Be Your Woo Woo self: Butterfly Healing for a Non-Believer

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Shining your light into the world, and owning your creative, woo-woo or spiritual side involves having courage to be your true self and follow your guidance.

But that can be really hard when you fear criticism, judgement and shame.

I know exactly what it is like to fear the opinions of others, I have been judged for being a spiritual entrepreneur
(AKA spirit-preneur)

I’ve been accused of being in a dream world, exploiting God’s gifts for money, I’ve been ostracised by religious organisations, and put down by other therapists and healers.

Even my closest loved ones were against it in the beginning.

When I first declared I was opening an Angel Business to my friends and family I heard a lot of negative opinions!

My mum (bless her) is a major sceptic and quite fearful about oracle cards and spiritual subjects. So I wasn’t surprised.

However, most people could not get their head round my business plan, they all said I could not do it!
I was expected to fail within a year. That no clients would come. That I’d never make enough money to pay my bills.
That was 2002!

If  I had not stuck to my guns and listened to my inner knowing and passion I could not have helped anyone with my work, taught about angels, enjoyed 20 plus business success or published 2 books!

Imagine if all the spiritual teachers, healers and inspired creatives listened to those inevitable fear based opinions!

SO…Yesterday shocked the boots off of me when I called my mum for our weekly chat
She lives on Jersey ( a Channel Island near Britain) my home town.

This year we lost a dear auntie, my mum’s sister and it’s been tough on everyone.

Mum told me that she’d visited her niece and a butterfly had flown into the room, circled and landed on our auntie’s favourite chair! Then they went out for lunch and were circled by another butterfly.

Then she told her niece ” Rachel would say that is a sign from your mum”
My cousin was comforted by that. ( I had goosebumps when she was telling me- I knew it was a sign from Auntie)

My heart almost burst with joy, because this was a healing moment for my cousin and my mum. Grief is so so hard and even the tiniest sign can heal a grieving heart.

it was also a huge blessing and sign for me, of acceptance.

I knew that my ability to hold strong in my beliefs despite my families scepticism had actually helped them in ways I could never have predicted.

So, the moral of the story?

When you have the courage to be yourself, follow your star and spread love, truth and light, you inspiring and helping others, even without knowing it!

Claim your Woo-Woo, do it with love and ignore the sceptics.

They are just a representation of the resistance within. They are not here to hold you back, only to show you how much your truth, authenticity and Love are needed in this world!

Are you ready to claim your wo- woo self? Do you want to learn to communicate with angels, receive messages and trust your guidance? I can help – join the Angel Communication Practitioner program, or enquire about mentoring to help you with your next steps to grow your spiritual business. Get in touch for a chat.

Angel Blessings Rachel  x

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher


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