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The intuitive mind is where our genius resides

When I first made the decision to become a full time professional Angel Medium, I had two thoughts:

Yay, I have finally found my life purpose!” then  ” Oh sh%#! I hope my psychic skills are good enough”

I cannot imagine why anyone would choose to be a fake psychic. The pressure is terrifying and frankly no one needs that in their lives.

Fear aside, wanting to be the best intuitive I could be, has driven me to excel in service to my clients and learn more about how my inner gps works. I don’t want to walk through life blindfolded.

SO,,,,I did a deal with upstairs,I said “ Divine Spirit, Angels, if you really want me to do this work, you are going to have to help me open my clairvoyance and third eye fully”

I learned so much in the following months and years about how to become  a clear intuitive channel. First I had to set aside my expectations of what it really means to be  psychic & learn to trust.

Since then I have learned that strong intuition can be life saving, it can lead you to better health, greater happiness, peace, connection and self awareness.

Here are some of the little known truths about expanding and trusting YOUR intuition:

  1. Intuition is natural, you already have it but you may not know how to recognize it, or more likely TRUST what you are sensing. A written record of signs and intuitive thoughts is a great way to build faith in your inner voice.
  2. You’ll need to make some life changes. Modern lifestyle can be kryptonite for the third eye. The more natural you can get with your drinks, foods, and health, the clearer your intuition will be. Are you feeling that urge to cut back on your lattes, are you getting a rash from chardonnay? palpitations on that new date?  do not push through it… that’s your intuition!
  3. One of the biggest blocks is that people are more attuned to other people’s opinions than their own. Your inner truth has to get past the fear of what others will think. People pleasing and intuition do not go together, it is one or the other. Ask yourself what you would do if no one’s opinion counted.
  4. True guidance is not complex or fearful. The term “no brainer” fits perfectly, it bypasses your mental gymnastics and gives you the truth.
  5. Don’t bust a blood vessel!  Intuition is a passive activity, which is why it often pops in when you are in the shower, hanging out washing or staring into space. Day dreaming is a valid practice!!
  6. Your intuition is personal. It uses in the moment ways that uniquely suit you to get messages through.  Some people receive guidance in their mind, or with a clenched gut or a rush of tingles, tears, yawning, others just know, some see flashes in their imagination or hear music. Many have a combination of all of these. Notice your strong reactions to anything positive or negative, this will give an insight to how your messages come.
Most intuitive signals are subtle. Attuning to your  personal channel will turn the volume up on your intuition and wake you up to your life and path! HERE is a free ten minute audio session to help you open your intuition

I am offering personal intuitive mentoring sessions to develop your channel and clear blockages and fears. Go to my website to find out more:



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