How Acts of Faith Can Accelerate Manifesting

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In my manifesting classes I often emphasize the importance of acting in faith, or preparing for what you’re asking for.

When you act in faith you show the Universe and the Angels that you are open and ready to receive what you’ve asked for.

Faith oils the wheels of manifesting and can speed up the realization of your wish into reality.

I’ve used this method many times, but the first time I tried it, the speed that it worked at sealed the deal for me!

I was waiting for my permanent residence visa to Australia. The process was painfully long and I’d hit some really big challenges a long the way. It had taken years, I was pretty sure my application was gathering dust, lost in a pile of paper somewhere. Needless to say I was frustrated, scared and running low on faith.

I prayed to my angels for help and the guidance I received told me to keep the faith and to act AS IF I already had my visa.

This got my imagination going! I made a list of all the ways I could demonstrate that I had complete faith in my dream manifesting into reality.

I asked myself: what will I do when I get that letter granting me permanent residency?

The answer was that I’d throw a party for all my friends and the people who’d helped me through those uncertain times!

That day I created invitations for the party! I decided who I would invite, what we’d eat. Where I would hold it. I printed one invitation out and stuck it to my fridge. I purchased some paper cups and plates!

Everyday I looked at that invitation and said “Thank you for my permanent residency”.

Multiple times a day.

Within a couple of weeks the letter arrived to confirm I was a permanent resident of Australia, after years of jumping through hoops and frustrating delays and blocks.

I knew that my act of faith had accelerated the outcome!

I threw that party in my garden a week later, it was the best!

Acts of Faith can be applied to any intention that you want to see fulfilled.

Faith closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be.By actiing as if, you become one with your goal.

So now it is your turn to commit to an act of faith.

Start by asking yourself what you will do WHEN your dream becomes a reality?

It might help to also ask: What if my dream was to arrive tomorrow, am I ready?

Visualize yourself having received what you wanted. Feel all the feelings. Let it play out like a movie in your mind.

Write down all the ways you can demonstrate faith and be ready for your dream coming to fruition, then choose 1 or 2 of ideas that capture your imagination and feel do-able.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or completely change yourself to show an act of faith. You may need to uplevel in some way though.

Choose acts of faith that feels good, so they give you an excited feeling. It’s really about acting as IF your dream has come true in this moment.

Here are some examples of successful acts of faith:

A client was longing to meet a lifelong, romantic partner-  she updated her bedroom furniture so that when her partner arrived he would have a bedside table and pillows!She also set the table for 2 each night. They met a few months later!

A friend was selling her old vehicle and looking for a new (used) car. She knew exactly what she wanted down to the colour and model. She couldn’t find anything even remotely similar. The old car hadn’t sold. After brainstorming acts of faith, she went out and bought some accessories to match the interior of the incoming new car. That day the old car sold and 2 days later her ideal new vehicle was in her garage! 

A customer wanted to come to one of my courses but she didn’t have the money available and didn’t want to pay monthly. She paid a deposit and wrote me an email stating “I WILL BE THERE”! Sure enough by the time the course went ahead she was fully paid up. The EXACT money had shown up for her in unexpected ways.

Acts of faith are not about deserving or being worthy. For instance some people think; I can only have what I want if I am (thinner, older, richer etc) These are self -limiting judgments which are generally untrue, you don’t have to be a certain age or body type to manifest what you want and need!

Too many people put off their happiness because they wish they were a few kilos lighter!

The Divine is unlimited. So are you!

Always do everything in your power( with integrity) to make your dreams a reality.

Take human action steps consistently so that when it happens you’re ready: update your resume, update your skills, research, work on your business, write your book one page at a time, heal yourself, get healthy.

The Universe always rewards action!

Has this given you some ideas about how you can act in faith? Comment below! 

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