What Do you Really Want for Christmas? How To Realign with Your Desires

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What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?

Do you ever feel stuck in the journey of manifesting your dreams?

Sometimes you can get stuck right at the beginning and not even know what to ask for! Other times you might know, or think you do, but somewhere in the midst of working hard and not seeing results you can lose faith and wonder if your dreams will ever happen.

I have been in both of those places!

I watched A Miracle on 34th Street for the first time at the weekend and found myself wondering what I would ask for if I still believed in Santa Claus ( I actually do believe in magical beings who deliver joy and gifts to all on earth! I think Father Christmas is a great symbol of the giving nature of God and the angels)

After the movie I went to bed pondering what would be the best present for me? What would really make me happy?

A hot deal with a cool spiritual publishing company? A speaking career?  A breezy beach house in the tropics? A hunky smiley partner to have and to hold? Would these things bring me real happiness?

Can I also ask for Peace on Earth, All the Polar Bears, dogs and children on earth to be safe and fed?

Though it is intoxicating and convincing to believe that we will only be truly happy when we receive the items on the  wish-list, it is not healthy or true!

If we hang happiness solely upon achieving those magical experiences and events ..then we are  setting ourselves up for some anxiety and misery especially if those wishes happen to take a while to manifest! And some will…..

Misery zaps the batteries in our manifesting wands! 

We know deep down that our personal happiness does not entirely rest on ticking off a bucket list. Although there is nothing wrong with passionately wanting them. This passion gives you purpose  and drive which is also part of being fulfilled. Wanting to see a change for the greater good, including polar bears and elephants is also a key to happiness too, it lifts us out of the self centered naval gazing that can cause depression and connects us to a higher form of fulfillment and purpose.

However, most of what we wish for are outer things, which symbolize the more important inner feelings of: peacefulness, self confidence, prosperity, meaningful work, joy, security and biggest and best of all: Love. We seek to conquer our fears and regain our power.

We choose items, experiences and people because we believe they will bring us what we want to feel and be.

All the gurus in all of the books and movies about the Spiritual Law of Attraction focus on a single truth: that we need to feel the feelings of having what we want in order to manifest the outer real solid experience of them.

We need to FEEL happy before the happy people/ situations and objects arrive! Ironic huh?

Yet, so much unhappiness arises from believing that we are somehow inadequate for having not created the items on our wish- lists.

Too often we ask WHY am I not married to my soul mate, living in my dream home,or wealthy yet? WHAT is wrong with me? Or HOW the heck do I actually create this? and exhaust ourselves trying to work it out.

Those fear based ‘What , why and how’ questions can eventually chip away at confidence, vitality and faith, giving free reign to the rampant critical voice of the ego. Your ego has no clue how to create what you want all it knows what to do is to keep you in a state of suspicion, lack and fear which is the opposite of happy.

So how do you create the inner feeling of happiness and fulfilment as you work on those dreams ? How do you strike a balance in life whilst making sure you stay on the path to what you want?

I put together five steps you can take today that will realign you with your path and calm those fears that create the opposite of what you want.
Five Steps to staying happy as you align with what you want.

  1. Bless the mess: Rather than pick fault with where you are start to bless your current situation as you also affirm that it is changing. ” I am so grateful and excited for the new…( job, home, car) I bless and release all circumstances in my life as I welcome in the new.”

Tell your subconscious mind you are moving forward rather than constantly affirming you are stuck.

  1. Foster kindness. Bitterness over past events and perceived failures closes down your heart chakra. Kindness and compassion will open your energies again. The Heart Chakra is the gateway for receiving anything you ask for! if it is closed then you will turn away everything that is offered and you wil feel disconnected and insecure. Kindness is a Divine heart opener that will fast track you to happiness, love and abundance. Attach nothing to your kindness, do not expect anything in return, please don’t give to receive, just be kind. It is your true nature and the world needs more of it.
  2. Heal your unhappiness: Sadness is not a sin, your misery often has a message, so rather than beat yourself up for your negativity find out what it wants. Manifesting is harder when you are carrying a heavy burden. Once you heal and release what needs to go you will feel untapped reserves of energy returning to you and manifesting will become easy.
  3. Be happy now. If figure out ways to feel totally blessed in this moment. Most people manifest into the future, imagining that “one day” they will be happy, loved, free etc. So they energetically push their creations into the fantasy future never experiencing them now. (Like little Annie sings: “You’re always a day away”). Write a gratitude list each day for everything you already have and then add what you will have. Write it all in present tense. I am so grateful for the food in the fridge, the love of my dog, my health,  the roof over my head, the money to pay for my next holiday, and the new car in my driveway. Prepare to be amazed at what you have already created it will give you confidence for what is to come.
  4. Take Action: No matter where you are on the scale of misery to joy, take a step towards what you want, it will instantly make you feel better and shut the ego up. The Universe Loves Action and so do you! Make a phone call, submit your song to a record company, do some research, make a business card, sign up for the dating app, contact your favourite (blonde with an English accent) healer. Take a step away from the feelings of ennui and fear and towards making SH*T happen.  You will feel amazing and leap a few more rungs up the scale. Ps for this step take action in the real world that makes it feel as if you are really going to HAVE what you want. This also tells the Divine that you have faith and you are ready for miracles.  Hurrah!


I hope you get what your heart  wants this Christmas and beyond
( if it is for your highest good) . Please tell me what action you are taking to re align with your dreams in the comments below. Thanks so much for supporting and reading my posts. I post a daily reading on Instagram and facebook please follow me to receive it.

Love Rachel x

PS As I wrote this article, I realized what I really want for Christmas this year: Kindness between people. It does not cost a cent and yet it can make a huge difference in someone’s life. In the tussle of life kindness is too easily overlooked in exchange for impatience, judgment and selfishness. Kindness can be a smile to a stranger, a genuine compliment, holding back from riding a slow driver’s bumper on the highway, a small gift or a card to someone who has gone the extra mile, opening a door for an elderly person, picking up an injured animal, saying sorry or thank you (and making sure the person knows you mean it). There are so many ways to be kind and it has immense rewards if it is done with heart and detachment to an outcome.

In this week’s video reading I tell a story about a lovely kind couple I met at a local cafe this weekend.

Have a magical week, stay positive, the current energies are really tough, but bringing great rewards.

Rachel Scoltock is an Author of two books, Spiritual teacher , Energy therapist and Angel medium, in professional practice for 15 years. She lives in a coastal town in Australia with her dog Bear.Rachel is available for readings, and remote healing and guidance sessions.

To book an accurate reading with Rachel or a personal healing and guidance session you can contact her via rachel@rachelscoltock.com

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