Do you believe you have a destiny? That you have a predestined :partner, job, income, home… and that all the events ( good or bad) on your path are placed there by your Soul and the Universe?

Or do you feel that there is more to it than that? That perhaps  you work in concert with the Universe to create your own destiny?

In my readings many of my lovely clients often ask questions like “When will I find my Soul Mate?”  Which job should I go for? What is my life purpose? Is there money in my future? or Will I marry?

The When Should and Will I ,  ? questions show me that quite a lot of people believe deep down that a good portion of their lives, are pre destined and that there is a simple YES/ NO answer to those questions.

The expectation that much of life is predestined can put pressure on you especially if things don’t line up as you expect.  Many people end up feeling inadequate, unhappy and ashamed if their hoped for “destinies” do not come about by a certain age and time. Others feel as if they’ve failed somehow.

After 15 years and approximately 10Thousand Readings (!!)  under my belt, I’ve come to understand that life is definitely not all predestined. 

Neither is the Universe cruel and biased dishing out good stuff to some and not others…and there is no such thing as failure from a spiritual perspective. Because life is not a race or a season of Survivor! You simply can’t fail.

A belief in destiny is a belief that you have no power over the events in your life and that is simply untrue.  You always have power no matter what is happening because you always have choices, right down to the thoughts that you think.

When I give readings I slightly change the questions to ask the angels for guidance as to how a person can meet a great life partner, I ask ” is it a good idea to go for the job ” rather than Should they, and I always ask for the steps a person needs to take. This puts the power back into my clients hands and is a more honest and empowering way to give readings. Readings should always be healing and helpful in my opinion.

Of course some life events have a likely outcome. Imagine you are driving along a highway, you know that eventually you will go through certain towns on that road. If you decide to turn off somewhere then your journey will alter, and it is exactly the same with life. You can ask your angels for insights about how something will likely turn out and how to avoid challenges and disasters! they will always guide you to the best outcome via the best road..but the choice is ultimately yours.

The best way to predict your life is to create it. Dr Joe Dispenza

You create your life through the choices you make, one of the basic Spiritual Laws is “Free Will” the power of choice. Your angels and the Universe cannot intervene unless you invite them to. Every decision you make eventually leads to the sum total of your life. Your decisions include how you think about life and yourself, how you treat people and what you expect will happen to you.

See outcomes as you want them to be, this is a powerful way to co create your destiny. Avoid trying to control life by dictating how anything happens, but visualize yourself experiencing the outcome you want and feel all the feelings that will create in you. Your positive energy will attract positive results.

Ask HOW not WILL- free will is everything..  ask for guidance as to how you can create success, good health or meet your life partner. How is way more empowering because it correctly asks for the steps to take towards your intention. You will be guided and your strong intention opens a door way of energy and invokes spiritual support immediately

You Live,You Learn: This is Earth School- EVERY decision, every relationship, every  challenge has the potential for wisdom within it’s core. Each lesson learned adds to your wisdom and helps you to make changes and let go of unhelpful beliefs and behaviors. Your soul grows as you do. Some people are doing a “Diploma” , some nursery school others are onto the Masters, which is which? Who cares.. we are all souls learning and growing and we are all connected.

You cannot fail I don’t believe that we all are supposed to achieve the same things, that having a mate, a mansion, a Mercedez  can be the main purpose of all human existence. There is no judgement in wanting or having them- free will remember?  There are other experiences that bring lasting joy and meaning too. Maybe mastering the material world is part of your soul Phd but so is mastering your ego, learning how to love unconditionally and learning to forgive and let go!
Feeling you’ve failed because something did not happen for you, is to imagine that your life comes down to ticking boxes. Maybe the not getting is a lesson BUT perhaps there is simply a new choice to be made to empower you to be able to achieve your dreams in a different way?

Too many people live extended portions of their lives in pain , bitterness or grief over some situation which did not live up to their expectation. The key to recovery is to not take it personally, the Divine is not working against you. There is something to be learned and something greater to be gained from making the shift from why me? To How can I heal from this?

Is Life Purpose Destiny? Purpose has come to mean a passionately pursued career in recent times I think what we are drawn and driven to do can definitely from our soul, Some find purpose in being of service to others, through kindness, healing, parenting, caring, volunteer work,etc.  I feel that we all have a purpose in being there for others in need, speaking up when others wont, and our purpose can be to learn to love and accept ourselves and others. Our purpose unfolds naturally and is linked to our choices, and our guidance.

I love giving readings because it means I can bring through each individual’s soul and angel guidance and insight for any situation.

There is always a path forward, always guidance available and healing possible, always a path to take where there seemed to be no way before! The Soul links into the angels to bring about miracles, shifts and awakenings. I believe our destiny is to connect to our Soul, our Divine spirit and to listen to and follow it’s guidance!

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Have a great week
Rachel x

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