Is Your Empathic Superpower Draining You?

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Is Your Superpower Empathic Giving?   Are you a naturally kind and loving person, empathic, generous with a big dose of deep compassion and intuition?

Empathic givers are much needed in this world, but you need to learn good energy skills so you don’t burn out and lose yourself.

As a compassionate soul you can naturally sense when people around you need help and how to help them!

This sadly also means that you might unconsciously absorb the pain from those you are trying to help while draining your own life force.

Over time this behaviour becomes detrimental as your precious auric field becomes cluttered and depleted. Over giving with out protection, attracts energy thieves, who leave you feeling sapped and resentful.

Absorbing stress and low vibes in your energy field whilst your precious life force drains away can lead to “compassion fatigue” where you want to hide all the time, this makes you feel worse because you aren’t expressing your gifts.

To prevent becoming a drained resentful doormat or a hermit- like cave dweller, you must learn how to look after & replenish your energy field.

This will boost your psychic and spiritual gifts and draw wonderful things to you!

So how exactly can you protect yourself without losing your beautiful giving nature?

Here are some inside secrets that will immediately help you to protect and maintain your energy without losing your superpowers!

1-Pull your auric field back to you. 

When life becomes unbalanced, you feel drained, overlooked or taken for granted it’s a sign to stop your life force from bleeding out of you.

You know the term “spread too thin” that is exactly what happens to your aura when you OVER give.

Imagine your auric field has sprouted octopus’ limbs and is reaching out  to all the people and situations you’ve given energy to recently. Visualize a waterfall  of diamond white light between you and all these situations. Then with the help of your angels draw your aura energy back to you through the waterfall.  I can’t state this strongly enough: Your aura is a container for your life-force and your power. This energy is for YOU, if you constantly give it away you leak life force, money, love, and life will feel empty and lacking.

As you draw your energy back you will feel more energized, empowered, inspired, creative and receptive. Now step inside the waterfall and let the Source energy refuel and heal you. You can continue to ask  the angels to help your friends, clients and loved ones from Source, not from your energy.

2-Stop giving to please and placate.  I know behaviour like this can be deeply entrenched but a new intention can change old habits. You lose your power and self-worth each time you exchange it for approval and other people’s expectations. Working hard to convince someone to like or love you opens you to being taken advantage of or even bullied. Free yourself from the soul sucking pursuit of people pleasing and learn to love yourself and treasure your gifts. You are Divinely Guided light to the world. Don’t let anyone dull that sparkle.

3-Clear your energy regularly.  Cutting cords will instantly return lost vitality and abundance to you.  Cords funnel energy away from you into any relationship past or present that still has a negative emotional impact on you. Removing these and other draining attachments will free you of mental & emotional turmoil.

When you stop over giving and detach from energy thieves  past and present. you will feel more energized and empowered. You will notice your intuition brightens. You’ll start to experience the effortless arrival of those things that you previously chased.

4-Protect Yourself Online! Do you realize how much social media affects your aura? The EMF’s combined with the emotional energy of everyone you indirectly connect with is highly draining and detrimental to the auric field.

Accessing millions of people electronically is beyond anything humans have ever been exposed to before now. Your energy field is not used to it and those frequencies and emotional tendrils reach into your field and create chaos.

Social media can be amazing but it can also be toxic and overwhelming if you aren’t protecting your energy properly.

Limit your screen time, angels may be trying to get your attention but when you are plugged in to the web you are inaccessible! Visualize Archangel Michaels shield of bright blue light and fill your aura with Metatron’s orange Source energy for vitality. Use crystals like black tourmaline, Shungite and smoky quartz over your thymus or heart.

Learn more about how to protect, heal and power up your aura in my upcoming Aura Activation Webinar Friday 19th June at 10 am-12 noon Sydney Australia time. A recording replay is available to all who are registered. 🙂

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During this Zoom meeting you  will experience

  • A powerful Angelic aura cleanse and repair to clear your aura and energies of low vibrations including, cords, psychic attack and stress.
  • An incredible Light activation bringing in high frequencies of Divine light and healing to your field, lifting you out of old paradigm fear and into your 5D power. Merging with archangels to become a radiant magnet for abundance, purpose and love.
  • Discover how to sense the colours of your aura and what they mean
  • Learn how to heal relationships and manifest abundantly through your auric field.
  • Transform from worry and negative thinking to a feeling of lightness and clarity of direction, and more.

You must treasure and protect your energy and super powers– if you give them all away for nothing people will not value them and the Universes’ gifts  to you will be blocked from reaching you!

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Go here for the Video Reading and energy  update for the week

PS image credit and thanks to Joey Nicotra from Unsplash

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  1. Ruthann Pyle

    I’ve tried but this virus thing really got into my mind. I knew to get off the lure of electronics but it almost won. I’m really finally making it so much better. This empathy is no walk in the park. It is very hard not to take on the fear and weight of the world. I knew better but wow I’m just recovering from the negativity of the globe.
    Thanks for bringing light!
    Regards And prayers for you! USA reader


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