A Survival Guide for the Current Energy Shifts

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How are you? Do you need an Angel hug and some Divine Love to boost you at this moment?

I don’t usually write a blog over the weekend but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you, and I know what you might be going through at this moment. You are not alone.

Did you know that we are experiencing some huge energy transitions right now? A new moon, a mercury retrograde conjoined with Saturn (just to make things more dramatic and intense) and an impending solstice. (And Christmas is not easy for everyone) You could be forgiven for feeling a little ragged, to say the least.

This is an immense time of planetary and energetic shifts, not to be taken lightly. So If you have been asking WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME Please take a deep breath and hear this: NOTHING is wrong with you!

You are sensitive and intuitive human feeling the squeeze of these intense energies. These changes do not just bring up fear in you, they bring out the crazy in many people as well as having an effect on technology, transport, and communication.

Some of the possible symptoms you could be experiencing are: Crazy thoughts, unexplained anxiety and sadness, feeling unsure about the future, negative and outdated thought patterns, questioning all your beliefs especially your faith, feeling stifled and trapped, feeling alone in the world, feeling as if you went off track somewhere, feeling like giving up.

Almost everything is rising up in the fear department stirring emotions and draining you. It’s not the best time to make life-changing decisions.But it is a time to hold onto your faith and just do your best to be kind to yourself and others. Don’t give up, just slow down a bit the feeling will settle.

This transition is linked to the huge shifts we went through in August (remember? 2 eclipses and an equinox) and is magnifying unfinished business and unresolved pain You may be finding it hard to let go of old hurts, you could be feeling stuck.

This too will pass. ( Mercury goes direct on December 22nd with the Solstice)

Remember too that the Divine is more powerful than whatever the planets are doing- The Divine is pure Love and light, so if you are feeling anything less than love then it just means that you have temporarily disconnected from this eternal infinite source of light.  This always makes us feel unsafe.

All you need to do is to call in the Light again. Call in the angels and the presence of Divine Love to anything and everything that feels dark or stuck.

And please don’t believe your upsetting, destructive thoughts.

Step back and recognize them for what they really are: A call for Love

Surrender the fear and it’s mess to the Divine, and pray: Divine Spirit, Sacred Angels, I now release to you all of these fears, I ask that you cleanse my mind of the crazy thoughts and upsetting scenarios, please purify my life, mind, body, and soul and take me over with Love so that I can feel safe again. I want to feel peaceful and happy. Help me to create joy and positive energy in my life. I am ready and willing to receive your guidance, support, protection, and healing.and so it is. Amen

Here are some more ideas to open yourself to more love:

  • Take a shower or bath with Epsom or sea salts to cleanse negative energies from your body and aura
  • Take a walk in nature and ask to be shown signs of God and the Angels ( you will find them)
  • Play some loud music! ( I like something I can dance to try this )
  • Look for comedy videos online (Here is a funny clip of super British Comedian Michael McIntyre you will giggle I promise)
  • Light a candle and ask Archangel Michael to clear your home of sadness and fill it with Divine Light
  • Delete old emails, clean out cupboards, empty the receipts from your wallet- this transition is encouraging us to clear the clutter!
  • Pray, deep and hard, with your hands clasped. Prayer will always reconnect you, whereas worry disconnects you further.
  • Book yourself something to look forward to: A holiday, a day trip, a reading, a facial, a picnic, a concert ticket, a massage, a sleep in, a phone to your bestie, a technology-free night off, a movie ( do not wait for someone else to do it with you, just do it.)
  • Finally stop working on yourself for a minute and remember all the things you HAVE done this year, remember how hard you have worked, the moments of rest and fun, the support you’ve offered without even thinking, the messes you have cleaned up, the kind stuff you have done, the comfort and love you’ve given (and received). You have progressed! Your fear mind will have you believe that it’s all been bad, it has not. You have done the best you could with what you had at every given moment. There have been highs and low lows, but you survived!

Hope, Faith, and Love are blessings from the Divine, delivered to us as angels for our most challenging moments. It is when we feel most alone that angels gather even closer. Please know that this too will pass and you are never ever alone. Your angels are with you.
I too am sending you 
love and seeing your Light.

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Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist,, Spiritual Teacher and
Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
Contact Rachel at rachelscoltock.com



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