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Gratitude is Riches, Complaint is poverty
Doris Day

 Today, I read an interesting social media post by country music star Lee Kernaghan about his daily practice of a gratitude journal.

Hooray for consciously aware public figures coming out of the spiritual closet!

I LOVE IT! There are so many successful people who practice spiritual methods to align with a higher Source and balance their lives.

The practice of a journaling your blessings is so simple yet unbelievably powerful in its effects of attracting joy, health, love and other forms of abundance to the thankful one.

In one simple gesture you acknowledge the Divine within you as the Source of all your goodness as you appreciate what you already have and therefore magnetically draw more towards you, bringing yourself into conscious presence.

Life smooths out and becomes easier because you have changed your mindset and therefore your vibe.

If you have been in the swamp of depression, sadness, fear or suffering of any kind the practice of gratefulness will lift you out of the mire. You simply cannot feel hard done by AND thankful simultaneously. Complaining and appreciation are on two vastly different frequency levels attracting 2 very different experiences.

It can take a tiny spoonful of the “fake it til you make it” grateful medicine to get on the golden ladder of abundant blessings and away from the dreary old ” Life sucks” vibration but it is so so so worth it.( This free blessing I recorded for you will help too)

If you are looking to increase your happiness levels, heal your life and create something beautiful; a gorgeous relationship, a fatter bank account, a creative project that attracts bees to your honeypot then get journalling and boost your blessing banks starting right now.

It need not take long, five minutes a day can change everything.

Yes, you may still need to do some self-healing and consciously make some life changes but the state of gratitude will smooth and accelerate the process.

Do you want to manifest rich blessings even faster?? I made a pressie for you!

An AMAZING way to boost your high-frequency vibes even higher is to pray for others to receive their needs and healing (without an agenda), AND ask others to pray on your behalf.

The sincere prayers and blessings from others for your well being and abundance is incredibly powerful and can create super fast results.

Because I want you to succeed I have recorded a ready made blessing for you with some insights into manifesting from the angels. My gift for you from my heart. Just click the arrow and listen in!



I am about to launch a program to help you to clear your blocks and become rich and radiant in every way. If you are ready to increase your vibration and uplevel your abundance contact me so you have first dibs on this program.

Wishing you an abundant and blessed week!
Angel Blessings Rachel x

PS The video reading teaches you all about manifesting abundance with the help of the angels, there is some strong guidance for youGo here

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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Here is the Mini abundance Blessing I recorded for you

Blessing of Abundance by Rachel Scoltock

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