Stop Trying to Do Everything Alone- Your Video Reading From the Angels 27th Nov 2017

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Here is your weekly angel inspiration. The Angels and the Universe are backing you this week in a big way, you are not alone. They want you to stop accepting less than you really deserve and adjust your thinking so you can receive and perceive their help. You are not off track just out of frequency sometimes. This weeks video reading is giving the help and guidance to get on track, to upgrade your wisdom and to make simple easy changes that will make a big difference to your future and help you realize you are not alone and you are helped by angels and the Divine Universe.
With love and blessings Rachel Scoltock
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It can be difficult to make changes, self heal and find guidance with a busy life, endless things demand your attention at home and work. Spending just a few days away in a completely different environment can give you the space and perspective you need to find answers, discover your guidance and accept healing.  Uluru is the perfect place of beauty, healing and inspiration- red earth and suprising plant life, desert sunsets and spectacular colours will awaken your senses and your spiritual connection.

Ayers rock resort is a beautiful natural environment only 15 minutes drive and in full view of Uluru itself. The vibration and spiritual sacred energy of this place is incredibly high and palpable to everyone. The perfect place to open your intuition, receive spirtual guidance, learn and heal. We will be doing some deep, healing meditations to connect and release, a letting go ceremony at the base of Uluru itself, where you can touch the rock, see cave paintings, learn the stories of the sacred area and together we will let go of limitation and blockages. Early bird expires in March $695 book now




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