The Lion’s Gate

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The Lions Gate is a planetary event which occurs every year between July 26th and August 22nd,  The powerful energy peaks on 8th August however the energy from this alignment is strong until the end of August.

There are many reasons for this significant event. 8 in angel numbers and numerology signifies unlimited abundance. A chance to connect your energy with the infinite nature of the Divine Universe & release anything that is holding you back

The new moon is in Leo making this powerful alignment between the sun, Sirius and Earth even more auspicious.  As these planets position they release a powerful stream of  light to earth, opening an energy gateway which allows more people to receive this intensified and healing light.

IF you are feeling charged up or even more tired than usual you maybe responding to this shift.

So what does this mean for you?

  • The light accelerates spiritual growth, the healing and release of old wounds and negative attachments including fears that hold you back
  • The Lion’s gate will help you release bonds and cords that have kept you feeling limited and powerless.
  • This alignment brings extra high frequency energy to your chakras and your whole energy system, washing away trapped negativity and bringing to light important guidance – inspiration, ideas, guidance downloads and aha moments about your purpose and path.
  • Your heart chakra opens even wider, so you might feel more emotional with increased sensitivity and intuition. This is a good thing. The world needs more loving sensitive souls.
  • Intentions which you hold at this time are magnified, so it’s the perfect time to set goals, make intentions
  • The wave of new energy also makes it perfect timing to launch a business, start a new project, heal your body, increase your income.
  • Guides and Angelic beings of Love are overseeing this shift.  Expect more angelic signs, angel clouds, orbs, and intense dreams bringing guidance. The veil is thinner and your psychic antennae is tuned in!
  • Your awareness will be increased,  third eye is open and you’ll see what you need to see. This is a good time to ask questions  like what is blocking me?  Where am I sabotaging myself? Where are my strengths? What is the truth of this situation? Or ask the Universe to give you an inspired idea, your book title, your business direction – a million dollar idea. 

Ultimately the Lion’s Gate floods the the whole planet with light boosting the collective vibe and dissolving cloud like layers of pain, ego, negativity, corruption that has been held for centuries.

There is a rising of consciousness on earth from fear, greed and ego to Love, healing and harmony. 2021 is a pivotal moment for shifting us to Unity.

We are all part of this ascension; we all feel it as increased sensitivity, intuition,  a call to discover and know our spiritual selves, to be kind and of service,  to stop putting up with things that do not align with our Souls and to create something meaningful with our lives.

Each of us impacts this shift for others through our choices to live from love rather than fear. As you raise your awareness to you help others to raise theirs in ways you can’t possibly understand.

I believe the  best way to work with these energies is to apply them to healing your own personal life and raise your own frequency.

The biggest gift you can give to help us all RISE is to hold a vision of hope for our planet and every living being upon it.  Visualise yourself and others as happy, peaceful, healthy and prosperous.

Hold a vision for healing, equality, unity, health and peace for all. For example visualize a news headline announcing that the pandemic is diminishing and disappearing. Be kind to others and send compassion to those who are acting in fear.

Join me on the 20th August 2021 at 10am- 11.30 am AEST for a special online event- Psychic Activation with Archangel Raziel- I will guide you through a powerful guided past lives meditation to release fear and old karmic patterns from your energy more. Book your spot here

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium




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