Could Your Witch Wound Be Holding You Back?

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Do you sense an invisible force stopping you from stepping fully into your purpose and your power?

Do you have big dreams, but equally big self doubts?

Have you felt a real fear about speaking your spiritual truth, developing your healing and intuitive gifts, raising your prices, or going for it with your spiritual business?

These blocks and fears can be the result of something called The Witch Wounds.

“The witch wound is the psychic trauma that all women carry after millennia of invalidation, disempowerment, and abuse. Patriarchal culture has systematically invalidated feminine gifts like intuition, embodiment, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and healing.

The witch wound is what rears its ugly head when any awakened woman has the audacity to put herself out there as her authentic, powerful, healing, intuitive, witchy self. It gets even more triggered when that same woman decides to charge what she’s worth for those gifts.” From Healing the Witch Wound by Natalie Ann Taggart

Does this resonate with you? It certainly did with me when I first read it.

Here’s how your witch wounds can show up in your life:

  • A crippling self doubt and lack of confidence.
  • Imposter Syndrome: “Who am I to do this?”
  • Keeping yourself poor, or stuck in a draining situation such as a boring job or a toxic relationship.
  • Endless delays and procrastination about making positive changes and stepping on to your soul’s path.
  • A deep fear of being rejected, judged, trolled, persecuted, humiliated for stepping into the spotlight
  • Anxiety about charging for your work.
  • Worry about people judging you, or saying Who do you think you are?
  • Invisibility: A terror of being seen and heard as spiritual healer, teacher, psychic, therapist, author, artist, or even a spiritual seeker!
  • A resistance to following through on your purpose- by attending a training course or starting and growing your business.

While we are a lot more awakened than during the Witch Trials in the 1600’s, nowadays we have internet trolls, family, and our own unconscious fears to activate the witch wounds and keep us stuck.

A few years ago while teaching my Angel Certification Program, one of the group collapsed in tears, shaking uncontrollably.

She was rigid with fear and couldn’t name what she was feeling. I tuned in and saw clairvoyantly that she had a witch wound from a painful (past life) memory.

I told her what I saw it resonated compltely. I helped her to release the fear blockage in her energy and the past life that was still attached. Afterwards became calm and looked lighter than before. I am happy to say she went on to build a thriving spiritual healing business.

That deep unconscious witch wound had held her back for a long time, she confessed to having cancelled many healing courses and programs over the years.

As a teacher who trains lightworkers to open their psychic channels, awaken their gifts,  and step into their purpose I have seen this story play out hundreds of times.

The best way to free yourself is to identify and release the fear as you take action steps towards what you want!

But if you try to move forward towards your dream life with these unconscious saboteurs running behind the scenes, it’s like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on and two flat tyres.

You might be doing all the right things, but you won’t get far! Your fear will find every excuse to keep putting your soul’s path aside .

This is because your fear mind believes that by keeping you small, invisible, unsuccessful, that it is keeping you safe.

But it’s not, it’s keeping you stuck with excuses, distractions, doubts and over giving.

If you wonder why you keep finding yourself repeating old painful patterns or struggling to break through your barriers, then healing your witch wounds could be the solution.

Isn’t it time that you finally got around to living the life you truly deserve?

Let me help you to release your witch wounds! Here are 3 ways:

1- Book in for the Understand Your Past Lives Attunement with Archangel Raziel– to release  the Witch wounds and other past life trauma and karma

2- Want to train as an Angel communication Practitioner? Learn to receive and share the angels messages This program takes you through personal healing and psychic development training  as you also detox and release the blocks that hold you back:  Doors are about to Open  Join the waitlist or contact me for more information

3-Listen to this free 30 minute Audio mp3 for you to listen to about Witch Wounds and How to Identify if you have them.
Listen to the Audio:

Certified Angel Communicator

Attunement to Understand Past Lives Archangel Raziel


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