Could Your Witch Wounds Be Holding You Back?

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I was unwell last week and so able to indulge my addiction to watching the Outlander series on Netflix.😍❤

The story takes you back in time to Scotland in the 1700’s, it’s romantic, exciting and quite educational. I was riveted, until the episode that depicted a witch trial. 😢

I suddenly felt panicky and out of breath. The trial triggered an ancient fear in me.

A witch wound! 

A similar fear has shown up before, I can remember being terrified on launching my business years ago, I had clear visions of people coming for me with torches and pitch forks in the middle of the night. The fear was trying to keep me safe, but it could have potentially stopped me from this amazing career!

As an Energy Therapist, transformational teacher  and angelic channel, I help people find and release their invisible barriers to success, happiness and good health. I can tune into the energy of a block, and get insights and guidance about where it comes from  and how to remove it.

Once the blocks are removed, it’s so much easier to manifest what you want. ( the steps to manifesting are quite simple)

But if you try to attract abundance, your dream job or heal your health with unconscious saboteurs running havoc behind the scenes, it’s like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on and two flat tyres, you might do all the right things, but you won’t get far!

Trauma  from this life time or another can create a big barrier because your fear mind believes that by keeping you small, invisible, unsuccessful, that it is keeping you safe.

But it’s not, it’s keeping you STUCK!

Witch wounds are trauma’s that live in the collective and individual consciousness. When you are unaware they can cause problems.

If you have them, witch wounds run deep in your psyche, they include all the times in this lifetime or another that you (or even your ancestors) have experienced judgement, humiliation, persecution and pain because of your beliefs, gifts, practices, choices, and ideas.  (maybe your gender, your sexuality or your skin colour)

These trauma wounds run a program of fear that disrupt your efforts to put your gifts out into the world, become financially independent, empowered, successful, and loved and even to enjoy your successes and wins.

If you wonder why you keep finding yourself repeating old painful patterns or struggling to break through your barriers, then healing your witch wounds could be the solution.

These unconscious energy blocks show up as stagnation, procrastination, chronic anxiety, lack of self-belief, addictions, over giving, people pleasing, working in a job you hate,  toxic relationships, or fear of doing what you really love.

You may not even know WHAT you want to do because to remember would bring up trauma.

You are so stuck that you can never seem to get around to launching that course, start a healthy relationship, start that business, heal your health, or earn the money you truly deserve.

These psychic wounds can be healed and released.

The first step is awareness, recognising HOW they are affecting you.

Today I created a 30 minute Audio mp3 for you to listen to about Witch Wounds and How to Identify if you have them.
Listen to the Audio HERE

Watch today’s Angel Message and Reading here:


  1. Jeannie

    Every single one… I have only lightly addressed one or two of these. Thank you

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Thank you Jeannie.


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