3 Ways You Can Help the Angels to Help You


Do you sometimes feel as if your Angels aren’t listening or helping you at all?

Perhaps you’ve asked for help or protection and 🦗🦗🦗🦗?

When it comes to working with angels almost everything is a co- creation.

Which means that while the angels are always listening to and answering your prayers, there are steps you can take to get the ball rolling!

If you think about it, you are in the physical body, there are certain things only you can do (like go for the job interview or print the business cards)

Your angels will do the non-physical part, like line up synchronicities, perform mini miracles, protect and inspire you as you travel along the path of your dreams.

No matter what you are working on manifesting in your life, you can ignite change and invite deeper angelic assistance by taking aligned action.

Here are 3 steps you can take to help bring your prayers to faster fruition and help the angels to help you!

Step 1 Say some affirmations relating to your intention and prayer.

Affirmations are like oil for the engine, they open the way for what you want and need to come to fruition.

Instead of focusing on what is missing or wrong and cementing it into reality,

rearrange the molecules of life by stating what you’d like to see and experience as an affirmation:

I am easily guided to a wonderful new (job/ house/love)

I am healthy and peaceful.

I am protected and watched over by Angels

Right now I am safe.

Step Two: Take Action While You Wait for Guidance.

In the co creation equation, taking real world action steps is 100% your department!

You don’t always need to wait for guidance to know what to do next.

Follow through on the obvious next steps, act on inspired ideas.

Do what is in front of you.

Taking aligned action is a powerful way to demonstrate faith and attract abundance and other Divine support.

Sometimes those inspired ideas or obvious next steps ARE your guidance. The angels work through your mind too.

Stuck for ideas?

When I want to create or manifest something I set a strong intention & ask for angelic guidance.

Then I brainstorm all the steps that I can take on a big piece of paper.

I write down everything I can think of, big and small.

I circle those which are aligned and within my reach now, prioritize and get to work.

Making a plan and following through is so powerful, the Universe will take two steps for every one you take. One small step a day makes big dreams a reality!

Step Three: Remove “Shoulds”

Sometimes you ask our angels for help but they don’t seem to be answering in the way you think they should.

This can lead you to fear that the angel’s have abandoned you!

They haven’t.

Your expectations can get in the way of receiving your real Divine guidance.

A woman had a session with me because she needed angelic protection. She loved her job, but the management had changed and she found herself in a toxic work environment.

This lady was being bullied and she dreaded going to work.

She asked me why Archangel Michael wasnt protecting her.

Archangel Michael showed me a vision of her outside her office block. She was wearing a large metalic shield over her chest & placing armour over her body.

I told her what I saw and she confirmed that she placed crystals in her bra every day and asked her angels to shield her before entering the office building.

But nothing is working, my angels arent listening! she cried.

The Angels confirmed that her boss was picking on her because she could intuitively see his lack of integrity. They were protecting her energy but the siuation was so toxic it wasn’t enough.

Her guidance was to leave and find another job.

She stubbornly said that the boss should leave, not her.

The angels told her that though it seemed unfair it was time for her to move on. Something better was waiting.

She needed to follow her guidance & trust that the Divine had a plan for her.

She eventually did that and found a wonderful new workplace.

Sometimes the best protection is to leave a situation that is no longer aligned for you.

Your ego can override guidance because it isnt what YOU think should happen.

This keeps you in limbo disallowing the angels guidance. When you trust and let go of the “should” you open to the angel’s help.


Your angels are always trying to assist you. They can see the bigger picture of your life, including your purpose and the deeper impact of negative situations.

There is always a Divine solution for every problem & they will deliver that solution to you if you are open and willing to follow the guidance steps.

Have a beautiful week!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium



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