Crystal Clear Intentions


When I was almost 17 my parents reluctantly allowed me to go on an actual date.

The lucky boy was Pierre, who I thought looked like a French version of Chachi from the TV show Happy Days. (Google it if you’re too young to remember)

My romantic excitement, quickly turned to mortification when my mum insisted on driving me to meet Pierre at the cinema.

She even got out of the car!😱

I cringed as the poor lad, respendent in his leather jacket and tomato RED cowboy boots, was grilled by my mother about his intentions.

She neededn’t have worried.

As it turned out Pierre’s only intention was to have my company for a Star Wars marathon while he pegged Maltesers at his mates! 👽

The combination of  7 hours of Star Wars, the grilling, and the boots dampened our mutual attraction & we never saw eachother again!

My overprotective mum was onto something though.

Intention is everything.

Had I known I’d spend a day dodging chocolate missiles and watching space creatures I might have said no to handsome Pierre.

(I stlll don’t like star wars movies but I DO have soft spot for decent cowboy boots!)

When the Universe knows your clear intentions and goals it can match you up with what you want.

You become a magnet to your true desires through the Law of Attraction and you stop attracting (and saying yes to) what you don’t need!

Knowing and stating your crystal clear intentions saves you a whole lot of confusion, misunderstanding and wasted time!

It’s the first and most vital step of attracting what you want in the shortest amount of time.

When the Angels  know your intentions and goals they can help you with guidance, signs and synchronicity. This takes the trial and error out of manifesting.

So I would love to know…

What are your intentions?

I invite you to be radically clear, detailed, & honest.

It’s full moon this week &  a great opportunity to do some intention setting with the angels.

Start by writing your intentions down.

Then invoke your angelic helpers and ask for their guidance to bring your goals into reality.

If you have a few crystals, arrange them in a circle or grid and tuck your written intentions underneath one of the stones.

Light a candle and visit your intention list every day.

Your focused energy will create positive change within a few weeks.

Sharing your intentions with others will add extra power and energy.

Let me know in the comments below what your intentions are.👇💖

May the Force Be with You!😇

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

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There are 3 ways to start this journey with me:

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  1. Kim Boyle

    Omgosh parents know just how to embarrass up perfectly don’t they haha thanks for your ongoing guidance and support Rachel your work is amazing.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      It’s a long time ago but the memories of being embarrassed are still strong! 🙂


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