Lions Gate Activation

With the Feminine Archangels

Live Zoom Workshop Recording (Video and Audio) with Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium

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Opening the Corridors of Light the 2023 Lions Gate Activation

Join Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium for a guided angel activation and meditation  to receive guidance and light for the Powerful Lions Gate Cosmic alignment on 8-8-2023

Would you like to energetically tap into the high frequencies of the Lion’s Gate Alignment before 12-8 2023 when the gateway closes?

Do you feel called to connect with angels and other light beings to activate more energies of light, love, and healing for the planet and all beings?

At this powerful event you will connect with the Divine Feminine Archangels (known as the Archaeia) These Archangels are taking part in opening corridors of new Divine light between Source and Earth.

Video and Audio Replay Now Available


$57 AUD Usual Price

$44 AUD

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 During this powerful and enlightening session you will:

  • Go through a potent sacred ceremony to connect with the Divine Feminine Archangels to attune with their messages and energy.
  • Activate Angelic Energy within your body, and direct that energy where it is needed for yourself and others.
  • Clear fear based frequencies that are stopping you from moving forward.
  • Receive channeled messages about the Lion’s Gate
  • Tap into the messages and vibrations available for you and all at the peak of the 2023 Lion’s Gate
  • Channel love and light to Mother Earth and all of life to lift consciousness.
  • Be guided through a channeled healing and meditation journey
  • You will receive recordings of the event including audio and video so you can listen to the guided healing as often as you wish.

please try to attend live, but if you can’t you’ll have access to the high vibrational recording and a seperate audio file of the guided meditation

Your ticket to this event includes lifetime access to the recording 5-24hrs after the live session.


When you purchase this replay you will receive:

1- Private access to the video of the entire event

2- A separate audio of the guided activation/meditation

3 -Audio of the entire event including a special invocation and attunement, messages plus the guided meditation

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You have lifetime access to these recordings.

Once you’ve paid an email will land in your inbox with the access links and instructions. Check spam and contact us if you cannot find it. Refunds are not available. Terms and conditions apply.

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What They’re Saying:

That was absolutely incredible Rachel

On every level, mind, body, and spirit. Such a powerful release and my body feels light. I have heat in my belly. Thank you!

– Mish

Lions Gate Activation 2023

I can’t thank you enough for this Attunement Rachel!

I love that I can have the replay for myself to do it privately in my own vibration with the spirit realm, it works better for me if I’m honest with you than live.

This is helping me so much! All my gratitude

– Patricia

Archangel Metatron Attunement

I’ve never felt anything like today’s session. I saw colours, I felt incredibly light and free during and after.

Thank you!

– Barbara

The Lion's Gate Activation

I feel my headache leave and my mind is clearer than it’s been in ages. I felt so much release and clarity and I saw Archangel Gabriel give me a golden orb.  Thank you!

– Kelly

The Lion's Gate Activation