Feeling Foggy or Anxious? Instructions for Lightworkers!

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Have you felt foggy, heavy, emotional or unusually anxious lately?

It’s happening to a lot of Lightworkers!

(loving spiritual people with a purpose to make a difference)

I asked Archangel Raphael for guidance & received a very clear and meaningful message.

The Healing Archangel told me that energy sensitive souls need to clear a ‘thick grey fog’ from their energy.

He explained that everyone is suffering in varying degrees from fear fatigue, a very low vibrational energy in the atmosphere which clogs your energy system leaving you feeling tired, drained and emotional.

Please do not feel bad if you’ve been feeling less sparkly than your usual self. This extremely heavy energy is hard to avoid.

However, you do need to clear yourself asap so you can feel positive again.

You can clear this heavy layer of fear & shield yourself by doing a full  aura and chakra cleanse with the Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. (Here are some of my meditations which will help)

If you are sensitive, minimize your contact with any sources of fear and negativity where possible especially social media and news outlets.

Never before in human history have we been so exposed to so much fear from so many places at once. When you go online you are potentially connected to the moods, energy fields and opinions of millions of people!

As a lightworker you can have a tendency to try to heal and take on the pain of others as if it is your own.

Archangel Raphael asks that you understand that you are not alone in your desire to see the world & everyone in it peaceful, healed & harmonious!

You are part of a massive group of lightworkers around the world who, like you,  willingly incarnated at this time to be here to support the planet & all beings.

There are many, many light guides-Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters who are here with us for the purpose of healing, love, peace and harmony.

Archangel Raphael explained that many lightworkers, like you, feel that they are solely responsible for healing the planet, their friends, loved ones and strangers.

Because of this mistaken thought they are becoming entangled in worry and doubt which in turn is creating draining cords which attach to the negative emotions and thoughts of others.

Please know that though it is part of your beautiful soul purpose to be here as a light, you are not meant to absorb or carry the pain of others ,nor are you meant to figure it all out by yourself.

  • Unburden yourself  by immediately calling on your angels and Archangel Raphael. Ask them to take your worries, concerns, and any energy you are carrying on behalf of anyone or any situation.
  • Reaffirm that you are not alone, and you are willing to do your bit where and when you can and as you feel Divinely guided.  
  • Vow to call on the angels anytime you feel tempted to take everything on yourself or you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do.
  • Regularly cleanse and protect your energy to minimize the “fear fog” asborbing into your own energy.
  • Turn your worries into prayers when you encounter a worrying situation or one where you feel drawn to help. There are situations that definitely need your hands on action but be mindful of not over doing things!
  • Visualise peace and harmony as the ultimate outcome-because your thoughts, intentions and prayers DO make a huge difference! This way won’t be depleted you will be refilled and recharged with light!

You are so needed, loved and your positive energy makes a big difference, please look after your precious energy!

I will be sharing energy tips all this week on my IG and Facebook 🙂

Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Watch this week’s video reading here: November 2nd- 9th 2020

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