Ancient and Modern Methods to Recharge your Spirit and Your Health

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Do you ever feel completely drained as if your life force energy has been depleted? Well it probably has. Overwork, unhealthy eating, too much screen time and spending time with energy thieves can seriously drain your voltage and this in turn can affect everything else in your life.

Your personal energy is more than just a field of light around you, it is a many layered, multifaceted system which draws life force energy from nature and the atmosphere to keep your spirit, mind and body protected, healthy and vibrant. Letting your personal ‘voltage’ levels get too low can be dangerous to your health and your spirit.

If you live and work in places or with people which do not charge your life-force, or even TAKE energy from you, then you need to pay special attention to recharging so you do not suffer from a severe lack of source energy.

Low voltage levels can lead to fatigue, migraines, loss of positivity, ill health and spiritual and emotional issues. An abusive boss or partner or a time of chronic stress can pull your energy way down and it can take time to replenish.

When your voltage is high you will feel and see it in everything you do, life flows, you attract the things you want and need and you feel energized and aware. 

Your energy levels have nothing to do with age! Once you are aware of what you need, you can recharge your voltage and feel revitalized and renewed  again.

There are certain special places in the world which are sources of life force energy otherwise known as prana.  You feel uplifted, energized and healed just by being there. These sites are power places and have been visited throughout history for healing, spiritual connection, awareness and revitalization.

Some spiritual locations such as Lourdes in France, Glastonbury in the UK and the temples of Nepal are known for their healing qualities, perhaps from the effects of centuries of prayer or maybe because they are already places of high energy representing a spiritual portal or vortex of energy.  Special places exist all over the world, some famous and others not where people gravitate to heal and recharge their life force and spiritual energy.

I was born and raised in Jersey, a rugged island close to the coast of France. Jersey has an ancient history. I was drawn to the many druid rock circles scattered through the island called Pouquelaye ( fairy stones) or Dolmens. I used to take my tarot cards and meditate near these ancient places.

These stones mark ancient sacred power sites that generated powerful spiritual energy,  Like many power sites on earth, the veil is thin there and it is easier to communicate with guides and feel a presence.

There are many such power places in the world, Uluru in Central Australia is a major one, where I hold annual retreats. The surrounding land and atmosphere is charged with spirit and life force, where synchronicities, miracles and healing happen and where you can sense the ancestors, intense magnetic energy and spiritual guardians of the place.

Visiting sacred power places charges up your own personal energy stores. Your chi or prana depleted by modern life and over giving your energy. Your personal voltage keeps you healthy, when it drops too low can affect your immunity, and your ability to stay healthy and protected in body and spirit.

The field that surrounds you creates a special layer of protection which prevents accidents,intrustions and disease. When you allow your aura to become frayed and your life force over drawn it can no longer shield you from toxic energies in the air.  You can attract energy thieves and those who are looking for an easy target and you can feel fatigued and drained.

Cleansing your energy with white light or sage can be very effective when you feel you have absorbed negative energy, however it can be just as important to RECHARGE your personal voltage or life force so you can remain protected and clear. Cleansing does not recharge you.

You do not always have to visit a power place to recharge your batteries , though it is recommended if you are feeling low or unwell. There are lesser known power sites and other simple ways to supercharge and protect your personal energy.

Here are some simple suggestions for regularly replenishing lost energy:

  1.  Walk barefoot in nature– coming into contact with the earth’s field and natural minerals without leather or rubber soles will help you to dissipate negative energy and receive the energy of the earth. Laying on the earth can also have amazing health beneifts.
  2. Create a sacred space: Temples and churches worldwide have special energy from the repeated prayers and ceremonies made  ( or garden)
    there, if you create a sacred altar in your home and pray and meditate there regularly then you too can create a power place which becomes a source of healing energy.
  3. Soaking in mineral salts ( preferably in nature) Rivers, streams, hot springs, even epsom baths can neutralize and release toxic substances and energies from within and around you.
  4. Charge a crystal or natural touchstone. A clear quartz or another crystal can be charged in nature under the sun or moon and then programed to amplify the Divine source presence and channel it to you when you hold it. Programing is just holding intentions as you meditate with the stone. Tell your crystal what you want.
  5. Call in your angels, guides and create a circle with rock salt or crystals before meditation or performing a ceremony. Then ask for your energy to be cleared, charged up and protected.
  6. Find your own spiritual power place: maybe you know a special place in nature where you feel connected and revitalized , and make a commitment to go their regularly. Your intuition and body know a power place often before your logical mind does. Pay attention to your thoughts if you feel drawn to go there as your inner self may be calling for a recharge!
  7. Meditate regularly with the sole intention of receiving Divine Source Energy. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, your body and spirit are intertwined for your lifetime, and rely on one another for well being. You are always connected with Divine Source but do you draw in it for energy?  Imagine a stream of energy attaching to your crown chakra and then breath to drink it in, visualize your body filling with all the energy you have lost.
  8. Energy therapy, such as a Reiki session will cleanse and recharge your prana and raise your voltage. If you are reiki attuned you can even Reiki yourself.

Divine Spirit, Angels, Guides and protectors of my personal energy field, I ask for your assistance in guiding me to clear and recharge my life force energy. Please direct me to places and methods  so I can replenish all the energy I have lost in my lifetime. I am ready to receive the Divine Source energy into my crown chakra, and to heal my entire energy system and to connect with Mother earth to recharge my voltage and raise my frequency to be the best I can be. Please steer me away from situations which are dangerous for my energy levels and remove dark draining attachments and situations from my body and life. I now release all negative and fear based emotions from within and around me to be replaced with Divine Love.
I am ready to live a life guided by and to the highest energy.

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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