Over the past 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with Indigenous healers and learn some of their healing methods firsthand.

I never went searching but these teachers invited me to learn some of their practices.

One particular medicine woman I met heals people who travel to see her from all over the world.

Her methods are powerful and fast. She has healed many terminal illnesses and chronic conditions.

Occasionally her healing process produces a solid object from within the body of the patient.

The type of object would reveal to the healer, the source of the illness. One such cause is psychic attack or a “curse” which  produces a black pebble.

I learned that psychic attack or cursing could be intentional or nonintentional, but it’s effect depends on how intensely the angry thoughts are sent and how strong the recipient’s energy field and attitude are.

Psychic attack can be removed before it causes any long term damage and it can be prevented with energy protection.

Psychic attack is usually sent unconsciously in the form of a negative thought directed towards another in anger, a road rage-related glare, a stab of jealousy or nasty gossip.

The thoughts and emotions create a sharp energy which  lands in the subject’s energy field causing instant, and sometimes lasting, pain.

Curses are usually more serious and very very rare. When someone consciously wishes to purposefully hurt you  it can be very toxic  but not impossible to remove.

When you learn to properly protect and clear your energy these lower energies can’t impact you.

Unless you live in a remote cave or on a desert island, you’ve probably endured some form of psychic attack in your life ( and to be honest, you’ve probably sent some too).

All of our thoughts, negative or loving, have an effect on ourselves and others, it is a Universal Law of energy.

All that we think, say and do radiates out from us and interacts with other people’s energy.

Our relationships and interactions are linked through cords and threads of energy, and our thoughts reach out from us towards whomever we focus on. If you focus consistently on another person, the energy grows stronger.

At this point, I feel I should remind you that everything you send out is always returned to you threefold so it isn’t a good idea to purposefully send negative energy to people. 

If you are energetically sensitive and emotionally aware, and even if you are not, you have likely noticed the effects of  psychic attack.

You sense it on some level and it can even cause pain:

Here are some symptoms

  • Headaches or brain fog- out of nowhere
  • Sudden sharp pain- in the back, neck or head- like a shard of glass
  • Nightmares- the attacker may show up in your dreams or you may dream of being chased or followed by a symbolic figure.
  • Feeling drained of all energy
  • Feeling watched or as if your thoughts are not your own
  • Suddenly feeling upset for no apparent reason
  • Uncharacteristic negativity and heaviness
  • Unusual anxiety- out of the blue nervousness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling “unlucky” or accident prone.
  • Feeling angry yourself.
  • Thinking of the person who is upset with you.

There can be many reasons for feeling these symptoms so obviously check in with your medical person. However intuition accompanies such feelings and tells you if you are receiving a psychic attack.

If you are unsure then meditate, and ask your angels, you will be shown.

No matter what anyone says or does, you are never a helpless victim. 

It is really important to take responsibility for your own life and energy and not be too quick to blame any kind of accident or negativity on an unknown curse or attacker. This kind of thinking breeds paranoia and victimhood, both very unhealthy holes to dig yourself into. A direct psychic attack is rare, most is unconscious and easy to manage once you detect it.

Ultimately there is only ONE power and that power is Go(o)d.

Divine Love is the highest power of all and will completely dissolve any form of fear-based thought.
You have access to Divine Light through prayer, angels, and the power of your mind to call on love and project loving, compassionate thoughts outwardly.

When the Medicine woman removed disease or pain from a patient, she would tell them in no uncertain terms, that “it was now up to them to keep their minds clean and not dwell on the past” She knew that if they hooked back into the cause or the illness itself once it was gone, they had a chance of reigniting the problem and the sickness because everything begins in the mind.

Psychic attack is usually not personal, it’s the result of someone projecting their fears or anger onto you. Maybe they are jealous of your happy marriage, your position in life or they’re upset you are not attracted to them, maybe they’ve had a bad day and are taking it out on you, or they’re not mentally healthy.

There are many reasons why people see the world in negative ways and wish pain on others.

Not everyone is irreversibly horrible, maybe even you have judged someone harshly or had an envious moment or a weak low shot at a friend or partner.

If I catch myself thinking ill of someone I stop and send them pink Divine light and pray for their peace.

Most compassionate loving people make amends as quickly as possible and would not knowingly wish harm or pain on another, generally most  just don’t realize the power of their thoughts and words.

So how do you deal with the effects of a psychic attack?

Step one is to remove the dagger-If you feel as if you’re on the receiving end of some psychic negativity, immediately call on your angels and ask to be healed. My favorite method is to ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to lift all negative thought forms, including attack, curses, and worry from your energy, mind, and body.

Breathe deeply and surround yourself in the golden light of the Divine.

Send prayers of healing and light to those who would mean you harm. This will protect you and ensure you do not entangle more deeply with their energy.

Step two is to remove all self-attack, if you have a tendency to beat yourself up then know that is going to drain your energy too, ask the angels to release those thoughts. and transmute them to the light. Forgive yourself for being human and let go of your bad habit of putting yourself down.

Step three is to protect your energy.  Wrap yourself in a strong vibrant color, visualize your energy radiating, with an outer layer which dissolves all weapons of fear. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you and stand before you, behind you, above you, below you, and either side.
Particularly ask for protection as you sleep.

Avoid talking about this person or mentioning their name. Stay away from them if you can.

Did you attract this? Not in the way you think! Negative events are attracted to our soul as life lessons, not as punishment or because we deserve or created it.

It is always worth contemplating your part in the experience and what you can learn from it. Gossip and judgment are unhappy activities which create drama and pain for the recipient as well as the sender.

Your mind, your energy and your body are all intertwined, a strong spirit and sense of self-contributes to a vibrant energy field, a buoyant positive mind and an indomitable confidence.The more love you send out into the world and to yourself the stronger your energy field will become.

Have a great week ahead, scroll down to the next blog message to learn how to protect your energy from intrusive and hurtful thoughts in this week’s video reading <3 much love x

Angel blessings!
Rachel Scoltock x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium,  Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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