Angels at Uluru Retreat 2024

A highly transformational 3 day experience

Dates TBA 

Angels at Uluru 2024
with Spiritual Teacher, Angel Medium & Author Rachel Scoltock

In this inspiring, spacious and healing weekend step into a profoundly sacred space to deepen your connection with yourself and your angelic guides.

This retreat at Uluru is an opportunity to take time out from your everyday routine and surroundings to reconnect with and nourish your soul, recharge your energies. go within and discover the wisdom and peace that is waiting for you .

Angels at Uluru 2022 is an invitation to immerse yourself in the incredible beauty, ancient wisdom and spiritual energy of this powerful place.

Traveling to a sacred site such as Uluru is a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey to renew, let go of past pain and struggle, find meaning and start a new chapter.

In this 6 week Angel Communication Certification Program you will create an abundant inspired life by connecting with the angels

In this 3 day program you will:

  • Be guided through soul journey meditations to cleanse your energy and connect with your self.
  • Learn how to tune in for guidance for your divine path and discover the next steps to take in your life
  • Discover the guides and angels who surround you & understand the messages & signs
  • Tap into the power of this sacred place and the group to manifest your sacred vision for your life
  • Take part in a powerful healing ceremony & let go of the struggles, fears and blocks that are holding you back and sabotaging your success and inner peace.
  • Spend time with a local Indigenous guide on a special private tour at the base of Uluru learning the significance and spirituality of Uluru
  • Join a private traditional cultural dot painting workshop with aboriginal artists ( something not many people get to do)Immerse yourself in the silence and stunning beauty of Uluru on Sacred land
  • Join the group for an amazing dinner and tour experience under the stars overlooking Uluru on our final night together
  • Meet like minded lovely people and feel supported, uplifted and seen.
  • Receive direct mentoring from Rachel Scoltock in a group & *private setting.
  • Clear stuck energy & fear from within you through the 2 powerful healing sessions
  • Learn to overcome your ego mind so that you are more often tuned into the Divine
  • Move past stuckness,& procrastination and into the unlimited you!
  • Clear your mind of mental fear based clutter and emotion understand and break destructive patterns
  • Feel supported, uplifted & seen in the active private community of like minds.

Whether you are new or an experienced seeker this highly transformational & healing program will take your life and your spiritual journey to the next level

This is your time to replenish your energy, clear your mind & discover your next steps.

Are you ready to hit reset in your life after a challenging few years & take real time out to find inspiration in a magical, sacred place?

Would you like to learn more about how spirit communicates with you, understand your signs and how to tune into your intuition and angels for guidance?

Are you ready to let go of the past & all accumulated stress to find freedom and peace?

Are you looking for fresh inspiration and insight to create the next chapter for your life?

Angels At Uluru 2022 is a small group retreat offering you a uniquely sacred experience with plenty of space and time to yourself in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring power sites.


A note from Rachel

I believe that at certain times we are called to visit sacred sites and by following this calling we receive the guidance, wisdom and healing that our soul needs at that moment.

We are then able to move forward to the next chapter.

If 2020/2021 taught us anything it’s to take nothing for granted and to grasp soul aligned opportunities with both hands.

I had such an opportunity earlier this year in the UK. Visiting those sacred sites replenished my soul, renewed my purpose and reminded me how important it is to spend time with like minds in immensely sacred places. 

It feels good to allow healing, wisdom and joy after a harrowing and restrictive couple of years! This experience inspired me to hold Angels at Uluru in 2022. It wasn’t easy to get a booking, but it was meant to be and I was able to organize an incredible experience this year, befitting of the celebration and gratitude I feel for the chance to visit Uluru again.

It is important to me that visiting Uluru honors the traditional owners whose homelands we are visiting. Because of this you get a unique opportunity to learn about Uluru from  Anangu people who live there and whose ancestory and living culture stretch back uninterrupted over 60,000 years! 

We go to Uluru for spiritual healing, guidance, inspiration and adventure. Magic and miracles happen here, the energy is tangible and will stay with you for a long time! Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author and Spiritual Teacher. She’s worked for 19 years as a professional and earned a reputation as an authentic, warm, down to earth and respectful facilitator.

This will be the 7th Angels at Uluru Retreat & my 17th visit. 

Uluru radiates a palpable field of very high frequency. You will feel the magnetic energy under your feet as soon as you arrive.

Your Retreat Experience

THURSDAY 20 October

Arrive, check in and get settled. Your time is your own to explore and relax.

FRIDAY 21 October

The Angel Retreat Experience Begins!

10am to 12.30pm-Welcome & Guided Meditation

2pm to 4pm Bring your angel oracle cards

SATURDAY 22 October

10am to 12.30 pm – Angels At Uluru Retreat Program

2 pm to 4 pm – Angels At Uluru Retreat Program

SUNDAY 23 October

7:45 am to 2 pm – Sacred Vision Ceremony & Guided Cave Art Tour (Agenda TBC)

5 pm to 9 pm – Sounds of Silence Dinner

MONDAY 24 October

Check out

Your booking includes

  • 4 nights at the Elegant Desert Gardens Hotel, Ayers Rock Resort (Sole Occupancy)
  • 2.5 Day Spacious Retreat Angel Program, Ayers Rock Resort
  • A Sacred Letting Go Ceremony at the Base of Uluru
  • A Guided Cave Art Tour with Indigenous Guides
  • A Dot Painting Workshop with Indigenous Artists
  • A Sounds of Silence 3 Course Dinner Under the Outback Stars with an Astronomy Guide and Didgeridoo Player
    And more READ MORE HERE


Does not include flights, travel insurance, national park passes, additional transport or additional tours and meals.

*Early bird Expires July 31st When the price rises to $5997 AUD plus GST

All information about what to bring and what to expect can be found here

This retreat is filling quickly. Spaces are limited. Ticket Sales CLOSE AUGUST 31st 2022

Pay in 3 Instalments

$1997 AUD

+ GST for Australian residents

One Time Payment

$5997 AUD (until August 31)

+ GST for Australian residents

*Save $385 AUD

Your Angels at Uluru Retreat Ticket Price includes: 

4 Nights accommodation at the stunning Desert Gardens Hotel at Ayers Rock Resort (Sole occupancy) (Value $3600)

A spacious 2.5 Day Group Retreat Program with Guided Meditations and Angel Communication Workshop

A Releasing Ceremony at the Base of Uluru

A private 3 Hour Guided Tour of a Sacred Site at the Base of Uluru with local Anangu guides

A Sounds of Silence 3 course Dinner Overlooking Uluru with a Didgeridoo performance, Astronomy Guide

A beautiful energized Crystal for your Uluru Journey

A beautiful JournalMorning and Afternoon Teas

Please note *There are terms and conditions to attending Angels at Uluru

Angels at Uluru was by far this was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I had an idea of what I would experience during Rachel’s workshop, however my expectations were completely beyond what I was anticipating.

The meditations and readings were so in tune with where I am right now in my life and reassured me that I was on the right path with my own spiritual growth. It also confirmed for me what I am meant to be doing.

A very special and life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone. Rachel is a very loving, warm and beautiful open healer who radiates the Angels in every way. Uluru is such a spiritual and sacred site, it was the perfect environment to hold this workshop. I loved it so much, I’ll be back next year!!

- Debbie Avery

This was my second experience on Rachel’s Angels at Uluru workshop and I have to say each experience just keeps getting better and better for me. The workshop itself was informative and inspiring, not only helping us to connect with the energy and universe around us but more importantly enabling us to access the energy inside ourselves to create a connected and meaningful life.

Being a busy working Mum of 2 small children and having lots of people and situations that drain me of me energy, Uluru was the perfect place to take time, rest, and recharge my soul. Rachel is so talented at what she does, her passion shines through and she made each and every one of us feel loved, special and unique on this incredible life changing experience.

I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

- Faye Jarman

Attending Rachel’s workshop ‘Connecting with Your Angel’s’ at Uluru was the best thing I’ve ever done.

All I can say is wow.

It was a truly spiritual and sacred experience. Rachel is a beautiful and open healer. It was a wonderful experience to open myself to the aspect that I could read another person, and they me. The meditations and readings were fully in tune with where I’m at in the present, and my aspirations for my future. I would thoroughly recommend Rachel’s workshops, meditations and readings.

They have the power to change your life.
They’ve changed mine.

- Karen Gribben

The workshop exceeded my expectations, the depth of the spiritual connection and the experience I had was profound. I am still experiencing and unpacking the whole experience. Rachel presented authentically and beautifully. I especially enjoyed the card reading, the meditations and the guided cave tour.

- Melanie Alderton

I have looked forward to doing this for many years and it did not disappoint. The program was easy to understand and very effectively empowered everyone with what we came to learn.

The group energy was strong and felt supportive. The Cave art tour at Uluru felt like we were on another plane with our own aboriginal guide and translator, the energy was magic. I highly recommend the whole experience.

- Corrine Carnegie

Angels at Uluru was an incredible experience. Rachel provided such a loving, supporting little bubble for us all to be completely open and vulnerable, and the other women in the group were just as supportive of each other. It was amazing to connect not just to myself and my angels, but also with the whole group and with the energy of Uluru. The content Rachel covered was so well thought-out and informative.

We learnt so much about different energy clearing methods and connecting with the angels and the Universe.

Rachel has a wealth of experience and knowledge on these subjects and presented them with such openness and generosity. The whole experience gave me a rare chance to connect deeply, switch off from everyday life and to learn some incredible life skills.

I know that I’ll be using the tools and knowledge that Rachel for a long time to come.

- Alex Gourlay

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