Energy Skills for Empaths

A 6 Week Program to create strong energetic boundaries, and channel divine energy to magnetise abundance and live your soul purpose.

Starts 22nd October 2019

Create strong energetic boundaries & learn to harness your energy so you can magnetise abundance & fulfil your soul purpose.

This 6-week program is packed with advanced skills for intuitive empaths, healers, sensitives to heal & clear the energy that is sabotaging their success.

Do you suffer with feeling overwhelmed and drained as a sensitive empath?

Do you want to master your energy to learn to attract prosperity, happiness and health?

When your energy is depleted and blocked with toxic energies you feel exhausted from a lack of flow and vitality, this attracts energy thieves and creates scarcity, big time. You are literally giving away your energy. A strong protected energy field magnetically draws higher vibes, positive experiences and becomes a sacred container for abundance.

In this program Rachel will teach you advanced skills to confidently protect, clear and master your energy so you can claim your power and attract abundance in all things.

In this program you will release the draining & fear-based energy of others and learn how to create a high ascended vibration where life flows & your highest path emerges. You will also receive 4 x 60 minute live Divine healing sessions with the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Chamuel, Ganesh, Mother Mary and Jesus.

You will discover how to:

  • Stop suffering as a sensitive. Learn how to make your energy work FOR you.
  • Discover how to stop soaking up the pain of others and over giving.
  • Effortlessly release pain, stress and psychic energy of others from your energy-field.
  • Clear cords, psychic attack, entities and fear beliefs.
  • Protect your energy to keep your own vibration high, strong and magnetic
  • Stop taking on the pain & fear of the world without losing your compassion & empathy.
  • Create a strong connection to Divine Spirit and your guides to release scarcity, anxiety and exhaustion and reconnect to your Soul Path
  • Clear the toxic attachments of destructive relationships and energy vampires
  • Magnetize a flow of $$ through releasing barriers to success.
  • Learn new paradigm energy skills, step into your Ascended Energy and gain mastery over your energy field.
  • Awaken sparkling clear intuition. KNOW what yours is and what is not so you gain authority over your mind and energy.

You’ll be given the tools, teachings, personal group mentoring, and healing to fully heal your empathic wounds and embody your purpose and light

What Is Included In The Energy Skills For Empaths 6 Week Program?

4 x Live Group Healing Circles

4 x 60 min channeled energetic healing sessions to release all lower energies that are sabotaging you & heal the wounds of the past.

1-Deep Angelic Detox with Archangel Michael and Raphael

2. Divine Love activation with Mother Mary and Archangel Chamuel

3. Clearing the Barriers to Success with Ganesh and Archangel Gabriel

4. Receive Your Ascended Energy Field with Archangel Metatron

6 x Live Group Training Sessions

6 x 120-minute live group training sessions included a guided meditations. The recordings will be available if you can’t attend. ( See module titles below)

1 x Group Guidance Session

1x 60-minute Group Guidance & Mentoring Session to answer your questions and you’ll have an opportunity to receive personal coaching, healing and guidance from Rachel at this session.

Bonus Extras

Bonus #1:

A copy of Rachel’s Published eBook Loving Your Sensitive Self: An Empaths Guide to Protecting and Managing Your Energy (Epub or PDF Version)

Bonus #2:

Protecting your Energy for Sensitives A 90-minute audio of a live webinar and meditation.

Bonus #3:

Pay in full only: The Rich Angelic Alchemy 6 Part Manifesting Course Audio/ Video Digital Program valued at $2997 aud! 3 month access to participants – terms apply.

Bonus #4:

Access to The Ascended Empath Soul Tribe

Access to The Ascended Empath Soul Tribe facebook community to connect with Rachel and other Divine empaths who are on a soul guided journey like you. This powerful space of light and Divine Love is so important to your transformation and central to this program. You will also receive meditation audios, workbooks and other materials to help you to ascend.

Value $997

Create radiant protected energy & stop being depleted & overwhelmed by negativity, so you can finally magnetise abundance & live your soul purpose

Hi, I’m Rachel

I created this program especially for the emerging healers, intuitives, empaths, and seekers like you, who are ready to unlock your intuitive gifts & discover clear guidance so you can fulfil your dreams and purpose.

Over the past 2 decades, I have worked with thousands of clients around the world

I discovered that by giving people the spiritual tools and insights they need to release their core fears and blocks, so they know how their intuition works they are able to uncover the crystal-clear guidance which leads directly to their goals & purpose.

People often come to this program unsure about themselves and where they are meant to be. But they emerge excited, focused, understanding their brilliance and the path they are meant to take.

I know what it is like to feel stuck living a life that doesn’t fit for you while doubting your own dreams and goals. You know you’re meant for more, but you don’t how to make it happen. This program will give you those steps, along with trust and confidence in your intuitive guidance. If you’re ready to breakthrough the struggle to your true path then Awaken Your Soul Gifts is perfect for you!




22nd October-28th November 2019

EACH LESSON TAUGHT on Tuesdays: 22nd October, 29th October, 5th November, 12th November, 19th November and 26th November 2019.

Question & Answer Call on Thursday 28th November 2019

Investment $1997 AUD/ approx $1425 Euros/ USD $ 1397 GBP £1197 Pay in Full
Easy Payment plan available 3 x $765 AUD

The Sessions

rachel scoltock seated in green dress

Module 1

Understand Your Empathic Energy

In this module you’ll discover the purpose of your deep compassion and sensitivity and why outside energies can affect you so much. You’ll learn a daily ritual to use to protect and call back your energy.

Rachel will spell out the unique nature of your energy field. You’ll learn to quickly check in with your energy and to effortlessly shift it to a higher vibration.

Rachel Scoltock in light colours sitting on a house deck

Module 2

Psychic protection for Empaths

This is a gamechanger for empaths to learn how to properly create energy boundaries. White light alone isn’t adequate! Understand your energy in the new paradigm, protect your gifts and personal vibration. Discover the secrets to 5th Dimensional psychic protection so you stop being taken out by draining and toxic vibes.

rachel seated at a computer desk with a notebook

Module 3

Reclaim your Life Force & Own your Power!

Do you struggle with anxiety & ride a roller coaster of emotion and depletion? Discover how to clear the root cause of empath anxiety and burnout. In this session you’ll also learn to disconnect from external energy when you need to, and clear psychic intrusions that are sucking your life force away so you can switch on your inner radiance and shine!

Rachel seated at desk wearing white top sunflowers next to her
Module 4

Psychic Self Defense & Energy Vampires

Psychic vampires are takers, they are attracted to empaths like magnets. Once their energy is hooked in, they can be difficult to remove even after the relationship is over. In this class you will learn about how to protect against Psychic vampires, how to remove their energy tendrils and how to stop attracting destructive relationships into your life.

rachel scoltock with terracotta colour top holding an aqua mug in kitchen
Module 5

Money & Your Empathic Energy

Your energy is everything when it comes to manifesting and creating what you want. In this session you’ll clear scarcity and repair your energy “leaks” which cause you to lose abundance, happiness and love. Learn how to harness your vibration and become magnetic to what you want.

rachel scoltock in boho print dress at a table smiling
Module 6

Soul Awakening, Intuition & Guidance

Connect with your spiritual team of angels and wisdom guides for soul guidance. Discover How Mental and Psychic energy affects you, learn how to disconnect your mind from others and to tap into a sparkling clear intuition and your guidance to understand your next steps

Here’s what past participants had to say:

If you are considering this program, I can highly recommend it. I’ve been working with Rachel for many years clearing away energy ‘wounds. I did the program early this year when I was ready for more and boy has my life and business been ramping up ever since. Things shift on deep levels and the feelings of empowerment and feeling truly grounded have helped me to shift personally as well in ways I did not even think of. If you are ready to jump to a higher level, the tools you will receive, and work Rachel will do with you will be truly transformational.

- Natalie Yates, QLD

Doing this program changed my life I’ve cleared past situations, past energy attachments and I’m not participating in the negative behaviour patterns that previously held me back i.e. people pleasing, judging myself, worry. It’s amazing how it changed my whole outlook and goals in life.

I finally feel free again! I think the best thing about it is that that I was given the tools and guidance that I use in my everyday life after the course so I still feel like I am learning!

- Natalie Melrose


I was guided to Rachel’s course at a time in my life when spiritual and angelic support was truly needed. Although I was already equipped with knowledge, learning how to use it in a supportive, loving, and caring group environment where everyone is there for the divine purpose, was amazing.

Thank you, Rachel, you are a gift from the angels, and you bring to the world something that is truly lacking.

Unconditional love.

I was blessed to be a part of this.

- Kath L

New South Wales, Australia

Since attending Rachel’s program, my energy is more grounded, protected, and signs from the Angels keep appearing. When things at work are tough, I know exactly how I can protect my energy and I am not holding on to the energy like I was before.

The love connection between me and my husband is stronger, and my children know that they are truly loved and looked after, all of this has made a vast difference in my life.

- Diana, UK

I am so glad that I decided to do the course with Rachel. Working with Rachel has been an absolute pleasure and exactly what I needed at this stage of my life. You will finish each session feeling inspired, invigorated, and supported.

The beautiful, relaxing atmosphere that Rachel creates and the meditations that we do during the program means that you will feel calm, enlightened and peaceful.

You start seeing the benefits right away.

I have met some truly lovely like-minded people during this course and have formed solid friendships. For me it brought the beginning of the end to a dark period of my life. Do yourself a favor and sign up to do a course with Rachel, you won’t regret it.

- Sonya J

NSW, Australia

I was feeling completely overwhelmed with my life, and my anxiety and stress levels becoming unmanageable.

I felt strongly drawn to attend Rachel’s program and just knew I really needed to do it.

The experience was transformational for me.

I found all the sessions deeply healing and felt I was able to let go of some of the long- held stress, fears, pain, grief and other energies that had me gripped at the time and were holding me back.

It left me feeling light, relaxed, clear, recharged and so much better able to cope with the everyday stress in my life. Rachel is an absolutely beautiful, compassionate, down to earth, warm and talented healer. She creates a loving, non-judgemental, safe space for deep healing to take place.

- Chrissy Worthy

NSW, Australia

For those looking to heal their energy and learn the skills pave the way to a brighter present and abundant future Rachel’s program will help.

Her gentle guidance to clear any blocks or fears you may have, and showing you how to continue to do this for yourself, mean you can very quickly overcome anything that is holding you back in your friendships, business, job or life in general.

Thank you, Rachel.

- Leanne R

Queensland, Australia

Reach out,
I am here to help you!

I understand if you have questions, maybe even fears about jumping in. (My FAQ video is here)

I can reassure you that most people who attend this program start out feeling a little nervous.

There are no tests, ego, or competition, my intention is to move you away from feeling frustrated, lost, stuck and overwhelmed and into certainty, clarity, peace and confidence about what to do and where you are meant to be. You’ll have trust in yourself and your intuition and you’ll no longer be swimming in self doubt.

My programs are so popular because of the warm, supportive atmosphere and how I simplify everything for you as I guide you through. I deliver what I am promising. You will get personal connection. This program won’t sit gathering dust and guilt.

I invite you to take a micro- step; book a chat with me. Let’s see if this is the right fit for you.Past participants have made quantum leaps forward with this program. Despite feeling nervous they followed their intuition and took that leap of faith because they wanted change over staying stuck.

This is more than an intuitive development course, it’s a transformational healing immersion which delivers on it’s promises.

I would love to support you to as you find intuitive clarity and certainty in your direction & purpose.

Angel Blessings,

Rachel x

rachel scoltock sitting on floor hugging knee and  wearing an aqua and blue kimono