Soul Star Attunement

with Archangel Amethyst and Zadkiel

Live Zoom Workshop & Recording with Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium

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Attune with Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst to Receive a Soul Star Attunement and purification with the Violet Flame

During this purifying & healing Archangel Attunement you will connect with the combined energy of Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst to remove negative energies & free your path of obstacles and stress.

Amethyst and Zadkiel are twin flame Archangels- which means they combine their energy & light for a more powerful impact to advance your spiritual journey.

Together they carry the violet flame, a powerful transmutation tool given to humanity to transmute karmic and negative energy immediately and replace it with the Divine Love Energy.

When you release negative karmic energy you remove negative situations and their causes leaving you feeling incredibly light, free and present.Soul guidance will be revealed to you and you’ll advance your spiritual growth!

The main block for humanity is negative karma. This dense energy keeps us in a cycle of lack and fear, feeling stuck. With the violet-flame and the Archangels’ help you can remove obstacles, negative energy and anything holding you back.

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In this Double Archangel Attunement:

🔥You will be guided on a magical, soul journey to meet Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Holy Amethyst at their temple of the healing flame to transmute karmic bonds and negative energy and it’s causes.

🔥You will learn how to work with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst & understand their roles in your personal journey.

🔥You will release anything that is undermining your personal power and creating obstacles. This session will leave you feeling particularly light and free!

🔥You will receive an activation of your Soul Star and Sacral chakras to turn the volume up on your intuition and remove ego interference.

🔥You will be guided to receive personal guidance from both Archangels!

🔥You’ll receive a special invocation to work with the Violet Flame and both Archangels moving forward.

🔥Your purchase of this event includes lifetime access to the recording. A video replay, audio download and PDF with a prayer.

Bring your favorite Amethyst crystals to the session to be attuned to these powerful Archangels .

Replay available

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Once you’ve paid an email will land in your inbox with the joining instructions. Check spam and contact us if you cannot find it. A recording will be sent 24 hours after the event. Refunds are not available. Terms and conditions apply.

Reviews for Archangel Attunements

Archangel Raphael Webinar, was amazing. I really appreciate it as I have recently felt drawn to Archangel Raphael and his healing power. This was a special webinar for me, I can’t thank you enough.
– Trevor

I can’t thank you enough for this Attunement Rachel!

I love that I can have the replay for myself to do it privately in my own vibration with the spirit realm, it works better for me if I’m honest with you than live.

This is helping me so much! All my gratitude

– Patricia

Thank you, Rachel. I watched the Attunement replay over the weekend, and it was a beautiful session as always.

Your monthly Attunement classes always brighten up my day! I really enjoyed the visualisation and manifestation part and have incorporated it into this morning’s meditation. Thank you.

– Shonagh

Your Archangel Attunement today was just brilliant. I got goosebumps as I could see what was happening before you said it! My hands and feet and scalp were seriously tingling ..your energy was just so strong and genuine. I am so grateful I feel I went through a big healing and a serious past life journey …It really makes sense to me..what I was shown and felt so protected by Archangel Micheal ..!!
– Jacqui B

I participated in the Archangel Uriel Golden Light Attunement event and I wanted to say thank you!! It was amazingly therapeutic, intense and transformative. Thank You!!!
– Jennifer Z

I just wanted to say thankyou for today’s Archangel Attunement. I cried & felt really light & bright afterwards. I felt transformation and the transcendence of negativity during the Attunement Session.

Wow! Thanks for helping to clear & release the stuck energy within me,

– Sasha H