Mantras To Stay Calm and Positive


Now, more than ever we all need a little help to release stress & feel calm, positive and focused.

Worry and negativity can pull you down  and make it harder to tap into your intuition and feel good about yourself.

Mantras are a sure-fire way of keeping your mind positive and your frequency aligned.

Mantras AKA affirmations are positive statements or intentions repeated regularly silently or aloud.

You don’t have to say them perfectly or a certain number of times, just use them like your favorite anti wrinkle cream: liberally and regularly and they’ll start to show amazing benefits- sooner than you think!

They have a calming effect on your mind & body, raising your vibration and aligning you with what you want to experience.

These ancient spiritual tools can help you to release stress, keep you focused and even tune you in to higher consciousness.

They’re so powerful because they positively affect the root cause of all your problems and successes- your mind.

Learning a few simple affirmations, gives you an instant uplifting tool to pull out whenever your mind begins to spiral into negativity or anxiety.

Mantras act like a mini verbal Marie Kondos clearing your mind of mental junk & clutter. Making it easier for you to focus on what is important and “Spark Joy!”

Negative thoughts and fears are sneaky little beasties, you’ve probably noticed how they creep in when you are tired, stressed or overwhelmed.

At present, the doom and gloom perspective is rampant and it seems like everyone is carrying a bigger stress load than usual.

It can be challenging to think positive at times like these but if you don’t claim control over your mindset then something else will.

Fill your consciousness  with thoughts, intentions and ideas that attract peace and abundance.

An open and positive mind is more likely to receive clear guidance and inspiration. Where as a defeated and pessimistic mind is like a locked door.

Remember: What you think about ALWAYS manifests into experience. Only  you have the power to change your thoughts.

Here are some of my favourite mantras for keeping my mind positive and aligned with the highest good:

ALL IS WELL: This is an affirmation I learned from Louise L Hay. I say it aloud or silently when I realise my thoughts have strayed into worry. I also say this when I see the numbers 111. This numerical sign means “Change your thoughts”

I AM PROFOUNDLY PSYCHIC- this and-I AM A POWERFUL HEALER were my go-to mantras when I started out as an angel medium. They boosted my confidence in myself before each reading and healing and raised my vibration so I could connect with the spiritual realm.

I EASILY RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM MY ANGELS & GUIDES: This is a powerful mantra to create a strong connection with your guides.

THE DIVINE PRESENCE IS HERE: I use this one when you feel unsettled or when there is conflict or drama.
After a few repetitions you will immediately feel the strong peaceful presence of Divine Love around you.

I AM THAT I AM-This mantra is super powerful for when you feel out of synch with the Divine and the angels. This means I am one with the Divine. It is also very calming and raises your frequency to the Divine level.

I AM WORTHY- Are you feeling a little low and wondering if you really deserve good things? Don’t allow those mean ideas to bully you, you must fight back with a mantra.(and  Listen to India Arie’s song ‘Worthy’ )

I AM SAFE & PROTECTED: Many people do not feel safe right now for all kinds of reasons. This fear is destructive and draining. It creates anxiety and all kinds of health issues. You simply cannot think never mind tune into your intuition when you feel frightened. Repeating I AM SAFE can instantly calm down your “fight or flight” response, no matter what is going on.

You can create your own mantras!  Always start with with I AM..(bringng your intention into the present moment)
Write down a short list of what you want to feel, create & experience.
E.g.I AM loved, I AM prosperous, I AM CALM, I AM healthy, I AM peaceful, I AM successful, I AM working in a job I love. I am well paid, I am happily married, I am kind, I AM living in my perfect home.

A mantra is the basis of all spiritual traditions, when carefully chosen and used silently, aloud, even written, mantras have the ability to help alter your subconscious mind and remove negative patterns and habits.
Mantras, when spoken or chanted, direct the healing power of Prana (life force energy) and can be used to energize and access spiritual states of consciousness. Mantra as a spiritual practice should be done on a regular basis for several months for its highest effects to take place.

Your thoughts always create your experience- internally and externally. Now you can take your power back over your mind and your life.

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Rachel Scoltock

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