powerful.

Special plants are used to produce scented smoke for smudging such as: white or sweet sage used by Native Americans,  Peruvian Pal Santo wood, or in the case of Australian Indigenous Healers : eucalyptus and melaleuca leaves or bark. Churches burn frankincense and myrrh, Buddhist temples burn special incense.

Burning certain healing plants is universally used world wide to align the mind, cleanse the spirit and carry prayers to heaven.

In all traditions the plants are selected carefully and blessed before being prepared for this special purpose then when combined with intention and prayer the smoke from the smouldering  plant is used to remove harmful energies and purify the aura, body and any space to which it is directed.

Smudging is an amazing healing tool and can really help you if you are feeling unwell, cluttered or drained.  It instantly uplifts the vibration of any space and is a big help in my healing practice.

I also use it at my events ( see the pictures below) to cleanse and purify the students before the class or meditation. It has the effect of uplifting and energizing each person the changes are visible.

The spiritual energy of the sacred smoke penetrates deep into the subtle energies and alters the vibration of a space, or living being, by attaching to heavy energies and removing them.

Sage has even been proven to absorb up to 95 percent of airborne bacteria!

After smudging, you and your space will feel light and balanced, you’ll be able to think more clearly and feel more peaceful.  

Here are five steps to properly performing a smudging ritual


  • Gather your tools:

You’ll need a good quality sage smudge stick You can use your hands to waft the smoke or find a large feather. Use a shell or wooden or ceramic heatproof bowl to capture the ash and to protect your carpets. Placing sand in the bowl can help you to extinguish your stick without losing half of it.
If you are sensitive to smoke or you have smoke alarms then you can use a pure sage or pal santo oil in water as a spray.

  • Bless your sage

Light a candle, place the sage and your bowl on the altar and call on the Divine Spirit, your Angels and any light filled guides you would like to work with. Ask them to bless the sage and your home.
Ask the Spiritual beings to help you to purify your home/ office/ body. Ask that all that is not of the light be immediately and safely removed from you and your space. Remember that sacred smoke carries our thoughts and prayers to heaven. So keep your mind on Light and love !

  • Prepare your space-

Open a few windows and doors to allow all that is about to leave- to go. Close your eyes and imagine your space and body filling up with light. Set a clear intention to clear your space and all that live there of lower energies.
Smudging can be hard work and lower energies need a focused mind and firm hand to get them to leave.

  • Light the sage

Allow it to catch alight before wafting out the flame so the leaves are smouldering .Smudge yourself first by moving the bowl and smoking leaves from your head and upper body downwards ( check the ashes don’t fly onto you) . Cup the smoke towards you. Then you are ready to smudge the space. Walk around each room clockwise wafting the smoke.with your hand or feather. For an intense cleanse open cupboard doors and allow the smoke to gently enter.

  • Finish the ceremony

Once the space is completely smudged then extinguish your sage in the sand.  Then thank the angels and guides for cleansing you and your space and for bringing in light and love to replace that which has left. You can burn sandalwood or rose incense or oil or bring flowers into the home to represent the new energies coming in.

Purifying through smudging is a beautiful way to invoke new beginnings, release blocks and delays and set new intentions. Your space will feel tangibly lighter, clearer and more peaceful.

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel and energy expert, Intuitive healer and Author based on the beautiful mid north coast of NSW Australia
Rachel was saved from a potential car accident by a loud angelic voice instructing her to stop her car on a winding mountain road moments before the crash occurred. From that moment onwards angels intervened in her life leading her to the career she has now as a successful angel healer and guide for others. Rachel has written two books :My Life with Angels- How to access the Wisdom and Healing of the Angels, and Loving Your Sensitive Self- How to Protect and manage your energy as an empath
You can get in touch with Rachel at

You can learn more about clearing energy in my book Loving your Sensitive self OR at my upcoming Intuitive Angel and Energy Therapy Program which starts November 4th and 5th at Coffs Harbour NSW.
or book an energy therapy session or reading with me from anywhere in the world you can go to my website or contact me for a chat to find out more.

Stay Blessed!
Rachel x



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