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Staying spiritually safe means way more than engaging psychic protection from your angels.

You probably already know how easy it is to over-ride your angels guidance and step where even Angels fear to tread.

I’ve certainly done that a few times, especially when I thought I reallly wanted something that I later discovered wasn’t right for me at all!

Spiritual safety isn’t often discussed but it’s something that we all need to consider as spiritual seekers.

I hear from people all around the world on a weekly basis asking me for help recovering from a bad psychic experience or discerning whether a spiritual teacher is genuine and safe.

Understanding the red flags will ensure you stay spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically protected as a spiritual seeker.

Spirituality and healing is meant to advance, uplift and heal your life in ways which are both practical and spiritual.

Many practices do exactly that, others do the opposite.

In this article you’ll discover 3 of the most common spiritual red flags to watch out for so you can stay safe on your spiritual path:

1-Angels would never intrude on your body or consciousness.

Angels always respect your free will and self determination. Which means they won’t try to control you or violate you.

Divine angels & true spiritual guides (including any genuine spiritual teacher) will never attempt to intrude on your body or your mind, remotely view you, control you or compel you do anything.

These low vibe ideas and experiences are not true spiritual experiences promoted by people with negative agendas of control and personal gain.

Genuine angels and spiritual guides are 100 percent safe and trustworthy, they are all about LOVE which is why I choose to work with them. Their loving presence is peaceful and their guidance is always positive, loving, uplifting and respectful.

True spirituality is always practical and uplifting there is always a common sense application of some kind which leads to improving your life.

2-Avoid Self Proclaimed Gurus

Genuine spiritual teachers &  healers want you to have and keep your personal autonomy and would never attempt to create dependence or take your power from you.

They won’t put down other teachers (or you) to make themselves seem superior.

Run far far away from any person who says they are the only one who knows the truth and/ or claims to be a reincarnated angel, ascended master or deity.

Ego in spirituality is one of the most dangerous traits and can be hard to step away from especially if that person is charismatic and makes you feel “special”.

These people offer short term highs of feeling excitement or an ego boost but their teachings won’t help you long term.

They are con-men and women who have an agenda and massive egos. They elevate themselves at your expense and leave destruction in their trail.

3-Beware of psychics and healers who heal or read you without permission.

I’ve helped many clients to clear and secure their energy after it was intruded upon by low integrity healers and psychics.

They’ve innocently booked a reading or healing and ended up with a long-term psychic leech draining their energy, money and time.

These energy thieves try to tap into their clients long after the session ends, using ruses like fake scary premonitions or fear based stories (like needing more money to break a curse)

Again they’ll often claim to be the only one who can do this.

Put plainly: Remote viewing, healing and reading people without permission are unethical, dangerous, unnecessary practices.

Leaving your ‘psychic door” open to allow anyone to enter whenever they feel like it can lead to all kinds of issues including intrusive thoughts, mental stress, anxiety, extreme fatigue and illness.

Like all  high integrity psychics, I only read for people who have chosen to have a session with me at a designated time and place.

After a session ends I sever the connection immediately and close the psychic channel to protect their (and my) energy. I don’t need to stay connected any longer than necessary.

I would never walk up to a person in the street with a message! #rude

Neither would I tune into a client unless I am in session with them.

These behaviours are unethical, ego based and can be damaging to both the reader and the subject.

Some TV shows depict famous psychics doing this, but it’s all for the cameras.

In real life a healer or psychic must always ask permission first before reading or healing anyone. Othewise it is an ego trip.

Reading should always be done in a psychically protected space.

There is no reason to do otherwise.

Even if you are learning and practicing intiuitive readings you should have very high ethics about this. There are plenty of people who would love a free reading you can advertise and then arrange a mutually appropriate time to do it!

You can ask for feedback as an energy exchange.

Please do not allow anyone to do this to you either. Keep your psychic doorway closed and protect yourself and your energy. Have readings with ethical people who respect you and their abilities.


Psychic safety and protection are super important, especially in today’s world where people can access one another online.

If you encounter something or someone that you aren’t sure about step back before you commit, call on your angels and err on the side of caution.

There is no shame in checking someone out before you allow them to psychically read or heal you!

Utimately genuine spiritual guidance and healing is loving, peaceful and uplifting wit the intention of guiding you to wholeness and peace.

Always trust the wisest teacher of all; your intuition!

If you would like to learn more about safe ethical healing consider joining my upcoming Angel Communication Program- an in depth program to develop your psychic senses and learn how to receive meaningful messages and clear guidance from the angels.

Angel Communication Practitioner Program

PS: If you need help securing your energy and closing a psychic door, please feel free contact me for a private reading or healing session. You will be treated with respect, confidentiality and compassion. Book here or write to me

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher






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