Change Your Life: What I learned from Louise L Hay

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“What you believe about yourself and about life becomes the truth for you.”¬† Louise L Hay

What do you want to change about your life? Start by changing the thoughts you have about the problem, replace those resentful, self depreciating or judgmental thoughts with loving, uplifting and compassionate thoughts about yourself and affirm that a happy change is coming.

I first learned at 16 years old that I could change my life and my experiences by changing the way I thought about myself and life through the book: You can Heal your Life by Louise L Hay. I was as excited by that prospect then as I am today.

It took a while for my new belief to become the truth for me, I had to overcome my bad habits and recognize my true power but I believe even my early attempts lead me to where I am today and it has eventually woven into everything I do. In my work as a therapist I can easily see when a person has a belief that is sabotaging their happiness and success.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs changes your experience of life almost immediately, best of all it puts the power firmly back into your hands. You can no longer be a victim when you know that you hold the keys to transform your life. Maybe that is why some people resist this as a path to healing! ūüôā

As you may already know Louise L. Hay Author and founder of the self help movement, passed peacefully away last week age 90. On reading through tears of her passing, I realized that this amazing woman, her work and her books are the backdrop to all that I do. Her work changed me, saved me and inspired me to want to be able to heal and help others as she has.

Louise L Hay healed millions of people around the world with her inspirational work, teaching us all that we can transform our lives and heal our bodies, relationships and finances by letting go of resentment and negative beliefs and really loving ourselves by thinking loving positive thoughts.

I am incredibly blessed to have spent a memorable day with Louise L. Hay a few years ago at a Hay House business program called The Next Step. She flounced into the room all smiles and effortless glamour and surprised all 5 of us women. We did not know she was going to “sit in”. I was over the moon, having heard her voice and read her words for almost 30 years, there she was beaming at me across the boardroom table! I carry her love, sparkling eyes, and wise words of guidance in my heart and mind forever.

What I discovered from that day of being in her company is that this grand saint of a woman walked her talk. Every. Single. Step.

Not one of us , including the presenters, got away with speaking negatively about ourselves or life that day. She lived her absolute truth that: what we say about ourselves becomes the truth for us.. Our thoughts create our experiences. She also told us repeatedly that “Life Loves You”- because it does.

Until that moment I think I must have only partly committed to self love and using affirmations to replace negative self talk but being with this genuine sparkling, joyful, beautiful and powerful woman changed that. She left such an impact on me.

When I left that workshop, my world would transform immeasurably from the advice I received and because I finally understood that I had the power to heal and change my life, to create happiness, prosperity and well being through the thoughts I chose to hold in my mind.

It is easy to feel powerless about the actions of others in the world  and believe we have no control over life, but we all have power over our thoughts and words and therefore our experiences.

How easy it is to exchange self depreciating, demeaning and negative ideas for loving, hopeful and compassionate thoughts.

How simplistic it seems to refuse to get caught up in catastrophic thinking and to instead send peaceful thoughts to every potential fear. Yet most of us do not even know we can do that or that it could make a real difference. But it does!

How often do you let yourself imagine a worst case scenario or choose to casually voice your complaints, fears and project negative expectations into your future?  Would you do that if you 100 percent knew that those thoughts were actually adding to the likelihood that you will live out those fears?

You can change your thoughts in this moment and decide instead to think of something more helpful, more healthy for body and less stressful for your mind. Think of what you want , rather than what you don’t.

Experiment: Give your stress hormones a break and think up a best case outcome to your current problems, hand your worries over to your angels and imagine yourself and the world as peaceful and calm. Turn off the news and send a wave of love to all the people and countries in drama and suffering. Step back from the drama and see yourself as happy, healthy and prosperous. Stick at your new way of thinking and being and you will begin to see a very real change.

Every thought you think and every word you say has an effect on your life, it is the difference between whether you continue to suffer and worsen your situation or whether you begin a new and open up a new door to healing.

Start to take your power back, stop complaining ( aloud and in your mind) about what is happening unless you actually do want more of it… and start to affirm that all is well, everything is working out for you and that you are safe, well, prosperous and loved.¬† Affirm that life is looking after you! As you you align your mind with those truths, your body, cells and energy begin to align with them too.

Louise Hay was living proof that when you really change your thoughts to fit the experience that you want, your life changes in response.
She’d lived through a difficult and abusive, childhood, divorce, poverty and only later in her life learned she could change her thoughts. She studied and then became a counselor helping others to love and heal themselves, then overcame cancer using her own methods of positive thought and affirmations, self love and healing…and went on to inspire millions through her incredible books and teachings and through her successful publishing company. She was also incredibly joyful within herself she lived a healthy full life for 90 plus years. Read more about her life here.

I see Louise L Hay’s passing to spirit as an opportunity for her work to crystallize and to reach deeper into our collective and personal mindset. The moment someone leaves us, we realize our own mortality and how time is precious, it can galvanize us to make changes to do those things we always meant to do. To become who we really are. Whether you know her work or not I encourage you to read one of Louise Hay’s books or listen to her audio teachings.

Take steps to change your life through the way that you think.
You will be guided to helpful people and situations, you’ll start to see small changes and then eventually everything will change and you will be glad you began today!
I am forever grateful to Louise L. Hay for all that she has been, done and given.
Have a wonderful week ahead
with love and blessings Rachel x

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