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Invoke the power of the Archangels to change your life

I am typing this as soft spring rain tumbles from a grey Australian sky.  Today is the September full moon synchronizing with the Equinox, both potent times for healing and manifesting.

This is a PERFECT time to perform a ritual and let the Heavens know you are serious about claiming your Divine abundance and releasing all challenges and barriers to happiness! The Veil is thinner making it easier to receive your messages, and sacred earth energies are rising to enhance change.

The full moon helps you release all that is holding you back so you can access your manifesting power.

The Spring Equinox (Ostara) is favorable for healing, recharging and creating new beginnings.
In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the autumn equinox (Mabon) celebrating gratitude, abundance and protection.

A sacred ritual can renew your spiritual connection and make you into a powerful magnet for abundance. 

At moments like this, your intuition can be sharper, dreams more vivid, synchronicity abounds.

Here is my potent archangel manifesting ritual. Use it today or on any full moon to create a powerful outcome in your life.

First, prepare for your ritual by choosing 4 or more Archangels to work with you. My suggestions are; Archangel Michael to clear away negative thoughts and memories, Archangel Raphael for healing your body and emotions, Archangel Haniel for inviting balance, Divine Feminine and Moon Ritual Energy, Archangel Gabriel for Messages and Career help, Archangel Metatron to draw in the Sacred Manifesting codes, Archangel Sandalphon to create a pure channel between Heaven and Earth. Archangel Uriel to heal mental and emotional pain.

Next gather your sacred objects: Find a white candle for your center-piece. Use your intuition to choose crystals, natural stones or shells to represent each Archangel, choose 1 stone to represent yourself.

Cleanse each stone: under a running tap and / or through Sage smoke with the intention to purify all lower & stagnant vibes from within the object.

Find a pen and 2 large sheets of paper (smudge them also before you use them)

Shower and wear white or light colored newly washed clothing ( yes even your undies)

You are now ready!

Scroll down below the video for the instructions to perform your Archangel Manifesting Ritual.

Performing your Ritual

Light your candle and set it in the middle of a clear space.
Place your designated crystal beside it and say this prayer to begin:
 I call upon Source-God/ Goddess. There is only one true power and that power is Divine. May all my intentions be aligned with and protected by You (Divine spirit). Let the energy for this ritual come from You and let all that is released today go back to You. Thank you for sending your angels to guide and protect  me and this ritual . I open myself to be a pure channel of your Divine Love and Healing.  I am one with your light. Thy will be done! Amen
Then invoke the angels one at a time, as you do, place a crystal in a circle around the candle.
Say:I now call on Archangel Michael, thank you for your protection & light, thank you for clearing &  transmuting all that does not serve me to the light.I call on Archangel Raphael, Thank you for healing and guidance, and bringing the Divine green light .

I call on Archangel Gabriel, thank you for your clear messages, for opening my mind &  heart to receive,

I call on Archangel Uriel, thank you for healing my mind and restoring my energy. Please illuminate my path.

Now the circle is created-You may begin.

Write down all that you are ready to release under the full moon, resentments, negative ideas, fears, memories, unhealthy behaviors, people, situations, anything you are ready and willing to let go of to move to newness including known or unknown barriers.

Write as much as you can think of, fold the paper and place it under Archangel Michael’s stone-ask it to be cleared and transmuted. 

Now on fresh paper write out all that you are ready to create, welcome in and experience. Healing for your body, new relationships, prosperity, a new job- write it down. Please  be as specific as you can if you want a new job then say how you want to feel and what you are ready to experience.

Fold and place this Manifesting list under or near the Candle or your crystal. Close your eyes and give thanks.

Give thanks aloud for all that you have and all that you know is coming to you. Give thanks for the basics, food, water, shelter and the breath of life. 

When you are ready to close the circle, say thank you to each Archangel and Great Spirit. Then blow the candle out or let it burn down safely before removing the stones.

Your “Release list” needs to be burnt, buried or drowned in water and thrown away. You can keep your manifesting list and re-activate it next full moon!

Blessings and deep love for your Divine transformation! Know that you have magnetized Sacred power, guidance and healing energies, stay open, receptive and tuned in!
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Angel Blessings

Rachel xx

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author
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