3 Steps To Giving Professional, Deeply Healing Readings with the Angels

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Would you like to get more  personalized, deeply healing, accurate and detailed readings? In this article I am sharing some tips and secrets for you that professional mediums and psychics know about but could make a big difference to your readings.

Angel readings are incredibly loving, meaningful and extremely healing. The information that comes through isn’t about being right, it’s about bringing more love and light to your life.

Your angels deeply and sincerely want you to be healed, happy and to feel their love!

Anyone can read the cards by reading the words or the booklet, you don’t need to have a psychic bone in your body to do that and sometimes that is okay!! It can be enough! Angel cards are magical energetic tools no matter how you use them.

But you do have the ability to strengthen your gifts and open to the deeper, loving and accurate messages that heal your life and the lives of others.

So how do you bring through those personalized, deeply healing messages that the angels have for you-(and your friends and clients)?

Here are 3 of my insider tips to tapping in so you can get those healing and life changing messages from the angels:

Insider Tip #1: Get To Know Your Master Guide.

Every professional psychic medium including the famous ones have a Master Guide. This is a personal spiritual guide or angel who acts as the gatekeeper between the medium and the spiritual realm. You have many angels and guides with you for different reasons and at different times.

This guide is with you mainly for the purpose of overseeing and passing on the psychic information that you bring through. They’ll also keep you protected and look after you so you don’t burn out or go off track. Your

Knowing  and listening to your master guide is integral to receiving detailed messages and making a strong connection with the Spirit world.

When an intuitive, psychic, or healer steps into their power and commits to their path,  the master guide will come forward and make themselves known to you. Your master guide is likely driving your desire to learn more and will encourage you to awaken to your spiritual purpose, nudging you along the path!

When you give Angel readings and channel messages and healing from the angels, then it makes sense that your masterguide is an Archangel.

You might be surprised WHO your master guide is. I also think when you know, you don’t necessarily have to tell everyone. It’s good to keep some information between you and your guides!

When I lead my students through the exercise to discover their master guide in the Angel Communication Program, most of my students are shocked in a  good way (I was too!)

Hint: It’s not necessarily the Archangel you invoke the most, but it will make sense when you find out!

Your master guide acts as the intermediary between you and the angelic realm, ensuring that you are protected and the information you are getting is coming from the best and most authentic sources.

It’s something that you learn when you take the time to work on developing your spiritual connection and you’re ready for the next step.

It’s a powerful and insightful moment. I’ll teach How to Meet your Masterguide is at my upcoming Angel Communication Program.

Insider Tip #2 Learn To Safely Open (and Close) Your Psychic Channel

When John Holland, John Edward, Sonia Choquette  and other famous  and professional mediums and psychics step on to the platform or give private readings, they are tuned in, switched on and spiritually connected.  They’re not mucking about with their energy or their intention! They have to be clear and pure channels for the energy that is coming through.

Just as every Trained professional psychic medium must be! This ensures accuracy, confidence, and clarity with the messages!

Then after finishing a reading or a platform show, the psychic must close down their channel again.

This good psychic hygiene is why genuine psychics don’t walk around giving readings in the supermarket, hairdressers and restaurants.

Safe Psychic Opening means that you are tapped into your psychic senses and the Masterguide, NOT your ego-mind, or any passing random spirit, or negative energies.

You’re 100% sure that you’ve tuned into the right place and the messages are clear and detailed. You aren’t relying on your mind, airy fairy vague hits or dumb luck for your messages!

When you are safely tapped in you are also energetically, spiritually protected- which is super important when you’re channeling messages. Your frequency is very high and your energy field is open like a flower.

Closing means that you protect your channels and your gifts and you aren’t leaking energy. Of course you can’t ever switch it off completely but that’s where good boundaries come in. I don’t care who asks me. I never give readings when I am not officially working and definitely not on the spot. I learned the hard way how that can drain and damage your energy.

This also dispels the myth that psychics should know everything about you on demand. I’m not a party piece that gives readings to all and sundry. I respect and look after my gifts so I can be the best I can be for my customers!

This relates to you too, no matter where you are on your journey or if you are doing readings for yourself or for friends,or clients! Protect Your Gift!

To start the journey of safely protecting and opening your psychic channel. Begin a daily Energy practice. You will notice your intuition and angel messages are much clearer when your energy is shielded and cleansed. You can also take the step of intending your energy to be open when you read the cards or talk to angels, and closed before you go iinto the world! Notice what a difference it makes! I am teaching this in Angel Communication AND an introduction to opening your channels at this FREE workshop!

Insider Tip #3 Know Your Gift

Everyone has a unique way of receiving angel messages and psychic information. Your personal gift or psychic channel will grow stronger when you practice and use safe psychic development exercises. I have a collection of powerful practices to open the clair- senses and develop your gifts.

Understanding your personal psychic gift starts with knowing the “Clair- Senses” and figuring out which one is your strongest. (It’s okay if you think you have 2 or more but everyone has a primary channel that they use without thinking)

The Psychic Senses are the channel  through which the Angels, Spirit and Your Intuition use to send you guidance and messages. They work with your personal strengths so they’ve got the best chance of being “heard”. Your channels depend on both your physical and energetic system. So diet, lifestyle, chakras, aura and thoughts all have an impact on how intuitive you are. 

Everyone has clair- senses! Including you!

The Channels are:

Clair-Sentience- Clear Feeling– you feel and sense the angels and their guidance through your bodily and emotional FEELINGS. You may pick up on what other people are feeling too through your inbuilt empathy. Your sensitivity can come with a knowing, an inner nudge about what those feelings mean.

Clairvoyance- Clear Seeing– You are visual. You pick up on signs and symbols in the world. You have a colourful inner vision and powerful dreams and day dreams. You may be able to see Spirit, Angels, Auras, coloured shapes inside your mind and/or with your physical eyes. Your guidance may come like a mini movie or a vision. Or you may see what Spirit wants you to see- such as an ad in a newspaper, a book on a shelf or an angel number on a receipt..

Clair-Audience- Clear Hearing- You are sensitive to hearing and may pick up on sounds, voices and even music that others cannot hear. You may hear the voice of the angels or words of guidance inside your mind or with your physical hearing.

Clair-CognizanceClear Knowing-You are a “know it all” in a good way 😇You know things without knowing how you know them. You are often bang on with your inspired thoughts and ideas which drop into your mind like a letter through the mailbox. Angels and spirit send messages to you this way.

Each of these channels has their own unique way of expressing, and each person has their own set of  blocks and challenges associated. When you clear the blocks and develop the primary channel  you will notice all the clair-senses open up!

When I discovered my life-long sensitivity was not a childish- over reaction, but in fact my GIFT- my life changed radically! I learnt to interpret and follow those messages instead of trying to block them out! Of course I really wanted my primary channel to be clairvoyance. But I had to develop and appreciate my gift and then my clairvoyance opened up. Discovering my clairsentience led me to my purpose and definitely helps me to connect closely with the angels.

Which one resonates the most with you? Would you be willing to develop that gift and see where it leads?

I teach the above three skills and more in the Angel Communication Certification Training Program. You can take this 6 week program for your own personal spiritual development or to give you the professional training you need to build your career working with the angels!

If you’d like to learn more here are 3 steps you can take right now!

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