What is Angel Communication?

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Angel communication is an intuitive practice that teaches you how to receive and interpret the signs, symbols and messages from the Angelic Realm.

When you learn these skills, you can use them to guide your own life path and make decisions, or to help others to do the same.

Angel communication isn’t just about the angels speaking to you, it’s also about learning how to connect with your angels.

You’ll discover to speak the language of the angels, ask the questions in the right way so you evoke the answers and support that you need the most.

Equally you’ll also learn to become aware of, understand and interpret the multiple ways that the angelic realm communicates with you in response to your requests and prayers.

To learn Angel Communication you must develop your psychic channels to be more receptive and attuned to the high vibrational messages, signs and healing of the angels.

Psychic Channels

Everyone has the ability to develop and strengthen their 5 psychic channels to receive messages from the angels and heighten their own intuition but not everyone receives messages in the same way.

Each individual has a unique intuitive blueprint which means that 1 or 2 of the psychic channels are much stronger than the others.

Your psychic channels work together like a symphony. Your personal psychic blueprint allows your angels to communicate with you in their own special way.

When you unlock your psychic blueprint you’ll deepen your connection and see how you’ve been receiving messages from your angels for a long time. You just didn’t realize how they were being delivered!

The 5 psychic channels are:


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Psychic feeling or sensing

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Psychic seeing

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Psychic hearing

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Psychic knowing

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Psychic scent or taste

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Learn Angel Communication

In the Angel Communication and other Angel Academy programs I help you to unlock your psychic blueprint and show you how to ask for and receive detailed clear messages and signs from your angelic guides.

These messages and signs will give you clear guidance to make important decisions.

You learn to discern the difference between true messages and false ego guidance so you know to trust your guidance when it comes.

I teach you to intuitively and professionally use Angel Oracle Cards, Automatic Writing and other Channeling and Divination methods in combination with the angel communication techniques to receive profound guidance from your angels for yourself and others.

As you use the practices to strengthen your intuition while knowing what to look for and how to interpret your angel’s guidance you will create an unbreakable bond with your angels.

Angel Communication will become second nature and become a powerful support for all of your life and perhaps even a career.

Many of my angel communication certification graduates go on to become gifted angel messengers for others, building amazing businesses and sharing the angel’s guidance and healing with their clients.

Angels are beautiful, loving, Divine beings who are our guides, healers, protectors and teachers.

The word angel means messenger of the Divine.

They’re with us for life, watching over us, ready to help at any moment.

What are angels?

Angels are beautiful, loving, Divine beings who are our guides, healers, protectors and teachers. The word ‘angel’ means messenger of the Divine. They’re with us for life, watching over us, ready to help at any moment.

Angels came into my life (saving me from an accident) long before I really understood who and what they were. Read my story. 

Now I don’t do anything without asking my angels to help me! I’ve made it my mission to help others to connect with their angels so everyone can receive their loving assistance.

It’s important to know that Angels are not your passed over loved ones or spirit guides although your loved ones in spirit can act like an angel for you at times.

Your angels are celestial beings who have never been human., they don’t have egos but they are filled with light and are incredible healers, lifting lower energies, pain, struggle and problems away from you when asked.

Angels radiate pure unconditional love and peace.

Their purpose is to guide ,heal and protect you whilst still allowing you free will. They don’t seek to take over or control your life!

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They’re with you as forces of non-judgemental kindness and support. God knows it’s hard being human! They help in a myriad of ways, comforting you, steering you away from danger, whispering guidance and dropping feathers and synchronicities in your path.

The more you connect with them and request their assistance, the more they can help and the stronger and more consistent their signs and your awareness of their presence will be.

Everyone has at least 2 guardian angels with them at all times.

These guardians have watched over you since before you were born and will stay with you until it’s your turn to go to spirit, and beyond!

There are also Archangels, larger winged beings who have bigger roles to oversee different aspects of life. You can invite their assistance too.

You can meet the Archangels and Angels at my monthly Archangel Attunement and Activation Sessions.

Anytime you need help, you can ask your angels for guidance and assistance. You can invite them to help you when you’re feeling lost or stuck and you can request their assistance when you’re manifesting a new job, a change of address or to meet your soul-mate.

There is no limit to how your angels can help you, except they obviously aren’t going to do anything that would harm you or another!

They’re with you to guide you on your true path, to keep you safe and to support you in your goals and dreams.


Everyone has Angels

You don’t have to be especially spiritual, religious or a super good person to earn angels, everyone has angels.

I invite you to ask your angels for help with something today. Invite them to intervene and ask for a sign that they’ve heard you!

Then be aware of what happens over the coming days.

You may feel guided to take certain steps (which is often the case) You might have your question answered with a synchronicity of some kind. Be open and trust that your angels are there helping you!

Angel Blessings 

Rachel Scoltock x

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